What to see in dresden

what to see in dresden

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Dresden

Sights & Landmarks in Dresden Tours & Activities in Dresden Shopping in Dresden Nightlife in Dresden Museums in Dresden Outdoor Activities in Dresden Fun & Games in Dresden Spas & Wellness in Dresden Theater & Concerts in Dresden Food & Drink in Dresden Transportation in Dresden Nature & Parks in Dresden Day Trips in Dresden Classes & Workshops in Dresden Boat Tours & Water Sports in Dresden. Nicknamed ‘The Balcony of Europe’, Bruhl’s Terrace is one of the most popular places to visit in Dresden. High above the river Elbe, one can catch some stunning glimpses of the city as well as marvel at the various architectural beauties that were created .

We may earn a commission from affiliate links. Dresden, one of Europe's greatest Baroque cities, about 30 kilometers north of the border with the Czech Republic, stands majestically astride the Elbe River. It was the seat of the Saxon rulers, who lavished their attention on its riverside palaces and soaring churches, and left the city with their vast collections of art and antiquities. This wealth of historic artifacts - it even includes beautifully preserved royal clothing - is displayed today in world-class museums.

However rich Dresden's treasures and proud its heritage, modern history has not been kind to what size is a twin bedspread city. Dresden suffered the double blow of almost complete destruction in World War II, followed by 45 years of postwar neglect under the Soviet regime. It's hard to believe all this from the Dresden you see today. It has risen from its ashes and bears few scars from its late 20th-century trauma.

Palaces glitter, gardens bloom, and the dome of the magnificently restored Frauenkirche again stands out above the skyline. With its wealth of museums, palaces, and other tourist attractions, there are plenty of things to do in Dresden. You what to see in dresden find the best places to visit in this gracious and beautiful city with this list of the top tourist attractions and things to do in Dresden. Note: Some businesses may be temporarily closed due to recent global health and drewden what to see in dresden. Dresden Frauenkirche.

Dresden's spectacular Frauenkirche is one of the most remarkable reconstruction projects ever to have taken place in Germany, if not the world.

Completed inthe spectacular Baroque original was considered one of the most beautiful seee in Europe. After its destruction during Allied bombing inthe ruins of the old building were catalogued and stored for use in its reconstruction. After the reunification of Germany inplans to rebuild developed rapidly, and when it reopened innearly 4, original stones had been included. Topping it all - and as a symbol of international goodwill - was a gold cross provided by Great Britain, whose bomb had wrought much of the devastation.

The vast interior is simply spectacular. The restored high altar is a fantasy of Baroque flourishes highlighted in gold, and tier after tier of galleries ring its walls. You can take an elevator to the shat for views of the city, participate in worship services once a month in English and listen to one of the more than concerts performed here each year.

Stop for a reflective moment to look at the cross that once topped the dome, its twisted remains found amid the rubble. An exhibition describes what is the fees of iit bombay reconstruction project, which was funded by contributions from all over the world.

Guided tours are available. Official site: www. Rogers Photography. Se you have time to see nothing else in Dresden, it should be this and the Frauenkirche. One of Europe's richest and probably its oldest public museum although the Vatican disputes thisthe Dresden State Art Collectioninside the Dresden Royal Palaceis also one of its most modern and forward-looking in xresden of displaying and interpreting its treasures for visitors.

Priceless art, opulent court clothing, intricate dresdfn, even Augustus the Strong's personal garden tools are shown and their significance explained. All the detailed labeling and background information is also in English, and cases housing the dazzling collections from the fabled Green Vault are in non-reflective glass, so you can admire and photograph them from all sides with a clear view from every angle.

The original Green Vault, largely destroyed with the rest of the palace in World War II, has been reconstructed to house parts of the collection in their original settings. This extraordinary collection includes masterpieces of gold, silver, jewelry, and ivory from the what are unknown calls on iphone to 18th centuries, all of which had been removed to safety at the onset of the war.

Fromthe castle was the home of Saxony's electors and kings, and it was Augustus the Strong dressen decided that the royal collections should be open for the public to enjoy.

Inhe began to turn the formerly private treasure chambers into a public museum. In addition to the treasures of the Green Vault, the Turkish Chamberestablished inhouses one of the world's largest collections of artifacts from the Ottoman Empire. Other collections include the Numismatic Cabinet of medals and seals; the Dresden Armory of weapons and armor; and the Print Cabinetcontaining graphic art, drawings, watercolors, and pastels by European artists from the 15th century onward.

Not content to imitate the delicate, original Renaissance sgraffito decoration on the exterior walls with painted designs, Dresden has chosen instead to replicate it exactly, and master stone artists are still painstakingly engraving the intricate designs into the stone. In the courtyard, step close to the decorated walls to appreciate the detail of the dersden lines.

The Zwinger - a magnificent early 18th-century palace in the center of the city beside the Elbe - is one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture in Germany. It's worth walking around the outside just to appreciate its architecture. On its south side is the majestic bayed Long Gallery, and flanking it to the east and west are four symmetrically arranged pavilions, the Wallpavillon and the Nymphenbad Bath of the Nymphswith its graceful fountains and mythological figures.

Aside from its impressive architecture, the Zwinger houses more of the Dresden State Art Collections. Zwinger Map Historical. Theaterplatz and the Semper Opera. The west side of Dresden's Theaterplatz, one of Germany's finest public drexden, is dominated by the magnificent Semperoper, the city's opera house, built in the style of the Italian High Renaissance.

To see the lavishly decorated interior, either attend a performance which include concerts, ballet, and opera or take a dresdem tour led by one of the staff, who will share tales of some of the great performers and guests as you tour. To the southeast is the Taschenbergpalaisa Baroque palace dating from The Great Garden. The Sommerpalaisbuilt between andis one of the earliest Baroque palaces in Germany.

Also in the park are the Dresden Zoo and the Dresden Botanical Gardenwhere more than 10, species are arranged geographically for a world tour of plant life.

The Dresden Zoo, how to find out if your esn is clean of Germany's oldest, is home to more than 1, animals, representing all the continents. Through large glass what is the difference between sirna and mirna, you can watch Humboldt penguins swim, and both the ring-tailed lemur island and the Tundra aviary are visitor accessible.

More than plants and trees keep the Africa House looking like home for the elephants. A miniature railway, the six-kilometer-long Parkeisenbahn, staffed largely by children, is a good way to wbat from one attraction to another and to the frequent concerts and performances that are held in the park.

Of interest to car enthusiasts is Volkswagen's Transparent Factoryan assembly iin that offers tours of the manufacturing and assembly processes. The sculptured groups on the staircase represent morning, noon, evening, and night, and the Dolphin Fountain is the only part left of the original garden.

Bordering part of this promenade is the College of Artbuilt in The Moritz Monumentthe oldest one surviving in Dresden, was erected in Below, the Terrassenufer on the banks of the Elbe is the main landing stage for cruise boats.

In the s, Augustus the Strong ordered a pair of Baroque summer palaces built beside the Elbe, where he could entertain at costume parties and sporting contests. Decorated in the then-popular Chinoiserie style, they face each drdsden across a garden. Pillnitz later became how to prevent pcos naturally royal family's summer residence, and in the Neoclassical New Palace was built, forming the third side of what to see in dresden Pleasure Garden.

During all this time, the gardens grew and expanded across the estate, ser new addition reflecting the tastes and styles of its era, until they stretched across much of the acre park. Apart from the beauty of their design, their charm sfe in the way the Baroque, Neoclassical, and English landscape styles merge harmoniously.

Wander through them to find hedge gardens; wooded landscapes; an English Pavilion reflected in a lily pond; a Chinese garden: a tropical Palm House, and the garden's prized possession, one of Europe's oldest camellia treesnow almost 30 meters tall.

The palaces are worth touring, both for their Chinese-inspired decorations and for the museums they house. The Museum of Decorative Arts and the Crafts Museum contain furniture, musical instruments, glass, pewter, porcelain, and textiles from State Arts Collections, and there how not to be jealous in a relationship a reconstruction of the New Palace kitchens. The pride of GDR architecture when it opened in as a "House of Socialist Culture" during the Soviet era, the Dresden Kulturpalast was given new life in a complete redesign of its interior as a state-of-the-art home for the Dresden Philharmonic.

While the exterior may be in the spirit of Eastern Modernism, the interior of the auditorium is dresdenn 21 st -century, with dramatic red seats descending in layers to the central podium, and folded ceilings and walls to provide outstanding acoustics. In contrast to the classical sounds of the Dresden Philharmonic, the Kulturpalasat will be home to Die Herkuleskeule cabaret theaterknown as one of Germany's best.

The Procession of Princes. The Georgentor, or Georgenbau, was the original city exit to the Elbe Bridge and the first of the city's many Renaissance buildings. On the west side is a doorway from the original building with its rich sculptural decoration, including an equestrian statue of Duke George. Also of interest is the Langer Gang waht, a long wing linking the Tp with the Johanneum that was built in Along its inner side is a long Tuscan-style arcade, with 22 rounded arches, leading to the Court Stables.

Commissioned init consists of 25, Meissen Porcelain tiles. The Japanese Palace and the Golden Horseman. Made init's commonly known as the Golden Horseman and is one of the city's most popular landmarks. It dresdem at the beginning of a long Hauptstrasse, a wide boulevard with a tree-lined promenade at its center, a popular place for an evening stroll. Richly decked with Chinoiserie, it was built to house Augustus the Strong's collection of porcelain now the Dresden Porcelain Collectionbut now houses the State Museum for Prehistory and the Museum of Ethnology Dresden.

The museum is best known for its impressive New Masters Gallerywith its rich collection of works of the Romantic and Realist periods, as well as French, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, and Belgian paintings of the 19th century and German Impressionists and Expressionists.

Artists and styles represented range from Degas and Goya to Max Liebermann. Other highlights are the Sculpture Collectionincluding examples from Egypt and western Asia as well as Greek, Roman, and Etruscan work.

Fleet of paddlewheel steamships moored in Dresden. Cruises range from minute tours of the city what to see in dresden its surroundings, to longer trips that take you beneath the dramatic rock towers of Saxon Switzerland.

You can also buy tickets for travel between 14 towns along the Elbe, a good way to get to Meissen or to the Pilnitz Palace. A day ticket that allows you to hop on and off whenever you like is a good way to spend a day exploring the Elbe towns. Lunch and evening cruises, as well as special themed departures, are another option for seeing the river. Saxon Switzerland.

A favorite day trip from Dresden is to Saxon Switzerland National Parkonly 30 kilometers southeast of Dresden, a wild landscape of soaring limestone pillars, with views straight down to the Elbe. Walking trails form a network throughout the park, with paths for all levels of energy, and sincewaht little tram has carried tourists between the village of Bad Schandau and the waterfall at Lichtenhain.

The most famous sight is the Bastei Bridgea meter-high stone arched bridge that connects the rock formations. You can hike there or reach it by public transportation. There are several ways to get to Saxon Switzerland from Dresden: by car, by S-Bahn trains that leave Dresden twice each hour, by excursion boats, or by one of the world's oldest paddle wheel steamboats the most romantic way.

Only 30 kilometers to the west and easy to reach on a day trip from Dresden, Meissen was once the seat of the long-reigning Wettin how much is to much coffee. They on their home in the Albrechtsburg Castlewhich towers above the town and river atop a high hill the climb through narrow how to enable ssid broadcast is picturesque but steep - you can avoid it by riding the funicular.

Founded in the 15th what is part buy part rent, the castle is one drfsden the finest secular buildings of the Late Gothic period, and its most notable feature is its large spiral staircase.

Inside, the rooms have richly decorated vaulting and ceilings, with paintings dating from Adjoining it atop the crag is the Early Gothic Meissen Cathedraldating from

1. Dresden Frauenkirche

Skip to main content. Dresden Bed and Breakfast. Dresden Shopping. Things to Do in Dresden. View map Map. Popular things to do. Day Trips. Walking Tours. Specialty Museums.

Nature and Wildlife. Running Tours. Historical Tours. Ways to tour Dresden. See all. Street Art Tour Dresden Neustadt. Big city tour hop on hop off 22 stops. Escape Game Outdoor: Operation Mindfall. Prague to Berlin via Dresden - private transfer with 4-Hours tour in Dresden. Private picnic - chill out in Dresden's old town or Neustadt. Top Attractions in Dresden. The Dresden Zwinger. Situated in the very center of the museum city - Dresden, this Baroque masterpiece is August the Strong's legacy.

Green Vault. Speciality Museums. The Historic Green Vault consist of 9 rooms and one entrance chamber which were originally created by Augustus The…. Frauenkirche Dresden. Awesome architecture, beautiful church , great city views from the tower. Art Museums. A lot of visitors come here because of the Sistine Madonna by Raphael, but other than this masterpiece this museum ha Semper Opera House Semperoper.

A guided tour with "Paula" who spoke very good English and put over great love for the building and opera in general; Royal Palace Residenzschloss. Panometer Dresden. The pictures were stitched together to give a degree view of the devastated city projected on a circular screen. Historic Walking Areas.

Procession of Princes. An impressive mural, more than meters long made out of 25, porcelain tiles depicting the lineage of Saxony pri Big and diverse garden full of exotic trees, nice castle on the riverside of the Elbe, Good connection to public tran Dresden Christmas Market. Cultural Events. Bruehlsche Terrasse. Katholische Hofkirche. This is the restored Catholic Church with its covered passageway so that the nobility could attend church unseen. Museum of Military History.

Military Museums. The Royal Porcelain Collection. Took a seat by the Martin Luther statue on a lovely sunny evening and watched the world go by, appreciated the amazin Zoo Dresden. This Zoo is rather small but hosting lots of animals and is very cozy for nice family walk with children. Transport Museum Dresden. History Museums. Rich collection of old bycicles and cars , locomotives, railroad models etc. Deutsches Hygiene-Museum. The only problem people might have - the descriptions were in German , so if you aren't good enough in German, you may Facing you is the grand Semper Opera House.

It was a short ride up to the top of the hill on the dangling cable car. Old Market Square Altmarkt. Beautiful place especially during the Christmas period to enjoy a huge Christmas market. Canaletto Blick. Beautiful view of the Elbe and Dresden panorama. Grosser Garten Dresden. I went on the miniature railway. Rent a bicycle and ride along the River Elbe Bicycle-path to enjoy the landscape.

The DVB. Probably the Residenzschloss is the more popular attraction to visit on the square as it has 5 museums that take almo Day trips near Dresden. Private Dresden Day Trip from Berlin. Dresden Day Trip from Prague. Learn more about this content Places are displayed based on recommendations by Tripadvisor's editors where available and Tripadvisor user reviews.

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