What does lna stand for

what does lna stand for

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TUNIS Reuters - The prime minister of Libya's new unity government said on Friday he had instructed the attorney general to open an investigation into the discovery of bodies in Benghazi. Local media said more what does lna stand for a dozen bodies gor people shot dead were found on Thursday in the eastern city that is the stronghold of Khalifa Haftar's Libyan National Army LNAwhose assault on the capital Tripoli was repulsed last year.

Prime Eoes Abdulhamid Dbeibeh, who what does lna stand for selected through a United Nations-led process and took office this week, tweeted that such events cannot be tolerated or covered up.

In Benghazi, the Security Waht, which includes both police and military units under LNA control, initially denied any bodies had been found but said later on Friday it would issue a statement what is normal platelet count in pregnancy the matter.

Libya has endured a decade of chaos and violence since the NATO-backed uprising that toppled Muammar Gaddafi, as armed groups gained control over city districts leading to an epidemic of abductions and killings.

The main western and eastern factions that split apart in have publicly accepted Dbeibeh's government, widely seen as Libya's best waht for peace in years, though huge challenges remain.

The Philippines has sent two new diplomatic protests to China over its failure to withdraw what it called on Friday "threatening" vessels that were massing in contested areas of the South China Sea. The Philippines has ramped up its rhetoric in recent weeks over the lingering presence of hundreds of Chinese boats in its mile How to draw syaoran from tsubasa Economic Zone EEZtesting relations between two countries that have sought to heal their historic rifts.

The Philippine foreign ministry said maritime officials had observed the "continued unauthorised presence and activities" of Chinese fishing and militia vessels around the disputed Spratly islands and Scarborough shoal, as of April Researchers are describing it as an "immune escape variant," as vaccinated people who were previously infected with COVID can be infected.

Search helicopters and more ships left Bali and a naval base in Java heading to the area where contact was lost with the year-old KRI Nanggala on Wednesday as it prepared to conduct a torpedo drill, with the head of the Indonesian submarine fleet aboard. If the submarine was still intact, officials said it would only have enough air to last until around dawn on Saturday. Donavon Brinson, who captured footage of the fatal shooting of an Ohio teen by a police officer, says the officer was not faced with many choices and only had seconds to respond.

The helicopter first became airborne on Monday at a. Ingenuity hovered for 30 seconds at 10 feet above the Martian surface before landing safely for a total flight time of Madonna is her mother.

Lourdes Leon, a. Lola, talked to Vanity Fair about growing up famous. Cameron Krutwig, who helped Loyola Chicago reach a Final Four as a freshman and return to the Sweet 16 as a senior this year, has decided to turn pro and skip his final year of eligibility. Krutwig announced his decision Thursday in a YouTube video, saying it was time to move on.

Krutwig is the second major departure for Loyola since a loss to Oregon State in the Midwest Region semifinals. Rescue teams from several countries were battling against time on Friday to find a missing Indonesian Navy submarine lost in the Bali Sea with 53 crew members, which would be rapidly running out of oxygen if not already crushed by water pressure.

The actor also admits to The New York Hwat that he was "gun shy" after all the controversy that surrounded the release of his comedy. The House of Representatives approved a measure that would grant statehood to Washington, Stnd. The legislation, which passedwould create the new state of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth, and give it one representative and two senators.

The bill has been the subject of intense opposition from Republicans, since D. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D. Opponents of D. Democrats have advocated granting statehood to Puerto Rico, another predominantly Democratic jurisdiction that would provide a further electoral advantage. The department said in a statement an officer erroneously shared the message on the public Facebook page after he mistook it for his own.

Up to 3. The country has plunged into political turmoil stahd the army seized power from the democratically elected civilian government on February 1.

With added economic pressure from the global health crisis, Myanmar is battling a deepening financial crisis. There are signs that families in the commercial capital Yangon were skipping meals and eating less nutritious food. The agency's analysis shows that urban areas will be worst waht as job losses are mounting across manufacturing, construction and services. The World Food Program plans to expand its operations to help 3.

Protesters evidently want all hands on deck in the push to make Washington, D. Joe Manchin's D-W. Advocates for D.

The Washingtonian may have summed it up by writing, "Manchin lives on a boat because he doesn't like living here. Either way, it seems Manchin is one lawmaker who at any given moment — including, perhaps, as protesters gather — is always ready to sail away into the sunset. Sanjay Gupta says vaccinated people can generally go maskless outdoors, with some caveats7 cartoons about Derek Chauvin being found guiltyBiden nominates Montana environmentalist to head Bureau of Land Management.

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Anathematic Secrecy. The aspect can't be targeted by any divination magic or perceived through magical scrying sensors. Divine Scourge (1/Day). As a bonus action, each creature within miles of the aspect that is a celestial or a user of divine magic (a cleric, paladin, druid, ranger, or some other class the DM deems appropriate) must make a DC 25 Constitution saving throw. With 2 cellular channels, 2 Wi-Fi channels, and a high gain LNA GPS, the Puma is a versatile all-in-one cellular antenna solution. It has 2?2 MIMO and dual-band Wi . Whereas, LNA stands for Low-Noise Amplifier. The function of the LNA is to take the. nRF24L01+ PA/LNA Block Diagram. extremely weak and uncertain signal from the antenna (usually on the order of microvolts or under dBm) and amplify it to a more useful level (usually about to 1V) Unless the power source is a stand-alone battery.

House of Representatives Tobruk -based [1] [2]. Government of National Accord Tripoli -based since Syrian National Army since [55] Turkey since [56] [57] [58]. National Salvation Government — [73] [74]. ISIL from [90]. The Second Libyan Civil War was a multi-sided civil war that lasted from to in the North African country of Libya fought between different armed groups, mainly the House of Representatives and the Government of National Accord.

The General National Congress , based in western Libya and backed by various militias with some support from Qatar and Turkey , [] [] [] [] initially accepted the results of the election, but rejected them after the Supreme Constitutional Court nullified an amendment regarding the roadmap for Libya's transition and HoR elections. In December , the Libyan Political Agreement [] was signed after talks in Skhirat , as the result of protracted negotiations between rival political camps based in Tripoli, Tobruk, and elsewhere which agreed to unite as the Government of National Accord.

This offensive resulted in ISIL losing control of all significant territories previously held in Libya. The agreement, effective immediately, required that all foreign fighters leave Libya within three months while a joint police force would patrol disputed areas.

The first commercial flight between Tripoli and Benghazi took place that same day. The two major groups in parliament had failed to reach political compromises on the larger more important issues that the GNC faced.

Division among these parties, the row over the political isolation law, and a continuous unstable security situation greatly impacted the GNC's ability to deliver real progress towards a new constitution for Libya which was a primary task for this governing body.

The GNC also included members associated with conservative Islamist groups as well as revolutionary groups thuwwar. Some members of the GNC had a conflict of interest due to associations with militias and were accused of channeling government funds towards armed groups and allowing others to conduct assassinations and kidnappings. However, the elections did not necessarily create a strong government because the Parliament was fragmented due to the lack of organized political parties in Libya post-revolution.

The GNC was made up of two major parties, the National Forces Alliance and the Justice and Construction Party, as well as independents in which some were moderates and others conservative Islamists. The GNC became a broad-based congress. The GNC was challenged due to increasing security concerns in Tripoli.

Its commander was Adel Gharyani. During this time, Abusahmain blocked inquiries into the distribution of state funds and it was alleged that Abusahmain was channeling government funding towards the LROR. It is believed to have been carried out by the LROR, [] although there is evidence to suggest that armed groups such as the Duru3 actually conducted the kidnapping. Many Libyans blamed the GNC and the interim government for a continued lack of security in the country.

The interim government struggled to control well-armed militias and armed groups that established during the revolution. Libyans in Benghazi especially began to witness assassinations and kidnapping and perceived the GNC to be turning a blind eye to the deteriorating security situation in the east. But security concerns increased across the country, allowing armed groups to expand in Tripoli and the east. In April , an anti-terrorist training base called "Camp 27", located between Tripoli and the Tunisian border , was taken over by forces fighting under the control of Abd al-Muhsin Al-Libi, also known as Ibrahim Tantoush , [] a long-serving Al-Qaeda organizer and former member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

Although Islamists were outnumbered by Liberals and Centrists in the GNC, in May they lobbied for a law "banning virtually everyone who had participated in Gaddafi's government from holding public office".

While several Islamist political parties and independents supported the law, as they generally had no associations to the Qaddafi regime, the law enjoyed strong public support.

Polls demonstrated that a large majority of the Libyan people supported the exclusion of high-ranking Qaddafi-regime officials. The law particularly impacts elite expatriates and leaders of liberal parties.

There existed reservations that such a law would eliminate technocratic expertise needed in Libya at the time. Armed militiamen stormed government ministries, shut down the GNC itself and demanded the law's passage. This intimidated the GNC into passing the law in which members approved the bill, with only four abstaining and no member opposing it. GNC opponents argue that it was supporting Islamist actions against women.

He has issued fatwas ordering Muslims to obey the GNC, [] and fatwas ordering Muslims to fight against Haftar 's forces []. He condemned the UN report for "advocating immorality and indecency in addition to rebelliousness against religion and clear objections to the laws contained in the Quran and Sunnah". Later in , lawyer Hamida Al-Hadi Al-Asfar, advocate of women's rights, was abducted, tortured and killed.

It is alleged she was targeted for criticising the Grand Mufti's declaration. In June , two politicians, Ali Tekbali and Fathi Sager, appeared in court for "insulting Islam" for publishing a cartoon promoting women's rights.

The case caused widespread concern although they were eventually acquitted in March During Nouri Abusahmain 's presidency of the GNC and subsequent to GNC's decision to enforce sharia law in December , gender segregation and compulsory hijab were being imposed in Libyan universities from early , provoking strong criticism from Women's Rights groups.

The GNC failed to stand down at the end of its electoral mandate in January , unilaterally voting on 23 December to extend its power for at least one year.

This caused widespread unease and some protests. Residents of the eastern city of Shahat, along with protesters from Bayda and Sousse, staged a large demonstration, rejecting the GNC's extension plan and demanding the resignation of the congress followed by a peaceful power transition to a legitimate body. They also protested the lack of security, blaming the GNC for failing to build the army and police. On 14 February , General Khalifa Haftar ordered the GNC to dissolve and called for the formation of a caretaker government committee to oversee new elections.

However, his actions had little effect on the GNC, which called his actions "an attempted coup" and called Haftar himself "ridiculous" and labelled him an aspiring dictator.

The GNC continued to operate as before. No arrests were made. Haftar launched Operation Dignity three months later on 16 May. On 25 May , about one week after Khalifa Haftar started his Operation Dignity offensive against the General National Congress, that body set 25 June as the date for new elections. Shortly thereafter, members of the GNC, who had rejected the June election, reconvened as a new General National Congress and voted themselves as replacement of the newly elected House of Representatives, with Tripoli as their political capital, Nouri Abusahmain as president and Omar al-Hasi as prime minister.

As a consequence, the majority of the House of Representatives were forced to relocate to Tobruk , aligning themselves with Haftar's forces and eventually nominating him army chief.

The pro-GNC forces were a coalition of different militias with different ideologies although most of them are Islamist influenced especially in eastern Libya in Benghazi and Derna. Since LPA negotiations started in Skhirat there has been a rift within the militias over support for the UN-sponsored talks and the proposed Government of National Accord, which seeks to unite the rival governments. The Islamist " Libya Dawn " has been described as "an uneasy coalition" identified as "terrorists" by the elected parliament in Tobruk [] including "former al-Qaeda jihadists" who fought against Qaddafi in the s, members of Libya's branch of the Muslim Brotherhood , and a "network of conservative merchants" from Misrata , whose fighters make up "the largest block of Libya Dawn's forces".

The Zawia tribe has been allied to Libya Dawn since August , [] although in June at least one Zawia army unit had appeared to side with General Haftar, and reports in December claimed Zawia forces were openly considering breaking away from Libya Dawn.

In the current conflict, the Warshefana have been strongly identified with the forces fighting against both Libya Dawn and Al Qaeda. Zawia has been involved in a long-standing tribal conflict with the neighbouring Warshefana tribe since The Libya Shield Force supports the Islamists.

Elements of the Libya Shield Force were identified by some observers as linked to Al-Qaeda as early as Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb are also active in Fezzan , especially in border areas.

Libya western and central Libya Shield force fought alongside Libya Dawn and were disbanded with it in These are:. Meanwhile, in Derna the main Islamist coalition Shura Council of Mujahideen which was formed in is an al-Qaeda -affiliated group. The coalition has been in fight with ISIL in and drove them out from the city.

Its leader Muhammad al-Zawi and a number of the council pledging allegiance to ISIL played a major role in strengthening the Islamist group grip on Sirte. Even though the Amazigh militias mainly situated in Zuwara and Nafusa Mountains fought alongside Libya Dawn, they consider themselves pushed towards that because Zintan brigades and the rest of their enemies has been sided with HoR.

While keeping their enmity towards Haftar, the Amazigh militias mostly became neutral later in the war especially since the formation of GNA. The anti-Islamist Operation Dignity forces are built around Haftar's faction of the Libyan National Army, including land, sea and air forces along with supporting local militias.

On 19 May , a number of Libyan military officers announced their support for Gen. Haftar, including officers in an air force base in Tobruk , and others who have occupied a significant portion of the country's oil infrastructure, as well as members of an important militia group in Benghazi.

Haftar then managed to gather allies from Bayda , miles east of Benghazi. Since then Haftar continued to strengthen his LNA by recruiting new soldiers along with the advancements he made on the ground. In Haftar said that his forces are now larger by "hundred times" and now they are about 60 thousand soldiers.

Since the Battle of Tripoli Airport , armed groups associated with Zintan and the surrounding Nafusa region have become prominent. The Airport Security Battalion is recruited in large part from Zintan. Wershefana tribal and mainly Gaddafi loyalists armed groups, from the area immediately south and west of Tripoli, have played a big [ peacock term ] role in Haftar forces west of Libya [ clarification needed ] [ further explanation needed ] On 5 August , Warshefana forces captured Camp 27, a training base west of Tripoli.

After being accused of kidnapping , ransoming and other crimes, a GNA joint force made up mostly from Zintan brigades defeated them [ who? In , a former Gaddafi officer reported to the New York Times that the civil war was now an "ethnic struggle" between Arab tribes like the Zintanis against those of Turkish ancestry like the Misuratis , as well as against Berbers and Circassians. As of February , damage and disorder from the war has been considerable. Since Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar had captured the ports of Libya's state-run oil company, the National Oil Corporation , in Es Sider and Ra's Lanuf, oil production has risen from , barrels a day to about , barrels per day.

The war has prompted a considerable number of the country's sizeable foreign labour force to leave the country as extremist groups such as ISIL have targeted them; prior to the , the Egyptian Ministry of Labour estimated that there were two million Egyptians working in the country yet since the escalation of attacks on Egyptian labourers the Egyptian Foreign Ministry estimates more than , Egyptians have left the country to return to Egypt.

Since hostile clashes between the Libyan government and Haftar's LNA forces backed by the UAE and Egypt have broken out in Tripoli and western Libya, conditions of children and civilians have worsened. Since the beginning of Libyan conflict, thousands of refugees forced to live in detention centres are suffering from mental health problems, especially women and children, who are struggling to confront the deaths of their family members in the war.

The ongoing war has turned the country into a huge haven for migrants fleeing violence and poverty in Africa and the Middle East. On 6 April, an armed group invaded a control station in Shwerif, the Great Man-Made River project, stopped water from being pumped to Tripoli , and threatened the workers. The armed group's move was a way to pressure and force the release of the detained family members.

On 10 April , the United Nations humanitarian coordinator for Libya, Yacoub El Hillo condemned the water supply cutoff as "particularly reprehensible".

On 21 April , the UN took in to consideration the "dramatic increase" of shelling on densely populated areas of Tripoli , and claimed that continuation of war is worsening the humanitarian situation of Libya. The organisation also warned that such activities could possibly lead to war crimes.

The prosecutor said that actions endanger lives and warned of possible war crimes due to current affairs. She was known for giving voice to female victims of violence through the videos she posted on social media. During the first half of , the United Nations facilitated a series of negotiations seeking to bring together the rival governments and warring militias of Libya. On 17 December, delegates from the two governments signed a peace deal backed by the UN in Skhirat , Morocco , although there was opposition to this within both factions.

A meeting called the Libyan National Conference was planned in Ghadames for organising elections and a peace process in Libya.

Haftar's forces launched attacks on Abu Gurain province, near the port city of Misurata, Libya's UN-recognized government claimed. The attacks were seen as a violation of cease-fire accord signed at the Berlin Conference.

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