What does tete de la course mean

what does tete de la course mean

The Tour de France Glossary

Tete de la Course is a French expression meaning “head of the race,” and refers to either the rider or riders who are in the lead at any point in the race. Tete de la Course also has a broader meaning: One rider aggressively forcing the pace and by sheer force of will and power, transforming the race into something special. en tete de la course in the lead en tete des meilleures ventes at the top of the best-seller list a la tete de [organisation] at the head of ? in charge of prendre la tete de [peloton, course] to take the lead in; [organisation, societe] to become the head of.

The Tour de France starts on July 6, and these days you have a variety of legal, dependable ways to watch it live or on demand. After all, the Tour is one of the oldest and most prestigious events in sports, one filled with foreign terms and arcane jargon that can confuse and sometimes alienate new fans.

Use it as a guide help you navigate what the commentators are saying and why. See: peloton. Attack - An aggressive, high-speed jump away from other riders. Blocking - Legally impeding the progress of riders in the pack to allow teammates a better chance of success see: soft-pedal. Blow up - To suddenly be unable to continue at the required pace due to overexertion. Break, breakaway - A rider or group of riders who escaped the pack. Bridge, bridge a gap - To catch up with a rider or group that has opened a lead.

Broom wagon voiture balai - A van that follows the race fete day, picking up riders who have dropped out and giving them a ride to the stage finish. It also signals the end of the race itself, meaning local authorities are free to open the roads to traffic.

Riders make several laps of a circuit that takes them around the Arc de Triomphe, through the Place de la Concorde, and up and down both sides of the Ocurse. Christian Prudhomme - A former journalist who is now the general director of the Tour de France. A two-day event was tried in what to wear to a class reunion dinner a summit finish and a time trial, but the race reverted to a one-day format in Directeur sportif - A French term essentially meaning head coach.

The DS is responsible for planning team strategy on each stage and throughout the overall race. Domestique - A French term for those riders willing to sacrifice their own ambitions for the sake foes their teams. Domestiques do things like grab water bottles, ride into the wind coursw give their leader a draft see: draftingor pace their leader back to the peloton in the event of coufse flat tire.

Doping - Originally meant in reference to blood doping, or withdrawing blood to re-inject it later on to boost red blood cell mwan and oxygen uptake. Now meant to include any performance-enhancing substances, most of which are banned from competitive use and only some of which are testable. Drafting - Tucking in closely behind another rider to escape the wind, therefore saving you energy.

See: slipstream. Dropped - To be left behind by the rest of the field. Echelon - A form of paceline in which following riders angle away from the leader to get maximum draft tetw a crosswind. Feed zones - A designated point on a stage where team personnel can pass food often little pastries or finger sandwiches and water bottles to riders. Field sprint - The dash for the finish line by the main group of riders. Also known as a bunch sprint or pack finish.

Flamme rouge - A red flag that hangs from an inflatable banner 1K from the end of each stage to let the riders know the finish is approaching. For sprinters, the flamme rouge indicates when how to fish with a spoon should launch their final dash for the line.

For climbers, it means the pain will end soon. Full tuck - An extremely ddoes aerodynamic position used to achieve maximum speed on descents. General Classification GC - The ranking of riders from first to last according to their total elapsed time, with the first rider boasting the lowest or fastest time. The yellow jersey goes to the GC leader at the end of each day.

Green jersey maillot vert - First awarded init goes to the leader of the Points Classification. Riders can earn these points at stage finishes and certain mid-stage sections see: intermediate sprint. Flat stages award the most green jersey points, which is why field sprinters often win the competition.

This often takes place in France itself, but has increasingly gone to foreign cities to generate international interest in the race. Grupetto - Large groups of dropped riders that often form at the back of the race on mountain stages. Grupettos are generally filled with sprinters and riders who have finished working for their team leaders.

The first 15 riders to cross the line at these locations earn points. King of the Mountains KoM - A competition for the best climber, which runs on a points system like the green jersey. The leader wears the polka dot jersey. Lanterne rouge - The last rider in the General Classification. Leadout - A race tactic in which a rider accelerates to maximum speed for the benefit of a teammate in tow. The second rider then leaves the draft and sprints past at an even greater speed.

The lieutenant also plans and executes strategy, like chasing down breakaways or setting up the final sprint. Musette - A small cloth bag filled with snacks and water bottles that riders pick up while passing through feed zones. Pau - Only Paris and Bordeaux have hosted more Tours de France than Pau, a city at the foot of the Pyrenees that the race visits almost annually.

Peloton - The largest cluster of riders on the road at any given ed. Also called the bunch, group, pack, or field. Polka dot jersey - First given init goes to the leader of the King of the Mountains competition. Riders earn points at the what does tete de la course mean of each categorized climb. Prologue - A short stage held as the opener of the Grand Tours. Each Tour sponsor has at least one car, making the caravan bigger than the race itself in terms of personnel.

Pull off - To move over after riding in the lead so cokrse rider can come to the front. Pyrenees - A mountain range on the border between France and Spain. Rollers - An indoor bike trainer that works like a treadmill for bikes. Also, a series of courae hills. Tour riders use them to warm up prior to a stage.

This is a reliable trainer that lets you get into the virtual world for far less than most. Slipstream draft - The pocket of calmer air behind a moving rider. See: drafting. Soft-pedal - To pedal without actually applying power. If a rider is in a solo break, his teammates will impede the chase effort by soft-pedaling at the front of the pack.

Soigneur - Team staffers that basically take care of anything not covered by the directeur sportif or the team mechanics. Summit finish - Stages that end atop a categorized climb are called summit finishes. Team time trial TTT - A race against the clock with two or more riders on a given team working together. See: time trial. Time bonus - Awarded to the first three finishers at the end of each stage besides the time trials. Time bonuses of eight, five, and two seconds are also awarded at special sprints near the end of key stages.

Time trial TT - A race against the clock in which riders start at set intervals and cannot give or receive a draft. No other race gets this treatment. Tourmalet - First appearing inthe Tourmalet has been climbed more than any other ascent in Tour history.

Located in the heart of the Pyrenees, it can be approached from two equally difficult sides. Yellow jersey maillot jaune - First awarded midway through the Tour, it identifies the rider currently leading the Dw Classification. Bikes and Gear. How to clean a sink drain States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Dpes. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

Yuri Trofimov grabs a bidon from the Team Katusha car during the Tour. Tim de Waele Getty Images. David Zabriskie leaves the race in the broom wagon in Justin Setterfield Getty Images.

Oakley Aero 5. Bontrager Velocis. Tere Jungels grabs a water bottle in how to saw down a tree with a chainsaw Stage 19 feed zone during the Tour. Chris Graythen Getty Images. Musettes for Radioshack-Nissan team riders in the Tour. Doug Pensinger Getty Images. The peloton on Stage 19 of the Tour de France. Shop Now. Simple and durable, these traditional rollers will stand the test of time.

Inside Ride E-Motion Rollers. These smart rollers give rock back and forth, allowing you to practice sprints. Warren Barguil wins a stage with a summit finish atop Col d'Izoard in Nairo Quintana rides a time trial stage at the Tour de France.

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The rider (or riders) who are in the lead and have also successfully broken away from the peloton are referred to as Tete de la Course (a French expression meaning “head of the race”). The peloton will not allow a break with a danger man to get far ahead. 1. A word or phrase that is commonly used in conversational speech (e.g. skinny, grandma). Claudia se metio en un tete terrible y no sabe que hacer para niceloveme.coma's got herself in a terrible mess and she doesn't know how to sort it. 2. A word or phrase that is commonly used in conversational speech (e.g. skinny, grandma). I'm wondering if you don't mean tete de la course, which means the lead riders.

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