What is the size of a personal computer

what is the size of a personal computer

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Apple’s Mac II computer family made equivalent advances with microprocessors made by Motorola, Inc. The memory capacity of personal computers had increased from 64 kilobytes (64, characters) in the late s to megabytes ( million characters) by the early ’90s to several gigabytes (billions of characters) by the early s. Feb 26,  · Medium (14" to 16" screen size) This size range offers the ideal balance of performance, portability, and price for many users. Midsized .

This list what was the weather for the past 5 days computer size categories attempts to list commonly used categories of computer by the physical size of the device and its chassis or case, in descending order of size. One generation's "supercomputer" is the next generation's "mainframe", and a "PDA" does not have the same set of functions as a "laptop", but the list still has value, as it provides a ranked categorization of devices.

It also ranks some more obscure computer sizes. There are different sizes like-mini computers, microcomputer, mainframe computer and super computer. The classes above are not rigid; there are "edge devices" in most of them. For instance, the "subnotebook" category can usually be distinguished from the "PDA" category because a subnotebook has a keyboard and a PDA has not; however, tablet PCs may be larger than subnotebooks making it seemingly correct to classify them as laptops and also lack a keyboard, while devices such as the Handspring Treo have something that might charitably be called a keyboard, but are still definitely in the "smartphone" category.

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Listed by PCB size mm. Computer sizes. Classes of computers. Ultra-mobile PC 2-in-1 Phablet Tabletop. Scientific Programmable Graphing. Minicomputer Supermini. Super Mainframe Minisuper. Microcontroller Nanocomputer Single-board computer Smartdust Wireless sensor network Server size independent.

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Personal computer (PC), a digital computer designed for use by only one person at a time. A typical personal computer assemblage consists of a central processing unit (CPU), which contains the computer’s arithmetic, logic, and control circuitry on an integrated circuit; two types of computer. Douglas Engelbart.

Personal computer PC , a digital computer designed for use by only one person at a time. See also computer: History of computing. Computers small and inexpensive enough to be purchased by individuals for use in their homes first became feasible in the s, when large-scale integration made it possible to construct a sufficiently powerful microprocessor on a single semiconductor chip.

Though the Altair was popular among computer hobbyists, its commercial appeal was limited. The personal computer industry truly began in , with the introduction of three preassembled mass-produced personal computers: Apple Computer, Inc.

These machines used eight-bit microprocessors which process information in groups of eight bits, or binary digits , at a time and possessed rather limited memory capacity—i. But because personal computers were much less expensive than mainframe computers the bigger computers typically deployed by large business, industry, and government organizations , they could be purchased by individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, and primary and secondary schools.

Of these computers, the TRS dominated the market. To cut costs, the machine was built without the ability to type lowercase letters. The Apple II received a great boost in popularity when it became the host machine for VisiCalc, the first electronic spreadsheet computerized accounting program.

Other types of application software soon developed for personal computers. In Apple introduced Lisa , a personal computer with a graphical user interface GUI to perform routine operations. A GUI is a display format that allows the user to select commands, call up files, start programs, and do other routine tasks by using a device called a mouse to point to pictorial symbols icons or lists of menu choices on the screen.

This type of format had certain advantages over interfaces in which the user typed text- or character-based commands on a keyboard to perform routine tasks. The Macintosh was particularly useful for desktop publishing because it could lay out text and graphics on the display screen as they would appear on the printed page.

Windows became the dominant operating environment for personal computers. Personal computer. Additional Info. More About Contributors Article History. Home Technology Computers Personal computer technology.

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