What is the spengler cup 2013

what is the spengler cup 2013

Spengler Cup

Dec 31, †Ј The Spengler Cup was held in Davos, Switzerland between 26 and 31 December All matches were played at HC Davos 's home known as Vaillant Arena. Six competing teams were split into two groups of three. The two groups, named Torriani and Cattini, were named after legendary Swiss hockey players Richard 'Bibi' Torriani and the Cattini brothers, Hans and Pic. Dec 05, †Ј Bovine jersey: Today's bovine jersey is a Spengler Cup Officials Jersey as worn by the referees and linesmen during the edition of the Spengler Cup. Taking the concept of sponsorship a step too far.

Six competing teams were split into two groups of three. The division of the six teams into two groups of three and the subsequent schedule were spenglef on 12 August Here is the full list of match officials that has been confirmed for the tournament at this time: [2]. Once again this year, the Spengler Cup will make all of their available publications, including all matchday programmes wnat the event media guide, available for download on their website, [3] as they did last year for the first time.

These publications are available in German only. Several television channels around the world will cover many or all matches of the Spengler Cup. As well as most Swiss channels, here is a listing of who iss will cover the tournament:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original PDF on 29 October Retrieved 1 September Spengler Cup. Categories : Spengler Cup Ч14 in Swiss what is the range number in math hockey Ч14 in Russian ice hockey Ч14 in Canadian ice hockey Ч14 in American ice hockey Ч14 in Czech ice hockey December sports events in Europe.

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Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent thr Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Matthew Lombardi 8 pts. Konstantin Olenin. Roger Arm. Steve Patafie. Nicolas Fluri. Danny Kurmann. Roman Kaderli. Didier Massy. Andreas Kohler. Brent Reiber. Rochester Americans. Vaillant Whxt Attendance: 5, Tobias Stephan. Matt Hackett. Juraj Simek Goran Bezina Ч Vaillant Arena Attendance: 6, Alexander Radulov Igor Grigorenko Ч Igor Grigorenko Alexander Radulov Ч Robert Mayer.

Tje Proskuryakov. HC Davos. Team Canada. Chris Mason. Alexandre Bolduc Travis Ehrhardt Ч Glen Metropolit Geoff Kinrade Ч Leonardo Genoni. Allen York. Mika Noronen. Yakov Rylov Georgi Misharin Ч Chris Mason Allen York3rd period. Nathan Lieuwen Matt Hackett2nd period. Byron Ritchie Jason Williams Ч Derrick Walser Darren Haydar Ч Allen York Matt Hackett2nd period.

Matthew Lombardi SH Ч What is the spengler cup 2013 Jacquemet Goran Bezina Ч Matthew Lombardi Arnaud Jacquemet Ч Alexander Frolov Ч Nikita Zaitsev Alexander Frolov Ч Right Defender. Left Defender. Matthew Lombardi. Alexander Radulov. Byron Ritchie. Ix Haydar.

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The Swiss Spengler Cup is promising exciting matches, like here during the IIHF Ice Hockey Hockey World Championship (Photo: Alex Kudenko) What Is the Spengler Cup? The Spengler Cup is an invitation-only tournament in Davos, Switzerland that features 6 of the worldТs elite hockey clubs competing in a tournament. The only consistent factor in the tournamentТs roster is that HC Davos, . The Canadian Press Ј Posted: Dec 22, PM ET | Last Updated: December 22, Team Canada's Byron Ritchie during the 86th Spengler Cup ice hockey tournament, in Davos, Switzerland.

Have you ever wanted to see your favorite Russian team compete against some of the best Swiss clubs? Then the Spengler Cup is the tournament for you! In , the 87th Spengler Cup will begin on the 26th of December and go on until the 31st. Every year, HC Davos invites clubs from around the world to participate in a 6-day celebration of international hockey. This means that the teams involved all have very distinct styles of play which are suited to their home leagues.

Also unique to this particular tournament is a special rule that lets clubs hire an extra 4 players three skaters and one goalie just for this tournament. This allows guest clubs to temporarily upgrade their roster with high-profile free agents or players which would be above the roster limit in an international competition.

The Spengler Cup dates back to , making it the longest-running invitational hockey tournaments in the World. The first tournament featured athletes from countries who had fought against each other in the bloody trenches of the first World War.

Spengler believed that healthy, physical competition could offer a peaceful alternative to the senseless destruction that had swept the continent a few years earlier. As a prize, Dr. Spengler donated the gold chalice which was in use up until that would go to the victors of each year. The winners of the inaugural tournament were the Oxford University squad. This underdog group Canadian students studying abroad in England defeated the powerful Berlin Schlittschuhclub the reigning champions of the German ice-hockey league in In , Eurovision started broadcasting the tournament all over Europe, bringing the Spengler Cup to a wider variety of people and cultures.

Up until , the tournament was held in an open-air arena, however, greater demand for seating and television broadcasting has forced the tournament to be held indoors ever since. The tournament is now broadcast throughout most of Europe, Russia, and America. Although the tournament was originally intended to raise support of German-speaking clubs and teams, who were discriminated against following World War I, it soon became a truly international tournament.

These invitees can be American university clubs, Czech hockey clubs, or Canadian senior amateur teams, many which will showcase some of the up-and-coming international stars in hockey. Team Canada promises to showcase even more future stars. Take part in the action now. About continue reading. Recent Articles Loading

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