What movie am i going to watch tonight

what movie am i going to watch tonight

17 Great Movies You May Have Missed This Summer

Browse these IMDb collections to find the perfect next movie or TV show to watch. Fan Favorites. Top Picks. From Your Watchlist. Most Popular. Recommendations. Discover great movies and TV shows for your Watchlist. The Most Anticipated Movies and TV Shows to Stream in April. Aug 04,  · These 9 Questions Will Reveal Exactly What Movie You Should Watch Tonight. Take this quiz instead of spending two hours looking for something to watch on Netflix. by Spencer Althouse.

Audiences may not have enjoyed them in the kind of collective experience so many of us love about the cinema, but in their own way they negate the claim that this year has been entirely bad for the movies.

From a documentary about the ACLU to a horror movie about Zoom, a reimagining of the Joan of Arc story to a comedy about a sexual awakening in Catholic school, here are 17 excellent movies released this summer or, in a few cases, in the spring after theaters began to shut down and where you can stream them now.

Writer-director Sasie Sealy how to make an air muscle the movie with big laughs and chaotic action sequences—and Tsai Chin, half a century removed from playing a Bond girl in You Only Live Twiceis electric and unpredictable as the titular octogenarian. Rent it on Amazon or YouTube. But when a young nurse begins playing his old songs for him, he slowly begins to regain his memories and joie de vivre.

This patient and thoughtful movie is by no means a thriller, but Louis Tonoght Jr. Watch it in virtual cinemas. Less a picture of domestic bliss and more a collage of mutual torment, the couple is eventually revealed to have adopted a oging, Polo, and given the boy up after a nasty incident that irrevocably harmed a family member.

Watch it on MUBI in select countries. The second feature from British writer-director Shola Amoo, The Last Tree is a sensitive exploration of what it means to navigate unfamiliar cultures, and how an uprooted childhood can transform a life. His idyllic childhood in the countryside comes to an abrupt end as his mother comes to take him back to London, and we follow him through adolescence in his struggle to find and settle into his identity, eventually arriving in Lagos in search whay his family.

As hordes of protesters surround the home of aging general Enrique Monteverde and his family demanding punishment for his crimes, a mysterious indigenous maid named Alma arrives, and the family is forced to reckon with political ghosts of the past while supernatural activity ensues. As the echoes of the weeping woman mingle with the thrum of rage from the crowd outside, the legacy of war and torture is laid bare. Watch it on Shudder. While parents Anna and Henry are quick to judge Moses for his messy life and drug addiction, they too have their own complex relationships with prescription drugs and other problems obscured by the veneer of suburban bliss.

Whereas Falconetti, in her 30s when she shot The Passionwhat is an e. o. d operatic emotion without uttering a word, preteen Lise Leplat Prudhomme plays the martyr as introspective, self-possessed and resolute.

The uniqueness comes from a slick, purposeful visual style in which every frame is a meticulously constructed tableau; a poetic structure goibg refuses to spoon-feed plot points; and three Black central characters who presence in this rarefied world requires no explanation.

For me, that is what freedom wat. Watch it on Amazon Prime Video. The common element is John P. Allen, a creative and scientific polymath whose combination of charisma and hubris anticipated the brilliant, mercurial tech founders of today. His is the kind of only-in-America story that begs to be told, as director Matt Wolf Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project does in this Hulu original that combines archival footage with old and new interviews to elucidate what happened behind the sealed doors of Biosphere 2.

Watch it on Hulu. This may sound like a boilerplate rock doc, and its structure certainly owes something to Behind the Music. Watch it on Showtime. Along the way, she collects some valuable life lessons about the secrets and hypocrisy of even the most apparently righteous among us, who are, after all, still only human. Rent it on YouTube or Amazon. Against a relentless, whiplash-inducing news cycle, the lawsuits that come from the century-old organization stack up quickly and span issues from voting rights to immigration policies.

The Fight, a documentary from the filmmakers behind Weinerbears witness to the How to repair cracked floor tiles in action by focusing on the dogged lawyers behind four legal efforts brought forth by the organization since Rent it on Amazon.

Disturbing, fascinating and a little bit sad, the documentary Boys State is an apt encapsulation of the current state of American democracy. Centering on a program from the American Legion for teenagers interested in pursuing careers in government there is also a Girls Statethe film follows more than a thousand boys who come together in Texas to sharpen their political chops and build a mock government over the course of a week.

Much like witnessing an actual election cycle, watching the boys organize political parties and campaign for the top office of governor — which involves a fair amount of political undermining — inspires both hope and dread for the future.

As pandemic lockdowns set in across the world, some hoped that the long isolation would spark creative endeavors that would define the era.

Writer-director Rob Savage not only found that spark, but decided to use the lockdown as a film set all its own. The result, co-written with Gemma Hurley, and Jed Shepherd, is What was the goal of the double v campaignwhich is not only one of the best horror movies of the year, but also an intimate look at creativity, film production and a shared global culture in the throes of a rampaging virus.

Clocking in at an extraordinarily tight 57 minutes, Host is completely set within a Zoom call between a group of friends who decide to hold a remote seance with the help of a professional medium. Whether through technological limitations, misplaced intentions or some other demonic plans, the botched seance lets something evil into their world and things take a socially distant turn for the worse.

For the past 25 years, Kelly Reichardt has left her mark on cinema by crafting very small, very quiet movies that contain profound depths of emotional resonance. But First Cow takes a softer view of its main characters, pitted not against each other, but against a cruel, unjust world, relying only on each other whta survival and support. The small but stellar Vast of Night uses its quiet, unassuming energy to deliver a very special sci-fi movie that subverts all expectations with a riveting movje.

Its two main ma, Sierra McCormick and Jake Horowitz, nail the roles, showing chemistry with the camera and each other. Patterson brought The Vast of Night into being after years of ma, shooting and editing. And he left us with not only one of the best indie movies ofbut also a glimpse at what this budding talent may deliver next.

Maggie Johnson spends her days running errands as a personal assistant to Grace Ross and mixes music in her limited spare time. Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita.

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Streaming guides

No, I want to watch something serious. Do you want to see a happy end? Yes, I don't want to cry. No, feeling sad is what I want. Who will you watch a movie with? Alone. With my significant other. With parents. With friends. What's on tonight's menu? Arts is perceived on an empty stomach only. Popcorn. Some light snacks. Fruits, wine, and. Apr 16,  · The 20 best new movies to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO By Nick Perry April 16, AM PST Netflix has committed itself to .

Netflix has committed itself to releasing a new original film every week in This list will help you keep up to date every week! But Edith has a secret of her own. Able to communicate with the dead, Edith works to decipher the mystery behind the ghostly visions that haunt her new home.

Watch on Netflix. Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer star in this superhero send-up about two childhood best friends who reunite as adults to form a crime-fighting superhero duo when one of them invents a formula that gives normal people superpowers. Now, suddenly imbued with great power, will they also show great responsibility? It just so happens that his father keeps a horse in the house and is an urban cowboy. Especially the most important rule, when it comes to hitting a home run into the backyard of the neighborhood monster, Hercules: You hit it, you get it.

Watch on Hulu. In a tiny Idaho town, frizzy-haired high school geek Napoleon has a tough time fitting in. After his grandmother is injured and his odd uncle Rico shows up to keep an eye on him, things keep getting worse. With nowhere else to turn, Napoleon finds safe haven in a friendship with the new kid, Pedro, and the two launch a grassroots campaign for class president.

After a deadly virus that transforms humans into bloodthirsty, rage-filled zombies was released from a lab, it spread rapidly through the country, infecting all but a handful of survivors.

The man was spared simply by being unconscious. Unfortunately, a terrorist organization led by Hans Gruber Alan Rickman has targeted the company for a major heist, taking the party hostage while they drill into the corporate vaults. By sheer chance, they miss McClane, who evolves into the most badass action hero in movie history as he battles the terrorists inside the LA skyscraper. The film centers on Fern Frances McDormand , a woman who loses everything during the recession and decides to set off on a journey across the American West.

In this setting, two year-olds Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward have fallen in love and are running away. Bill and Stan are a couple of New Yorkers on a road trip through the South who get caught in quite the predicament when the owner of a shop they just left is killed moments after their departure.

Imprisoned in a foreign land and penniless, Bill reaches out to the only person who can help them: His cousin Vinny Joe Pesci. Vinny, however, has never won a case, took six tries to finish law school, and could not possibly stick out more in this podunk Alabama town. Hank is reluctant to keep the money, but Jacob and Lou convince him otherwise as they devise a plan to split the money among themselves. Akeem and Semmi are finally back! Streamers have frequently had Back to the Future and Back to the Future Part II available at varying times over the past year, but now Amazon Prime officially has the entire trilogy.

One of the few superhero horror movies, The New Mutants follows five teenage mutants as they undergo treatments at a secret institution designed to cure them of their dangerous powers. Watch on HBO Max. Building on the events of Godzilla: King of Monsters , Godzilla is now the last of the monster titans except for one … King Kong, who has been imprisoned in an enclosed, isolated facility on Skull Island for research.

As Godzilla becomes more aggressive toward humanity, the company Apex Synthetics seeks to drill into a new energy source from the home of all titans, the Hollow Earth. But taking Kong to the entry point will prove to be a perilous journey when Godzilla comes hunting. Hoping to earn a college scholarship reserved for caddies, Noonan plays politics by volunteering to caddy for an influential club member while he prepares for the Caddy Day golf tournament.

But when that influential club member strikes up a beef with New Age golf pro Ty Webb Chevy Chase , Noonan will find himself torn between his aspirations and his friendship with Webb. After his childhood buddy is murdered in Detroit, police officer Axel Foley Murphy follows a lead all the way to Beverly Hills, California, while pretending to be taking a vacation. Checking in with an old friend, Jenny Summers, he soon realizes that her art dealer boss might be involved in the murder.

The Beverly Hills Police Department, however, does not take kindly to this outsider meddling in the hoity-toity community. Warner Bros. But after years of waffling and denying, the studio finally conceded that an original Zack Snyder cut of the superhero blockbuster did indeed exist, at least in part.

Snyder was famously replaced on the film by Joss Whedon, who promptly put out one of the most bloated, universally-panned superhero movies of recent memory. The massive, four-hour new old? Watch on Netflix Thunder Force Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer star in this superhero send-up about two childhood best friends who reunite as adults to form a crime-fighting superhero duo when one of them invents a formula that gives normal people superpowers.

My Cousin Vinny Bill and Stan are a couple of New Yorkers on a road trip through the South who get caught in quite the predicament when the owner of a shop they just left is killed moments after their departure. Coming 2 America Akeem and Semmi are finally back! Back to the Future trilogy Streamers have frequently had Back to the Future and Back to the Future Part II available at varying times over the past year, but now Amazon Prime officially has the entire trilogy.

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