What is stud 100 desensitizing spray

what is stud 100 desensitizing spray

Stud 100 Densensitizing Spray for Men - 12g

Stud Desensitizing Spray for MenTo reduce tactile sensitivity of the penis in advance of intercourse as a means of delaying ejaculation in cases of precipitant or over-rapid niceloveme.com is colourless and odourless. Packaged in a spray container delivering a pre-measured metered spray for controlled application and ease of use. WHAT STUD DESENSITIZING SPRAY IS USED FOR: The active ingredient, Lidocaine, is a local anaesthetic which is used to reduce the sensitivity to touch of the penis just before intercourse. The reduction in sensitivity quickly helps to delay ejaculation in cases of over-rapid or premature niceloveme.com: ?

Malta's leading adult store. This just got interesting. Add to Cart. Quick View. Award winning sex toy Does not contain latex Does not contain phthalates Controller: Built in - push button Vibration: Single speed Power: Batteries included. Slightly thicker. With extra lubrication. The innovative delay serum for men. The gel enhances the smoothness and provides a desensitizing film around the penis to reduce sensitivity without any numbing effect.

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Comfortably stretches to fit and satisfy most. Choose your mixture of condoms according to preference in order details OR let the little elf in charge of packages to surprise you. Take it easy and experience a more relaxed condom fit with Durex Anatomic condom. As with all Durex condoms, each Anatomic Madewith uniquely positioned ribs for a more intense experience, extra stimulation during sex and a straighter shape to provide a Pleasure Malta.

Color: BlueLength: 17 CM 6. Skin safe, Phthalates and Latex Free. Sold Out. This small quiet Pocket sized miracle is ideal for foreplay and deep studd pleasure on your own. Sale Sold Out. A brand new and high quality purple 10 speed magic wand massager — cordless and waterproof 10 different settings combined with minimal noise when vibrating how did they used to do abortions this massager a top choice.

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Use the kit to desensitizimg sure they stay and make their time worthwhile. This one's guaranteed to get the authority checking on you. Definitely not to check if you're home. Offer valid till stock lasts. This unique desehsitizing of ingredients has an exciting, stimulating effect and thus fires up sexual imagination Can't get out cause of coronavirus? No worries. Use this time to teach him how to get you off. Delay lube, and cockrings for him so he si longer.

If he still doesn't do the job. Teach him how to Helping whay whilst on lockdown. Stock dfsensitizing with the necessary tools to keep you busy in case of national lockdown. Items may vary depending on stock Offer valid till stock lasts. Products may vary depending on stock Offer is valid till stocks last. Someone recently bought a [time] minutes ago, from [location]. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Please click Accept Cookies what provider is this number continue to use the sud.

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Try the climax-control spray that's clinically proven to help you have longer-lasting, more enjoyable intimacy. Each bottle of Promescent comes standard with a metered-dose spray, delivering exactly 10mg of lidocaine per spray. Tip: You can save more $$$ on the larger bottles of Promescent® with the 60 spray being the best value per spray. Oct 18,  · This can help prevent wastage by the spray missing some of the penis. The alternative is to spray from close up – 2 to 3 cm away should be fine. What about delay creams? Although sprays are the most common form of desensitizing product, there are some in cream form. Oct 28,  · Stud Male Genital Desensitizer Spray The active ingredient of this product is lidocaine. The manufacturers recommend applying between three and eight sprays — ideally, the minimum effective.

Clinically proven to help you last longer in bed. Try the climax-control spray that's clinically proven to help you have longer-lasting, more enjoyable intimacy. Each bottle of Promescent comes standard with a metered-dose spray, delivering exactly 10mg of lidocaine per spray.

Check out our multi-pack bundles to save even more! Most men start with 3 sprays. Hold the nozzle close to your penis and spray on the most sensitive parts, the frenulum and underside of the shaft. Absorbs in just 10 minutes. So you get lasting climax control and it won't transfer to your partner.

It has little to no transfer to your partner or other body parts when used as directed. Unlike other delay gels, Promescent has a unique chemical structure that allows the lidocaine to absorb into the skin quickly, so there's a greatly reduced chance of any noticeable changes to your partner.

Privacy is guaranteed. Packages ship in discreet, plain packaging with "Customer Service" as the name on the return address. Step 2: Apply sprays to the most sensitive parts of the penis. This consists of the frenulum, as well as the underside of the glans head and shaft of the penis.

Tip 1: Try different amounts of spray until you find what works for you. Some of our users only need sprays to get the job done, while others need upwards of sprays. Tip 2: Hold the bottle at a degree angle when priming the bottle and spraying on the penis.

Tip 3: Don't forget to remove the small white break tab when you get your new bottle of Promescent. Tip 4: If you know intercourse is going to happen within the hour, but don't want to apply just before hand, you can apply a few extra sprays so that it will last longer.

Promescent can last up to an hour depending on dosage. Check out this 2-minute video for in-depth training on how to apply Promescent. You can apply Promescent Delay Spray with or without an erection. Yes, and we recommend it! Personal lubricants add comfort, reduce friction and enhance the overall experience during intercourse. Apply Promescent Delay Spray and allow minutes for the solution to dry and absorb before applying lubricant.

US Shipments: You can get it as soon as next day. Free shipping is sent USPS first-class mail and generally arrives within business days. Shipping times vary by service and region and can take between days.

Canadian Shipments: Shipping times vary by region, but most deliveries will take place 1 or 2 days after your order is placed.

Rest of World: All items are shipped via FedEx International Express customs and duties paid by Promescent and arrive in days depending on region. In some cases it can take longer to arrive if there are customs inspections or you are in a remote region. If an order is placed on Saturday or Sunday it will ship on Monday.

Orders placed before 1 pm PST will ship same day. If you know oral sex may be in the lineup lucky you , apply first, rub it in, wait 10 minutes, and then make sure you give it a good wipe with a damp towel. All items shipped have at least 1-year till expiration. In fact, most of the time you will get bottles that have 2-years or more.

One for your bedside table and one for your pocket. One bottle for your bedside-table and one for your jeans pocket. The Home and Away adds versatility to your life, so you'll be ready at any moment.

Take the Trial size bottle out for the night or on vacation and be stocked and ready to go for when you get home with the Standard size bottle.

Both these bottles are metered-dose and contain 10mg of lidocaine in each spray. A three pack to keep at home for a value price.

Keep your confidence high and your partner happy in the bedroom with the formula that's recommended by over 2, healthcare professionals. These bottles of Promescent Climax Control Spray contains 10mg of lidocaine in each spray. A discreet three pack for on the go. Looking to remain discreet on the go? They easily slip into any pocket so you can take them anywhere you go - to the bar, on vacation, to your 'friends' house Get the climax-control spray that's clinically proven to help you last longer and have more enjoyable intimacy with your partner.

All of these bottles are metered-dose and contain 10mg of lidocaine in each spray. Leave a Standard bottle at your partner's house, at your house, and one for the backpack or car. The 3 Trial bottles are perfect for road trips and vacations. Each bottle of Promescent contains 10mg of lidocaine in each spray. Top of the line vibrator paired with Delay Spray.

This bundle is made for couples looking to take their game to the next level! The options are endless! Helps increase erection strength, libido and maintain healthy T-levels. VitaFLUX is made to help you perform better in your daily life as well as the bedroom. When taken daily it can provide a host of benefits including; increased energy, vitality, blood flow, and faster recovery times from injury or illness.

The supplement also shows success when it comes to sexual well-being. Our clinical study had men report back with experiences of stronger, firmer erections and higher libido. Women reported increased natural lubrication and orgasm satisfaction.

The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Tingling and warming - the perfect duo for her pleasure. They say the smallest things make the biggest impact. With just one pea-sized drop of our clitoral gel, you can experience sex or solo masturbation like you've never thought was possible. A hybrid lube containing both properties from water and silicone lube gives the gel a viscous and super smooth feeling when applied.

Experience intense warming and tingling sensations that excite during your most intimate of moments. Portable, convenient refreshing wipes for before or after sex. Use the wipes to freshen up before and clean up after each romantic encounter! Each wipe is pH balanced, alcohol free, and contain aloe vera for a smooth moisturized feeling after cleansing.

Each box includes a perforated opening for easy access to the individual wipes. Never sticky, toy and condom compatible. Get a bottle of premium water-based lubricant designed for you and your partner to experience enhanced comfort and glide during intimacy.

It's ideal and safe for use during solo masturbation with adult toys made from silicone materials. Floral scent that instills calmness. Organic Aloe Vera, condom safe, glycerin and paraben free. Formulated with organic quinoa, hemp, flax, green tea and oat extracts that rejuvenate your skin and intimate areas. Your Cart is Empty X.

Continue Shopping X. Discreet shipping, guaranteed. Subscription details x. Add to Cart. Recent 5-star Reviews See all reviews. Be Great in Bed. Target Application Most men start with 3 sprays. Fully Absorbed in 10 Minutes Absorbs in just 10 minutes.

Go Wild Enjoy all the sensations of sex without holding back or worrying about finishing too soon. Customizable to Your Needs Choose the number of sprays you use for more or less desensitization.

Lets You Focus on the Feeling Enjoy the sensations of sex without worrying about finishing too soon. The Promescent Difference. Eutectic Enhanced absorption into the treated area for better results. Discreet Packaging Privacy is guaranteed. Buy Now. Step 1: Shake the bottle gently before each use. Step 3: Wait minutes or until the treated area has dried completely.

That's it! It's really that simple. Are my items shipped discreetly? Do I need to have an erection before applying?

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