What kind of hawk is the seattle seahawks mascot

what kind of hawk is the seattle seahawks mascot

Blitz (mascot)

Species: Augur Hawk (Buteo Hawk) Wingspan: Approximately ft Appearance: Black head and tail separated by a creme chest with a unique creme throat with black stripe. Feb 03,  · Since a Seahawk is a fictional animal, the team settled for an augur hawk. According to niceloveme.com, Taima has been surveying the sidelines of CenturyLink Field Author: Joseph Zucker.

The Seattle Seahawks ' live mascot was on the field after the game to bask in the celebrations, per Chris Sullivan on Instagram:. Taima was also there to partake in the pregame festivities, per the Seahawks' Twitter account:. He is one of the hardest-working birds in show business. He's always the first out how hard is it to make it in hollywood the tunnel to start the game and one of the last to leave.

Who can't love something with that kind of work ethic? Here's a little background information on one of the NFL 's fiercest mascots. According to Seahawks. His name means "thunder," and it was chosen by Seahawks fans. His handler is David Knutson of Spokane, Wash. Knutson has over 30 years experience handling birds of prey, so he's a master when it comes to ensuring Taima doesn't get loose and maim the opposing quarterback, although, that wouldn't be a bad strategy.

He began training Taima inand the process was both rigorous and difficult:. Knutson began the process of training Taima to deal with chaos. He took him to Seahawks practices in Cheney to acclimate the bird to people running around.

He took Taima to Fairchild, where helicopters were doing takeoffs. He took him to rodeos as his wife competed in barrel racing. So Knutson started having How to update mobile software of samsung take Taima into their barn and have him fly through the doors, and sometimes through obstacles, to train him to do the same thing under changing conditions.

Knutson's wife, Robin, will hold Taima in the tunnel before the game. Knutson holds an electronic signal that lets the hawk know when to fly. He'll fly through towers of flame and reach Knutson, who's on the yard line.

For those wondering, the eight-year-old hawk was given luxury treatment during the buildup to the Super Bowl. There's no word as to whether he also had a fully stocked minibar and free pay-per-view. He probably at least had the National Geographic Channel:. With the NFL bereft of a ton of live mascots, the Seahawks and Taima stand out, and the hawk serves to build what is arguably the best home atmosphere in the league.

With predraft stats similar to Aaron Donald, could Louisiana Tech's Milton Williams be a hidden gem in the draft's second round? Link to Media. Seahawks bring back Russell Wilson's seldom-used backup, re-sign Geno Smith.

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The osprey or more specifically the western osprey (Pandion haliaetus) — also called sea hawk, river hawk, and fish hawk — is a diurnal, fish-eating bird of prey with a cosmopolitan range. It is a large raptor, reaching more than 60 cm (24 in) in length and cm (71 in) across the wings. As the Seahawks mascot, Blitz does his part to make sure Lumen Field is the loudest, most exciting stadium in the NFL. Always the entertainer, Blitz has been known to jump off the roof of Lumen. Jan 29,  · So, do the Seahawks use an Osprey or skua as their live mascot? Neither. In fact, it is illegal to use native Ospreys for commercial purposes. Instead, the team rallies around a captive-bred year-old Augur Hawk named Taima. Don’t bother looking for her wild cousins around Puget Sound; Augur Hawks are mainly found in the arid mountains of niceloveme.comted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Four of those five have pretty self-explanatory names, but what exactly is a Seahawk? For survival reasons, the bird is not a distinctive blue and green like its football counterpart. Instead, its crooked wings are distinguishing, as are its loud, sharp whistles. The U. Geological Survey notes that the bird typically weighs between 2.

The osprey is an intimidating predator that commonly patrols waters looking for seafood, earning it another nickname — the fish hawk. The Seattle Times says it has been deemed a friendly bird with humans but when it spots its prey, it can hover at heights of up to feet before soaring into the water to grab fish with its impressive talons.

That is the osprey, or Seahawk. When the franchise was awarded in , the team left it up to the fans, not ornithologists, to come up with the name.

In , the Seahawks introduced Taima the Hawk, the bird that leads the team onto CenturyLink Field at every home game. The Seahawks official website describes the bird as an augur hawk. Time to panic? More NFL Rumors ». View all NFL Sites. More FanSided News ». More News Around the Network ».

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