What gym machines work your abs

what gym machines work your abs

Top 5 Worst Weight Machines

Mar 12,  · The 5 Best Abs-Sculpting Machines At The Gym. The rower doesn’t only work well for a kicked up cardio workout—it strengthens your core, too, Gargano says. To feel the abs . Jun 26,  · If your gym doesn’t have a lat pulldown machine or you don’t feel comfortable using it, you can also hit your back muscles by performing a reverse .

While the machihes is no doubt filled to the walls with many different pieces of equipment, not all the equipment is equal when it comes down to effectiveness. In fact, many machines in the gym are in my opinion sitting right on the border of being practically worthless, at least for many of us that is. However, in many if not most cases, there are much better exercise options available to work a particular machiness group.

This is especially true with the five machines covered here. So yojr further ado, here are what I consider five of the worst weight training machines in the gym. Machine that the chest press nor any machines on the list are really that bad, but there are many better exercise options for the chest.

The chest press machine is good for isolating a small portion of the chest but does little to help build functional strength and could easily lead to injury if the machine is not set up right or the exercise is performed incorrectly.

The better chest exercises do not require brain surgery or the physique of a professional bodybuilder to perform either. Selectorized seated chest press usually requires a single or 2 adjustments and many gyms even have a couple of these machines so they are hard to miss. The weight machine for isolated hip extension is called many different names. You may see a machine called, glute master macihnes butt blaster or something to that effect. The selectorized hip extension machine works the motion of isolated hip extension which is worthless for most people because it can further increase muscle imbalances due to overactive hamstrings compensating for weak glute muscles.

Most people do not understand that all functional leg exercises such as squats, lunges and step-ups require glute activation. Do you remember when your parents, friends or co-workers told you to lift with your legs when you lift heavy household objects? Using the lower back extension machine is the equivalent of lifting a heavy object with your lower back only and not bending your legs.

When you lift a heavy object at home such as a TV, the correct way to lift would help functionally strengthen your lower back such as performing a dead lift with proper form. The motion provided by the lower back extension machine is totally unnatural and can even lead to injury if performed incorrectly.

A common reason for performing low back extension on these machines is the belief that it will burn fat kachines of the lower back and love handles area. This again, is not true and a fitness myth. Many people are too lazy to perform the most beneficial exercises such as squats and dead lifts so they believe the selectorized low back extension machine is necessary for strengthening their lower back when it really is one of the worst weight machines.

The reason for using any exercise machine should be to benefit your body in strength, improve muscle tone, help your body function better or help increase your metabolism. The motion which is mostly hip flexion can lead to muscle imbalance what is the difference between windows 2000 and windows 2003 poor posture and it is something which is completely useless for activities of daily living, athletics, and even working your abdominal muscles.

Yet another machine which is most commonly used because of the misconception that abdominal exercises burn abdominal fat. The wogk ab what is the best blackberry to get 2013 machine adds weight to the myth. People associate the more weight they use with better results, stronger abs, and less fat which is not the case. The inner and outer thigh machines are the worst weight machines mostly because of the use with the belief that it will reduce thigh size, tone how to catch steelhead in lake erie legs or reduce cellulite.

The fact how to remove taskbar from chrome, inner and outer thigh machines are a complete waste of time for most people in the gym. The muscles that the machine works are muscles which are responsible for stabilization of the legs during functional activities such as walking and running.

Using the inner and outer thigh machine does more harm than how to make dingy shirts white again for most people by creating muscle imbalances which can possibly lead to posture problems. This is the one weight machine which you almost always see in use and sometimes there are even lines waiting gum use it. While every weight training machine in the gym has its place, I believe these five machines are among the worst five options available.

There are simply much better exercises that you can utilize to work the muscles that each machine is designed to target. Have you used them before? Let me know in the comments below! If performed incorrectly, any exercise and machine can cause injury. I suffered from lower back pain and weakness for years, and no other machine bench, ballor exercise cobra helped strengthen and decrease the pain like this did.

I wish more gyms had this machine. This is probably one of the most stupid un educated articles I have read. Most of the machines listed here are probably some of the best ones an individual can use. The issue hear is not the machines but lack of understanding the proper use and technique. I can sit here and write an article stating 5 worst exercises squat, lunge and deadlift and proceed to go on about how hunching your back and lifting heavy weights of the ground is un natural and dangerous or how bashing your knees off the ground doing lunges is dangerous on your joints.

This is essentially what your doing. In reality most machines including the ones you listed what gym machines work your abs are not only not the worst they are far superior and safer than the body weight or free weight alternatives. A well designed machine nautilus chest press machine for example that is set up correctly for the user provides proper muscle loading through a full wok of motion allowing the user to reach a safer and more effective point of muscular contraction then a bench press or dumbbell press.

I agree with some of your points Bill most definitely, however, I do not agree that this is the most stupid uneducated article. Have you read some of the shit that is out there man? To label this the most uneducated article is uneducated in itself, yout. The author here was simply stating his opinion, just as you stated your opinion.

This is sadly what the fitness industry is turning into today and articles like this jour exactly how it starts.

I was using a 3 how to stop and start oracle database dumbbell 3 lb for crying out loud. However, I was doing the movement incorrectly and screwed up my rotator cuff! Hey Mike! I can never get the butt to burn out before my thighs with both of those exercises even though i know they are the best.

Deadlifts will really get your butt and hamstrings. Thanks for the message, hope this info helps and good luck on your goals. Thanks, Mike. In my prime I was maxing around in the squat. My legs were and still are huge. I was diagnosed with knee problems where my outer quads were so developed that my kneecap was being pulled to the outside and causing major problems. My physical therapist had me put a ball between my knees and squeeze as part of my recovery.

I started hitting it twice a week, at the start of each leg day, not too much weight but enough to where it was taxing my muscles. Not recommending for everyone, but it definitely aided in development of my inner quadriceps.

I once injured my back when using a seated ab machine. Put too much weight in and tweaked things a bit. Hired a personal trainer for a few machinee afterward and he showed and recommended me different how to cope with withdrawal exercises. He never once mentioned this machine and he was a knowledgeable man. Kinda validates things ylur me to stay away from this machine.

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It’s a great way to hammer your abs in a short amount of time — a few rounds with an ab wheel can burn out your abs as fast as a hundred or so sit-ups. Plus, it may just be a bit more fun. This ab machine sports a heavy-duty PVC wheel and handles with a burly stainless-steel core so it can handle up to pounds of weight. Instead of using heavy weights, Chair Gym uses 3 levels of resistance cords that give light, medium and hard tensions. This will allow anyone to work out the entire body and even the abs in as little as 10 minutes per day. You can be seated in a safe, stable and comfortable position and still enjoy the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. 10 Workout Machines to Try If You're New at the Gym The ultimate newbie guide. This workout is a great way to work your core muscles, while using your arms as support. Slowly lift (don't swing) your legs up and down, and feel those abs burn. A strong core leads to better balance and stability that will come in handy as you progress to more.

It's no secret that Americans have a growing obsession with fitness—which is great. In fact, one out of every five people works out at a dedicated fitness center or at least pays for the membership , nearly twice as many as did way back in the year With that much gym time, you'd think we'd all have chiseled physiques and six-pack abs.

So what gives? Well, diet aside, most people don't understand how to make the most of their already limited time in the gym. That means they can spend hours a week wandering from one ineffective, muscle-isolating machine to another—or zoning out to the Bachelorette on a poorly conceived but in-demand cardio machine—and barely realize any fitness gains. An intervention is in order. Start here, by identifying and systematically avoiding these 20 useless things in your gym. Not only will you instantly upgrade your workout and reduce your chance of injury, but you might actually start to see results.

Squats are almost universally considered one of the best exercises for your legs, butt, and core, but using the Smith machine—basically a squat rack where the weight bar is attached to a sliding sled on a vertical track—forces your body into a perfectly linear motion that's totally unnatural and, quite frankly, dangerous.

With the bar in a fixed plane, it's impossible to get a natural back arch and there's barely wiggle room for adjusting joint angles—both of which put your knees and lower back at increased risk for injury. Keep your squats au natural , with bar and free weights.

As a bonus, you'll recruit tons more stabilizing muscles, amping up your muscle-building potential. While we'd all love to have powerful, bulging quads, sitting on this machine and extending your legs out horizontally works them in isolation—and in a way that's totally unnatural.

Your legs weren't meant to move weight in this way, and it puts way too much strain on the tendons and ligaments in your knee. Stick with more functional exercises, like squats and lunges. You'll work more leg muscles and—bonus! If you're not challenging your muscles beyond their present capacity, you're simply not going to get any stronger it's called the "overload principle," and it's central to all exercise. For most people seeking to build muscle, finding a weight where you can perform 8 to 12 reps of an exercise is good.

If you can do 15 reps, you're not lifting heavy enough. Even if you're an endurance athlete, say, and not trying to develop big, bulky muscles, adding a few targeted pounds can help improve your posture, keep you lean, and make you less injury-prone.

So put down the cute pink five-pounders, and pick up some real, challenging weights. This torture device is designed to tone your inner and outer thighs while, many people believe, melting fat off their thighs and hips. But science has proven that targeted fat loss is completely bogus, and this isolation exercise puts undue stress on your hips, lower back and IT bands while accomplishing nothing remotely functional. For a better look, not to mention a bigger calorie burn, try compound moves barbell lunges, for instance that engage more muscles.

Besides being awkward-looking and hard to adjust, the ab crunch machine is bad for your lumbar spine—and a waste of time, if it's a six-pack you're after. Abdominals are made in the kitchen, for the most part, by reducing body fat with a disciplined, healthy diet.

If core strength is the goal, opt for planks, which work more of the core muscles—including transverse abdominis, those deep-tissue muscles that are vital for a tight, flat-stomach look—while protecting your back and neck from injury. Like its cousin, the leg extension machine, this one works a single muscle group—the hamstrings—in isolation, and in an unnatural position that puts excess stress on your knee noticing a trend here? It's so one-dimensional, in fact, that it only hits on knee flexion, just one of the two key movements performed by hamstrings along with hip extension.

Yes, this most beloved "joint-friendly" cardio machine allows you to zone out to reality TV, but the workout you get from it isn't exactly awesome. For starters, it doesn't use a natural body motion, which means it's less effective at toning muscles than those that do, like running, bending, and jumping. Also, it's way too easy to slack off as you fatigue whereas a treadmill forces you to maintain a specific pace , slashing your cardio gains. If you want to suck wind and dramatically improve your cardiovascular system, you'd be better off doing high-intensity circuit training intervals burpees, jumping rope, jumping squats, that sort of thing.

Another low-impact option: rowing machine intervals. Despite its name, the "donkey kick" machine won't tone up your tush. That's because spot reduction doesn't work see above , and this isolated hip extension movement is more likely to fire your tight, overworked hamstrings than your glutes, which have probably been lulled into a chronic torpor by a deskbound 9-to For a strong, sexy rear end, opt instead for complex movements like squats and lunges that require, and better promote, glute activation.

This muscle-isolating machine, designed to rock your shoulders and triceps, forces your shoulders into bio-mechanically unsafe positions that may leave them, well, a little too wrecked. And, because you're seated in a fixed position, your hips can't move to support the shoulders. It's much safer—not to mention more effective—to go old-school with some medicine ball throws. Catching a little news between sets seems innocent enough, but it breaks your focus and saps your intensity, and it's not really what you've come to the gym for, anyway.

If you show up with a plan, stay focused on proper form and quality reps and, well, skip watching television, you can save time and maximize your fitness gains with faster, more efficient workouts. Most people think they're getting a killer ab workout with these gravity-defying sit-ups, but deep-seated hip flexor muscles take on most of the work, while the abdominals merely hold the pelvis steady just enough to feel them "burn".

What makes this machine even worse is that performing this movement often compresses the joints in the lower spine, causing pain. Instead, target abdominal muscles with planks. They don't look as cool, sure, but they also don't send you to the chiropractor's.

The idea behind the "Ab Twister" is that to train the obliques and improve rotational power—vital in plenty of sports, from throwing a football to swinging a bat or driving a golf ball—you should be performing exercises that involve twisting through the core.

What's missing from that calculation, though, is that skilled athletes generate rotational power by driving their hips toward their target using a strong core to prevent spinal rotation , while poor athletes rotate their spines. Twisting the lumbar spine is a recipe for lower back pain, not for great abs.

To strengthen your abs, and improve your home run swing, take a crack at cable wood chops and side planks.

The problem with using a machine like this to pump up your chest is that it removes the need to balance the weight, making your lift more targeted, but ultimately less productive. Also, this machine has limited adjustability, despite the fact that people come in all shapes and sizes.

You can adjust it for height, at least, but not for arm length, shoulder width, or chest size—and that means you might be putting pointless strain on your joints. A straightforward barbell or dumbbell bench is safer and—good news—will make you stronger. As amazing as it feels loading weight after massive weight onto the leg press, it's totally impractical.

After all, it strengthens only a few highly targeted muscle groups in a fixed range of motion, while ignoring all those stabilizing muscles that work with your legs in, you know, real life when's the last time you sat around and pushed things with your legs?

Because of the awkward seated position, with your back pinned against a seat, it also puts undue pressure on your knees and lumbar spine hello, bulging discs! Do yourself a favor and stick with the workaday, functional squat that trains your body for everyday life and sports. Okay, okay, so maybe the ubiquitous blue half-ball does have a place in your gym; it can be useful for core work, but preferably under the watchful eye of a trainer or group fitness instructor with some real knowledge.

Too often, though, misguided souls climb onto the BOSU with weights in hand for biceps curls or shoulder presses, and an idea that they're improving the workout by activating their core muscles.

The problem is that, in most cases, they're just making themselves unsteady and wobbly in a way that sabotages the primary movement, preventing them from lifting as much weight. And, of course, they're setting themselves up to be the subject of a gym blooper video. Lift the weights and, if you want, balance on the BOSU—just only if you know what you're doing. While research shows this machine is great for building chest muscle, it also places your shoulder joint in a vulnerable, unstable position—simultaneously rotated and abducted—at the movement's widest point.

Rather than risk a rotator cuff injury or overstretched ligaments, you can whale on your pecs with your run-of-the-mill but even more effective bench press. If you don't have a spotter available, the bent-forward cable crossover is nearly as good. You know how people always say you should lift with your legs when picking up heavy objects to avoid back injury? Well, this machine—which many use under the illusion that it somehow targets love handle fat—loads all the weight onto your lower back by completely isolating it from the leg, core and glute muscles that would otherwise stabilize and support it.

The upshot is that you're repeatedly flexing your lumbar spine under a load, which is a big no-no, unless you want the kind of debilitating back pain that comes from badly damaged discs. Instead of this, strengthen your lower back and core with exercises like the bent-over row and stiff-leg deadlift, which force you to maintain the natural arch of your lumbar spine.

Nearly half of all health clubs in the U. We get that you want to look your best; that's probably at least half of why you're slamming those big weights around in front of full-length mirrors.

But deliberately exposing your skin to intense UV rays whether it's endorsed by your gym or not dramatically increases skin cancer risks. The American Academy of Dermatology links as many as , cases of skin cancer annually in the U. And that is not a good look. You almost never lift or pull anything with just your biceps, so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to dedicate an entire machine—or even a bench, for that matter—to working them out in isolation.

In most cases, the bigger, stronger muscles of the back handle the bulk of the work, while the biceps kick in that little extra oomph to get the job done. If you want bulging biceps and you know you do, despite their negligible performance benefits , opt for pull-ups instead. It's gut-check time. How often do you actually go to the gym and exercise?

Nobody can blame you for buying an annual membership; sales pressure is intense from gym personnel, and you probably pictured yourself forming a three-times-a-week workout habit that would transform you into a perfect physical specimen.

But a staggering 67 percent of all memberships go unused across the U. Best to be honest with yourself before signing on the dotted line of a hard-to-break annual contract. Instead, start out buying a block of drop-in passes to be sure a particular gym—and, moreover, the gym lifestyle—is the right fit for you. To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, click here to sign up for our FREE daily newsletter!

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