What really happened to lil jojo

what really happened to lil jojo

What REALLY Happened At Chicago Rapper Lil JoJos Funeral????

Nov 18, Lil JoJo lost his life Sept. 4, after he was gunned down in a hail of bullets in a drive-by shooting as he was riding on the back pegs of a friends bike. Witnesses described the suspects as driving a tan, older model, four-door Ford Taurus that was riding low in the back. Sep 16, There is a war going on in Lil JoJos neighborhood, a war of words playing itself out in lyrics, video and in social media. As Lil JoJos procession made its way to Mt. Hope Cemetery, shots.

Hope Cemetery, shots rang out along the route. It is unclear if it was gunfire to salute their dearly departed, or if it was gunfire that intended to wound those in the funeral procession. With there clearly being so much violence surrounding many parts of the Chicago land area, it bothers me to a certain degree that this rude behavior has to continue in such a private time such as this one.

There will always be a part of many of his fans or those jjo where not fans of his work, that the violence that we have seen over so many years in the music industry is still impacting us to this day. STFU you ugly bitchass hoe nigga cuz you know and everyone who is hating on him knows damn well that he was better than Chief Keef,Lil Reese and all of them ignorant bitchass pussy whay and when you die Rest in Peace you stupidass fag.

Jojo did the wrong thing by telling were he was but we all miss u Lil homey r. The chickens are comming home to roost. Handsome young man gone too soon. We went from walking the streets hand and hand fighting for OUR freedom reall killing each other for stupid shit. I saw some footage of the young people in Hapoened and they have NO respect at all for them self or anyone else everybody want to be a rapper. T etc. You are a liability to them. Pages: 1 2.

Log in to Reply. LeeLee Bailey on September 25, at am. Lor beani on October 19, at am. Bdk fo life on December 4, at pm. Larry u a mean bitchass nigga let him r. Wafeu Swaggin Fuondjing raelly December 15, at pm. Guest on October 14, at am. MissBDK on November reallt, at pm. Jane Dahlinger on January how to snap chalk line, at pm.

Lil Jojo got hart bees up. Me on Whxt 6, at pm. Nicole on February 23, at am.

When PR Goes Awry: A Chief Keef Tale!

An explanation of what the lyric subliminally meant is found in this article. Chief Keef just signed his record deal to Interscope in June of this year. Days later on Saturday in a poor attempt to clear his name, Keef tweeted that his page was hacked he needs more people. After all his music is notorious for the content of guns, shootings, etc. Check out that story here.

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