What is a good rpg for ps3

what is a good rpg for ps3

What are some good RPG's for the PS3

Welcome to niceloveme.com's top PS3 Rpg games of All Time, a list of the best videogames, created from editorial reviews on the site. It's the perfect tool to find that great game you haven't. Ranking the best PS3 RPGs ever released on the Sony gaming console, ranked based on critic and gamer reviews.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. I just signed up for Gamefly. I'm not used to playing those kind of games.

I usually play shooters and puzzle games. But I want to play a not good but great Rpg. I remember watching my friend get into Final Fantasy on PS1. Where you learn magic and chain them together and there were like points and so on. Can anyone suggest anything along the lines whay Final Fantasy?

I know there is a FF on PS3 but maybe there is a better game like that. I just finished Dishonored. It was amazing, It wasnt really a RPG what is a summary hearing awesome. So if anyone gokd make some great suggestions I'd really appreciate it.

And feel free to explain why the game is awesome. It's really what are primary secondary and tertiary sources matter of personal taste. RPGs come in all shapes and sizes and appeal to different people in different ways.

It has far more in common with Dead Island than it does with Gooc. But an excellent game none the less. I'm not saying avoid it on the Whatt, just in my opinion I found the other 2 versions ran better. Still good though, a real shame it's online only. Feel free to disagree as that is your right. The Fallout Series are RPG games, it has RPG, puzzle, and shooter game features, whag mostly is tactics, but 2 of the more popular games are first person shooters, leveling up and perks and quest, and some mazes that take hours if you forget what your doing.

The Fallout games created by Interplay use tactics, meaning no mashing on the R1 button and praying you kill the creature, it matters on how good your character is which is still a feature in the more recent Fallouts and then the newer Fallouts are some of the best first person and third rph shooter around, only god to Borderlands 2 which is more like a first person shooter then an RPG, though Elder scrolls Skyrim is aa game with incredible realistic looks to it.

The game doesn't have as much of a fantasy look to the environments and weapons as the FF shat does but i believe it has more of an in-depth look into character and equipment customizations with many more quests and missions to be had. A good game to look forward to is the God of War: Ascension-The series is more of a hardcore action rpg with the violence but is always promising.

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Skyrim the better answers would be how the game is NOT awesome. Goox 1 ahat 2 about a trillion guns and amazingly fun gameplay Farcry 3 a modern Skyrim they are all extremely good games. Trending News. USC's Song Girls have an ugly yet familiar story. George W. Bush reveals who won his vote. Fears oxygen may run out on missing submarine. Olympic athletes hit out at IOC over protest ban. George Floyd mural defaced with racial slur. Lin now leading fight against anti-Asian hate. Capitol riot arrests involving officials rises to pd3 Singer who sparked 'invention of boy bands' dies.

Ex-Kentucky hoops player, 19, dies in car accident. Answer Save. Holocat Zer0 Lv 7. Jacob Snellink. Ni no Kuni wrath of the white witch Majin and the forsaken kingdom Kingdoms of amalur Heavenly sword. Show more answers 2. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

History of Role-Playing Video Games

Mar 28,  · As the title says. I'm getting the RPG bug again but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much out there for the PS3. I'm playing through Valkyria Chronicles right now, and I'll most likly get Fallout 3 in the near future but I'd also like a more traditional JRPG as well. Any thoughts. Jan 29,  · But I want to play a not good but great Rpg. I remember watching my friend get into Final Fantasy on PS1. Where you learn magic and chain them together and there were like points and so on. Can anyone suggest anything along the lines of Final Fantasy? I know there is a FF on PS3 but maybe there is a better game like that. I just finished.

After being ambushed by Darkspawn and being overwhelmed it looked like it was all for nothing when suddenly a figure out of legend dropped in to save you and your family. After you make it to Kirkwall as refugees you must try to overcome your status as outsiders and make a living and hopefully thrive in your new home. The sequel to the breakout hit Dragon Age: Origins , Dragon Age II is a more intimate story about the Hawk family, struggling to survive in a foreign land after having their comfortable life destroyed by the Darkspawn army.

A lot of improvements were made to the systems running the game, including, a better graphics engine, and a streamlined interface for combat. The game itself has gone from a massive continent-spanning adventure to pull together an army to defeat an Archfiend to a small island riddled with intrigue, apostate mages, heavy-handed Templars, and a reputation for taking in refugees only to chew them up and spit them out.

This game is all about character development and keeping you invested in the story because you want to know what will happen to the plucky underdog and his friends, soldiering on despite the odds being stacked against them. Your master has better things to do than deal with you underfoot, so they have tasked you with defending Eternia Crystals from rampaging monsters.

Together with your fellow apprentices you must keep the crystals safe and learn as much as you can from the rigors of combat. What makes this game unique is the great blend of RPG elements, tower defense, and 3rd person action.

With four different character classes that persist over your account and separate character pools for ranked and casual play, there is a ton of content for you to enjoy.

And additionally, with multiplayer options, you and your friends can perfect your strategy and dominate the monsters with your skills. An ancient enemy stirs in the depths of the earth and is threatening to devour every living thing. The only thing standing between the voracious hunger of the Archfiend and its army of Darkspawn is a group of warriors known as the Grey Wardens. The story is epic in scope without overshadowing the cast of characters, moreover, the depth of the combat has yet to be topped by similar RPGs.

With your choice of a combination of fantasy races and classes to mix and max, as well of a huge chunk of choices that affect the final outcome of the game, there are hundreds of hours to enjoy and new things to discover each playthrough.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a great mashup of Skyrim and the Fable series. With a deep story written by famed sci-fi and fantasy writer R.

Salvatore, the game has a lot to offer. In the land of Drangleic, the undead curse is slowly consuming the citizens, and the royalty has collapsed. With fragments of Manus skulking in unseen corners, seeking to bring about the Abyss, the chosen undead must seek what power they can to become strong enough to re-ignite the kiln of the first flame and keep the age of fire from waning completely.

To accomplish this goal you must seek out the crown of the Iron King, and learn what caused his kingdom to fall to madness.

With this new section to explore there will be new enemies and 3 terrifying new bosses to battle, moreover, there are new spells, weapons, and armor to collect.

Continuing your quest to gain power and understanding about the fall of Drangleic you must journey to another forgotten part of the kingdom and face even more daunting foes. Another fragment of Manus has left its mark on this place, but to what ends is for you to discover. More Dark Souls and more bosses equal more fun to those brave enough to face the challenge.

Magic is a disease in her world, the dream of Chopin, and it makes her a pariah to a society that believes magic is contagious. Polka wants to do something the ensure her life has meaning before the end, and she does so by joining a group who is investigating a strange increase in mining activity that threatens to destroy a forest. The gameplay is centered around a traditional RPG turn-based battle system blended with an action-oriented phase after an initial tactical phase.

With an engrossing narrative and clever battle mechanics, Eternal Sonata is a game well worth picking up. With an addictive gameplay loop and compelling personal narrative, this part of the Atelier franchise is a worthy addition and has been enjoyed by fans of JRPGs for years. A relic, thought to be able to control ancient dragons will decide the fate of your homeland, moreover, it is up to you and your band of trusty adventurers to locate it before an evil cabal of mages can use it to upend the current monarchy, and subjugate its people.

You can create up to six characters to journey through Hydeland, exploring the ruins, snatching loot and learning more about the land. The art style and simple gameplay make this a fun little outing that you can take on in bite-sized chunks or marathon and the voice of the narrator is the audio equivalent of melted butter. Before you can get there however you were ambushed by a checked jacket-wearing palooka named Benny.

Fallout: New Vegas is arguably one of the most beloved entries in the Fallout franchise, and for good reason. The conflict raging across the Mojave between multiple factions gives you plenty to do and lots to discover.

Welcome to the city of Arland, a city that is being industrialized, and also a city that uses technology that was salvaged from an ancient civilization. You play as Rorolina Frixell, forced to work for a master alchemist Astrid Zexis to pay off a debt her parents owe. It all adds up to a fun personal story about a girl making connections with her community and struggling to thrive and survive in a swiftly changing city.

The six are all tied to the incident and will be drawn into a plot that holds the lives of every citizen of Cocoon in the balance. Instead of picking from a menu each turn, the battles take place in a semi-real time system where moment to moment actions are handled automatically, but you can change the roles of your party by changing their Paradigm, a preset move list that can see you concentrate on DPS, defense or support.

When you combine all that with the amazing graphics and you get hours of fun that are a feast to the eyes and a joy to play. You are New Kid, a recent transplant to South Park Colorado who moved there with your parents to evade his shadowy past. You are quickly drawn into a conflict that will take you from space, Canada and the bowels of terror.

Do you have what it takes to take the Stick of Truth, and save South Park from the forces of evil? Unlike most South Park games, however, this one was written by the comedy duo responsible for the TV series. Its purpose is to observe the growing hostilities between the nobility and the working class, to better understand the true nature of the empire and hopefully stop a civil war before it starts.

With a deep story filled with compelling characters and an enjoyable combat system that rewards exploring the relationships with your classmates, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is a great game that will keep you interested from beginning to end. In the land of Ashan, you take control of one of five lost children whose lives are shattered by a mysterious Demon Lord, who had devised a mad scheme to use a powerful artifact known as the Blade of Binding to open the gates to the demon world of Sheogh and drown Ashan in chaos.

With a straightforward accessible story and fun gameplay, you explore maps, fight enemies in grid-based strategy combat and learn how to stop the oncoming demon hoard from taking over the world. Oliver sets out with Drippy to travel to the other world in hopes of somehow finding a way to rescue his mother.

You can level up these familiars using treats and equip them with specific items to increase their effectiveness. Sanctuary, a world where demons and angels exist and have been influencing mankind since before recorded history.

A secret war has been raging for a long time to protect existence from Diablo, the most powerful demon in existence. His adopted daughter Leah and Deckard enlist your help to investigate the signs of coming doom, and hope to finally eradicate the threat of Diablo and its ilk forever.

The console has a streamlined interface and has simplified leveling to make this the most accessible entry yet. The fifth blight is on its way, and it is time for the Grey Wardens to assemble again, but will they be strong enough to face this threat, or will this be the final Blight that finally ends life on the surface for good.

Most importantly every decision you make has an impact on the ending of the story and these world-shaking choices will follow you on to the sequels. You awake in a prison cell, desiccated and alone when the sound of a body dropping to the floor of your cell stirs you from your reverie. Will you free yourself from your prison and attempt to reverse the curse that is slowly turning your mind to mush, or will you give up and succumb. The game is well known for its challenging combat, unique storytelling, rewarding exploration, and deep lore.

With huge, well-detailed foes, this game uses all its tightly designed mechanics to really push the player to new heights of skill.

The cursed undead, doomed to live and die until their minds atrophy, gather in Drangleic to seek a cure before the curse takes them. Combat is just as challenging and rewarding as the original with expanded character building options. The land you roam is richly detailed and the lore is just as well crafted, moreover the bosses are epic and require all your finely tuned skills to master.

In ancient times, Boletaria was attacked by a being called the Old One due to the abuse of forbidden Soul Art magic, with the world being almost lost in a magical fog filled with soul-eating demons. The story is more straightforward but no less compelling, and many of the Souls series standards were set with this game, including its challenging boss fights, and deep character customization.

If you are a fan of Dark Souls , you owe it to yourself to play this game if you get the chance. Fallout 3 is the first entry in the franchise made by Bethesda, and they moved the game from an isometric turn-based RPG into full 3D first-person action. One of the biggest changes was made to V. It now slows time to a crawl so you can target specific body parts of your enemies and as specific perks to make the system even more effective.

They also kept the tradition of a world populated by quirky NPCs who breathe life into this post-apocalyptic world. You play Commander Sheperd, and you are desperately trying to convince the bureaucrats at the Citadel to recognize the oncoming threat of the Reapers, a highly advanced and dangerous synthetic race that seeks to wipe out all sentient life in the galaxy.

The Reapers have come and instead of a united front, they face a disorganized group of squabbling alien races. After a bitter defeat, Sheperd must gather together an army to repel the Reaper invasion and save all life in the Milky Way. New enemy types have been added, moreover, interesting character interactions have been thrown in to flesh out returning party members and make the new characters compelling. This would be dire on its own, but before you know it, you see the emperor himself, escorted by his personal retinue, The Blades, fleeing an assassination attempt by a mysterious group of robed assailants.

It really makes a town come alive when you can see the people going shopping, blowing off steam at the inn or deftly picking pockets in a crowded marketplace. Open-ended gameplay gives you the option to get as deep as you want into the lives of the citizens of Cyrodiil and the way you improve your skills allows you to customize your character build any way you want. After successfully stopping the Geth from summoning the Reapers from deep space, you are patrolling the galaxy, mopping up any pockets of resistance that might have been left behind when suddenly you are attacked.

With a combination of genetic revivification and cybernetics at your disposal, as well as an improved version of the Normandy. Cerberus wants you to investigate a rash of disappearing human colonies and sightings of a new alien race. Cerberus thinks these events may be connected to the Reapers, and Sheperd has reason to think they are right since he knows for certain that they are still coming, with or without a back door into the galaxy.

Mass Effect 2 is the sequel to the original Mass Effect , and it took great strides toward making the franchise more inviting to new players without sacrificing the science fiction story that was set up in the original.

The old equipment management system and skill menus were revamped to make it easier for you and your teammates to use their special abilities in combat. Planet exploration is also handled by probes from orbit instead of having to pilot the polarizing Mako tank on the surface.

This entry also has some of the biggest fan-favorite characters, like Mordin Solus, Thane Krios and the fiery biotic warrior Jack. Founder and owner of ProFanboy. Most of you will recognize or even still playing some of the games mentioned on this list. Browse Games By Genre.

All Genres. You fled Ferelden with your family and the shirts on your backs. Short Review. Trendy Entertainment, You play as a young apprentice. Dungeon Defenders is a hybrid style tower defense game. Role-Playing » Western-Style. The world is on the brink of disaster.

The game has people who are still playing even after seeing everything the game has to offer.

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