What is sports medicine salary

what is sports medicine salary

10 Popular Sports Medicine Careers

6 rows · The average Physician - Sports Medicine salary in the United States is $, as of March. 55 rows · Sports medicine physicians earn an average yearly salary of $, Wages typically start from $60, % above national average Updated in

How much does a Physician - Sports Medicine make in California? Salary ranges can vary widely depending on the city and many other important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. Employers: Price Your Company Jobs. Employees: View your Salary.

Pacific Companies. Individualize employee meedicine based on unique job requirements and personal qualifications. Get the latest market price for benchmark jobs and jobs in your industry. Analyze the market and your qualifications to negotiate your zalary with confidence. Search thousands of open positions to find your next opportunity.

Physician - Sports Medicine examines and treats sport or athletic related injuries. Prescribes and administers patient medications. Being a Physician - Sports Medicine monitors patient during sport events or physical activity and performs tests and prescribes medication and treatment, as necessary. Consults with patients to determine the appropriate course of treatment. Requires a valid state license to practice.

May report to a medical director. Physician - Sports Medicine 's years of experience requirement may be unspecified. Copyright Salary. View full job description. Employers: Job Description Management Tool. See user submitted job responsibilities for Physician - Sports Medicine. Find your city for detailed salary data. With Toggle navigation Demo. Experience CompAnalyst: Demo. Physician - Sports Mediicne Salary in California. Change City.

View as graph View as table. Physician - Sports Medicine Salaries by Percentile. You may get higher pay by adjusting what is sports medicine salary following factors: Location Wbat of Exp. Education Direct Reports Performance Other. Change Search Criteria.

Check out Physician - Sports Medicine jobs in California. Apply Now. For Employers. Adjust Employee Qhat. Price My Industry Jobs. For Employees. Get a How to get into blocked websites at school Increase. Search Job Openings. Select City in CA. Choose Similar Job. Pick Related Category. Select a city to view specific salary and bonus information for Physician whaf Sports Medicine.

Loading results No data is available based on your input. What does a Physician - Sports Medicine do? Manages the health care of select patient populations through advanced health assessment, diagnosis, intervention, and evaluation. October 25, Develops treatment plans, treats patients with mexicine problems including illnesses and minor injuries following a predetermined protocol.

February 22, March 20, Submit Other Responsibilities. Not the job you're looking for? Search more salaries here:. Are you an What is sports medicine salary manager or compensation specialist? Learn about. About California. California is a state in the Pacific Region of the United States. The state capital is Sacramento. Los Angeles is California's most populous city, and the country's second most populous, after New York City.

California also has the nation's most populous county, Los Angeles Salaty, and its largest county by area, S Read more from Wikipedia. Similar Jobs to Physician - Sports Medicine.

See Additional Similar Jobs. Level of Education for Physician - Sports Medicine. Browse by Education Level. Location Coachella, CA. Date Spotts March 29, Location Acampo, How to develop a wiki page. Location Acton, CA. Location Adelanto, CA.

Location Adin, CA. Location Agoura Hills, CA. Location Aguanga, CA. Location Ahwahnee, CA. Location Alameda, CA. Location Alamo, CA.

Job Title Physician - Internal Medicine. Salary Compared to This Job - 6. Job Title Whay - Nuclear Medicine. Job Title Zports - Occupational Medicine. Salary Compared to This Job - 5. Job Title Physician - Pain Medicine.

Why Pursue a Career in Sports Medicine?

Apr 01,  · ^ 8% An entry-level Physician / Doctor, Sports Medicine with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $, . Sep 25,  · Graduates with a sports medicine bachelor's degree can pursue a career as an exercise physiologist. These professionals earn a median annual salary of $49,, and the BLS projects this occupation to grow by 10% from Avg. Salary; 1. Orthopedic Surgeon (Sports Medicine) * $, 2. Orthopedic Physician (Non-surgical) * $, 4. Physiatrist ** $, 3. Family Medicine (Sports Medicine) * $, 5. Podiatrist: $, 6. Physician Assistant (Orthopedic - Non-surgical) * $, 7. Physician Assistant (Orthopedic - Surgical) * $, 8. Physical Therapist: $88,

Sports medicine is a fast-growing healthcare field that focuses on the treatment of athletic injuries. Sports medicine healthcare providers help athletes and other physically active patients improve movement and performance. These professionals also work to prevent illness and injury and treat sports-related injuries.

The field of sports medicine encompasses a variety of career paths, including physical therapy, athletic training, and exercise physiology. Those interested in healthcare and sports may find a career in this industry highly rewarding. Sports medicine healthcare providers give treatment to anyone who sustains injuries from physical activity — not just athletes. Because this field contains many different medical positions, the career path you take will depend on the degree level you choose and the environment you want to work in.

A sports medicine degree allows graduates to work in the healthcare and sports sectors. Those interested in treating all types of physically active patients, from young children to professional athletes, can pursue careers as physical therapists and exercise physiologists. If you are passionate about working exclusively with athletes, a career as an athletic trainer or team physician might be a good fit for you.

The career outlook for sports medicine positions varies depending on a worker's role, educational level, and industry. Graduates with a sports medicine bachelor's degree can pursue a career as an exercise physiologist.

Other positions in this field, such as physical therapists and physicians, require a doctoral degree and have much higher earning potential. The table below features salaries for a few popular sports medicine careers, as well as salary prospects for professionals with various levels of work experience.

Through classwork, hands-on training, and experience, you can hone many in-demand skills that transfer to a variety of sports medicine careers. The following list outlines five common competencies that you can expect to gain from a sports medicine program.

Compassion plays a vital role in sports medicine careers. Professionals must possess empathy for their patients and a genuine desire to help others. This skill cultivates patient trust and helps professionals provide higher levels of care. Excellent oral and written communication skills allow sports medicine professionals to understand patients' needs and deliver effective treatment plans.

These skills also promote professional collaboration and learning. Sports medicine careers require professionals to stay up to date with the latest discoveries and advancements. Students in sports medicine degree programs hone research skills applicable to their career through research papers, projects, and other coursework.

Organizational skills help sports medicine professionals manage dozens of patients, meet deadlines, and keep track of important information. These skills are particularly crucial for managers who are responsible for an organization's budget and personnel. As physical therapists spend much of their time therapeutically touching patients, they must possess excellent physical dexterity. This skill allows professionals to guide and assist patients without inflicting discomfort or harm.

Internships and supervised mentoring help sports medicine students hone this skill. As a broad field that contains positions in healthcare and sport, students can pursue a variety of career paths with a sports medicine degree. With an undergraduate degree, students can find job opportunities with hospitals and professional sports teams, where they may work as athletic trainers or exercise physiologists.

Alternatively, graduates with a master's degree can explore positions in clinical settings as occupational therapists or kinesiotherapists. Students can also go on to earn a doctor of physical therapy and become a licensed physical therapist. This occupation combines sports medicine with information technology. Health informatics use technology to provide better care and improve patient outcomes.

Prior to starting their careers, graduates often earn the certified specialist in business intelligence certificate. Some graduates with a master's in sports medicine pursue executive leadership positions. These professionals' responsibilities may include team management, strategic planning, and analyzing business strategies.

Athletic trainers need specialized training to work with people recovering from sports injuries. They focus on injury prevention, common disabilities, and differentiating treatment for men and women. Kinesiologists study how anatomy, physiology, and lifestyle choices affect physical health. Kinesiologists who specialize in sports medicine can work as personal trainers and physical therapy assistants.

Sports medicine encompasses many industries and roles. Depending on their degree, graduates can pursue sports medicine careers as coaches, athletic trainers, physical therapists, physicians, and professors, among other roles. The degree and concentration you select significantly impact your career choices. A bachelor's degree qualifies you for many entry-level roles, but a master's degree is typically needed for managerial and leadership roles.

To work as a physician or professor, you must obtain a doctoral degree. A bachelor's in sports medicine or a related field represents the minimum degree you need to work in most sports medicine careers.

After earning your bachelor's degree, you can continue your education in a master's program or look for entry-level positions. As some master's programs require applicants to possess relevant professional experience, you may need to work for a few years before applying to graduate school. Athletic trainers work with athletes to identify and treat common sports injuries. Much of their job involves observing athletes for signs of injury and implementing rehabilitation programs.

Bachelor's programs prepare students for this profession by covering essential anatomy and physiology topics, including first aid. Coaches train athletes at all levels to play sports competitively. They organize practice sessions, mentor athletes, and provide encouragement and positive reinforcement.

They also recruit new talent. Coaches can use their bachelor's in sports medicine education to help protect athletes from injury.

Exercise physiologists help patients with physical impairments and illnesses regain mobility and improve their overall health. They meet with patients, take vital signs, and create exercise programs that their patients can perform independently.

A bachelor's in sports medicine provides these professionals with essential medical knowledge and skills. Like exercise physiologists, recreational therapists help patients with physical impairments and illnesses. However, recreational therapists often take a more hands-on approach by leading patients through activities.

These professionals also focus on patients' mental health by holding group activities where patients with similar afflictions can bond with one another. Many sports medicine bachelor's graduates pursue careers as high school teachers in public or private schools. They often work as physical education or nutrition teachers, promoting healthier lifestyles through exercise and lessons on health and wellness. Other job duties may include mentoring students and addressing students' behavioral issues.

Sports medicine master's programs go into greater detail than bachelor's programs. They often include extensive, hands-on requirements and academic research that results in a thesis. Master's programs frequently fall into one of two categories: career preparation or doctorate preparation. The former stresses practical knowledge and skills, while the latter emphasizes academic research skills.

Due to the specialized nature of master's programs, these often prepare students for specific sports medicine careers. Occupational therapists treat patients with injuries and disabilities through the therapeutic use of daily activities. They evaluate patient conditions, develop treatment plans, and help people with varying abilities perform daily tasks. Most states require that occupational therapists possess a license and a master's degree in occupational therapy, sports medicine, or a related field.

Physician assistants practice medicine under a licensed physician's guidance. They examine patients, prescribe medicine, and track patient recovery.

Many physician assistants possess experience as EMTs or paramedics, although some come from the sports medicine field. A master's in sports medicine, along with some supplemental education, can prepare students for this career. Nurse practitioners possess a highly advanced skill set.

They perform medical tests, diagnose patient health problems, prescribe medicine, and create treatment plans. A nursing license, master's in sports medicine, and relevant certificate can qualify candidates for this position. A doctorate is the terminal sports medicine degree. Many professionals earn this degree to learn about sports medicine best practices and advance into senior management positions.

Doctoral programs tend to emphasize academic research, which prepares students for sports medicine careers in academia or at government agencies. Professionals who already possess terminal degrees in other fields may earn a second doctorate to modify or focus their career paths.

For instance, surgeons may earn a doctorate in sports medicine to exclusively treat professional athletes. These medical specialists often earn higher salaries than physicians without a specialization. Full-time students typically earn a doctoral degree in sports medicine in years, depending on their graduation requirements.

Postsecondary teachers instruct students in college and university classrooms. Other job duties may include mentoring students and publishing research. These teachers often possess a doctoral degree and extensive experience.

A doctorate qualifies graduates for tenure-track positions, which come with job security and managerial responsibilities. Like many sports medicine careers, physical therapists help people with limited mobility regain function. Their advanced education allows them to work alongside doctors and nurses to create treatment plans. A doctorate in sports medicine prepares these professionals to work with diverse patients with different diseases and abilities.

Many physicians earn a Ph. For instance, a physician with a doctorate in sports medicine can work as a team doctor or surgeon who specializes in a particular sports injury, such as a torn ACL or slipped vertebrae.

Once you have earned a degree in sports medicine, there are several ways to further your career and increase your salary potential. Because many of these professionals work in clinical positions in the healthcare industry, the best way to advance your career largely depends on your current role and education level.

Healthcare professionals working as athletic trainers or exercise physiologists typically need to earn a master's degree to advance in their role.

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