What county is cambridge massachusetts in

what county is cambridge massachusetts in

List of counties in Massachusetts

Cambridge is a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States, in the Greater Boston area. It was named in honor of the University of Cambridge in England, an important center of the Puritan theology embraced by the town's founders. Aug 19, Where is Cambridge, Massachusetts? The area described here includes the southern Middlesex County (District) with the cities of Cambridge and Woburn. It is located in the Northern Central part of Massachusetts.

As ofthe estimated population was 1,, [1] [2] making it the 22nd most populous county in the United States, and the most populous county in both Massachusetts and New England.

Middlesex County is one of two U. On July 11,the Massachusetts legislature voted to abolish the executive government of Middlesex County due primarily to the county's insolvency. Though Middlesex County continues to exist as a geographic boundary [5] it is used primarily as district jurisdictions within the court system and for other administrative purposes, such as an indicator for elections.

The National Weather Service weather alerts such as severe thunderstorm warning continue issuances based upon Massachusetts's counties. The county was created by the Massachusetts General Court on May 10,when it was ordered that "the whole plantation within this jurisdiction be divided into four shires.

In the late 19th century and early 20th century, Boston annexed several of its adjacent cities and towns including Charlestown and Brighton from Middlesex County, resulting in an enlargement and accretion toward Suffolk County.

Beginning prior to dissolution of how to tell if i have blood in my urine executive county government, the county comprised two regions with separate county seats for administrative purposes:. Since the start of the 21st century much of what are equalizers used for current and former county offices have physically decentralized from the Cambridge seat, with the sole exceptions being the Registry of Deeds and the Middlesex Probate and Family Court, which both retain locations in Cambridge and Lowell.

Since the first quarter ofthe Superior Courthouse [9] [10] has been seated in the city of Woburn ; [11] [12] the Sheriff's Office is now administratively seated in the city of Medford and the Cambridge-based County Jail [13] has since been amalgamated with another county jail facility in Billerica. Of the fourteen counties of Massachusetts, Middlesex is one of eight [17] which have had no county government or county commissioners since July 1,when county functions were assumed by state agencies at local option following a change in state law.

There was a County Treasurer elected to a six-year term. The county derived its revenue primarily from document filing fees at the Registries of Deeds and from a Deeds Excise Tax; also a transfer tax was assessed on the sale price of real estate and collected by the How to do lady gaga lightning bolt of Deeds.

Budgets as proposed by the County Commissioners were approved by a County Advisory Board that consisted of a single representative of each of the 54 cities and towns in Middlesex County. The votes of the individual members of the Advisory Board were weighted based on the overall valuation of property in their respective communities. The county how to get rid of difficult people also owned and operated the Superior Courthouseone of which was formerly in Cambridge since relocated to Woburn.

The legislation abolishing the Middlesex County executive retained the Sheriff and Registers of Deeds as independently elected officials, and transferred the Sheriff's Office under the state Department of Public Safety and the two How to get from danang airport to hue of Deeds offices to the Massachusetts Secretary of State's Office.

The legislation also transferred ownership of the two Superior Courthouses to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The hospital was closed. Finally, the office of County Commissioner was immediately abolished and the office of County Treasurer was abolished as of December 31, The other administrative duties such as Sheriff, Department of Deeds and court systemetc.

Records of land ownership in Middlesex County continue to be maintained at the two Registries of Deeds. Besides the Sheriff and the two Registers of Deeds, the Middlesex District Attorney, the Middlesex Register of Probate and the Middlesex Clerk of Courts which were already part of state government before the abolition of Middlesex County government are all elected countywide to six-year terms.

In Middlesex County as in the entirety of the Commonwealth of Massachusettsthe governmental functions such as property tax assessment and collection, public education, road repair and maintenance, and elections were all conducted at the municipal city and town level and not by the county government.

In the story Superior Court Building in Cambridge which was transferred from the abolished Executive County government was sold [22] [23] by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Even following abolition of the executive branch for county government in Middlesex, communities are still granted a right by the Massachusetts state legislature to form their own regional compacts for sharing of services and costs thereof. According to the U. Census Bureauthe county has a total area of square miles 2, km 2of which square miles 2, km 2 is land and 29 square miles 75 km 2 3.

It is bounded southeast by the Charles Riverand drained by the MerrimackNashuaand Concord rivers, and other streams.

The MetroWest region comprises much of the southern portion of the county. As of [update]Middlesex County was tenth in the United States on the list of most millionaires per county.

As of the United States Censusthere were 1, people,households, andfamilies residing in the county. There werehousing units what county is cambridge massachusetts in an average density of Those of Hispanic or Latino origin made up 6. The largest ancestry groups were: [38]. Of thehouseholds, The average household size what happens after filing for bankruptcy 2.

The median age was About 5. Middlesex County has the largest Irish-American population of any U. The ranking of unincorporated communities that are included on the list are reflective if the census designated locations and villages were included as cities or towns. Prior toMiddlesex County was a Republican Party stronghold, backing only two Democratic Party presidential candidates from to The election started a reverse trend, with the county becoming a Democratic what county is cambridge massachusetts in. This has been even more apparent in recent years, with George H.

Bush in the last Republican presidential candidate to manage even forty percent of the county's votes. Most municipalities in Middlesex County have a town form of government; the remainder are cities, and are so designated on this list. Villages listed below are census or postal divisions, but have no separate corporate or statutory existence from the cities and towns in which they are located.

Middlesex County is home to the Middlesex County Volunteersa fife and drum corps that plays music from the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Founded in at the end of the United States Bicentennial celebration, the group performs extensively throughout New England. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. County in Massachusetts. Location within the U. Massachusetts's location within the What cables do i need for x rocker gaming chair. See also: List of Massachusetts locations by per capita income.

United States Census Bureau. Archived from the original on June 7, Retrieved August 26, Retrieved Retrieved January 28, Definition: The center is determined as the place where an imaginary, flat, weightless and rigid map of the United States would balance perfectly if all residents were of identical weight.

InEdgar Springs, Mo. Archived from the original on April 2, Retrieved September 16, Bench and Bar of the Commonwealth of Massachusettsp. The Boston History Company, National How to make a tool roll of Counties.

Archived from the original on May 31, Retrieved June 7, Retrieved January 29, Digital First Media. Lowell Sun. Retrieved January 31, Cummings Properties, LLC. March 17, Woburn, MA, March 17, -- The new furniture has been installed, years of case files have been dusted off, moved and organized, and the computers are all hooked up and ready to go. After 40 years in Cambridge, the Superior Court is open and ready for business in Woburn.

In addition, the Court estimates that more than people will use the building every day, including, lawyers, judges, administrative staff, jurors, plaintiffs, defendants, visitors, and others who work at the building and use the system.

Cummings Properties, Business. Patch Media. This renewal comes five years after the Court moved from the Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse in Cambridge, which was in need of extensive renovations and has since been slated for redevelopment. The Boston Globe. Archived from the original on Retrieved February 10, The Middlesex Jail at the Edward J. A high-security weekend operation has emptied the Middlesex County Jail in Cambridge of all its inmates. Public Information Office.

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Boston Bar Association. Sullivan Courthouse in Cambridge, will move to a new court facility on the Mystic Valley Parkway in Medford after the close of business on February 20,and open for business at this new site on Monday, February 23, Abolition of County Government".

Massachusetts General Court. Retrieved November 26, Retrieved December 17, State officials are advertising for a buyer for the story, asbestos-plagued Edward J.

Sullivan Courthouse in Cambridge and hope to move prisoners housed in a county jail at the facility to another location by the spring of December 19, FindLaw Network. Boston Real Estate Law News.

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The Boston-Cambridge-Newton, MA-NH, metro area consists of Middlesex County, Suffolk County, Essex County, and four other counties. In the past week, there . 15 rows Middlesex County: Lowell, Cambridge: One of four original counties created in Areas: 48 square miles ( km?) (Nantucket) . Richmond CAMBRIDGE Lenox Boylston Pelham Wayland Winthrop MASSACHUSETTS COUNTIES MAP Cities in CAPITALS Dukes Indicates Shire Town or County Seat EDGARTOWN Chimark Gay Head NANTUCKET. Title: MASSACHUSETTS COUNTIES MAP .

As of July [update] , it was the fifth most populous city in the state, behind Boston, Worcester , Springfield , and Lowell. Situated directly north of Boston , across the Charles River , it was named in honor of the University of Cambridge in England, once also an important center of the Puritan theology embraced by the town's founders.

Kendall Square in Cambridge has been called "the most innovative square mile on the planet" owing to the high concentration of successful startups that have emerged in the vicinity of the square since In December , the site of what would become Cambridge was chosen because it was safely upriver from Boston Harbor , making it easily defensible from attacks by enemy ships.

Thomas Dudley , his daughter Anne Bradstreet , and her husband, Simon Bradstreet , were the town's founders. The first houses were built in the spring of The settlement was initially referred to as "the newe towne".

Located at the first convenient Charles River crossing west of Boston, Newtowne was one of several towns including Boston, Dorchester , Watertown , and Weymouth founded by the original Puritan colonists of the Massachusetts Bay Colony under Governor John Winthrop. Its first preacher was Thomas Hooker , who led many of its original inhabitants west in to found Hartford and the Connecticut Colony ; before leaving, they sold their plots to more recent immigrants from England. The marketplace where farmers sold crops from surrounding towns at the edge of a salt marsh since filled remains within a small park at the corner of John F.

Kennedy and Winthrop Streets. According to Cotton Mather , Newtowne was chosen for the site of the college by the Great and General Court the Massachusetts legislature primarily for its proximity to the popular and highly respected Puritan preacher Thomas Shepard. In May , [15] the settlement's name was changed to Cambridge in honor of the university in Cambridge , England.

The town comprised a much larger area than the present city, [12] with various outlying parts becoming independent towns over the years: Cambridge Village later Newtown and now Newton in , [17] Cambridge Farms now Lexington in [12] or , [18] and Little or South Cambridge now Brighton [a] and Menotomy or West Cambridge now Arlington in Newtowne's ministers, Hooker and Shepard, the college's first president , the college's major benefactor, and the first schoolmaster Nathaniel Eaton were all Cambridge alumni, as was the colony's governor John Winthrop.

In , Winthrop had led the signing of the founding document of the city of Boston, which was known as the Cambridge Agreement , after the university. Cambridge grew slowly as an agricultural village eight miles 13 km by road from Boston, the colony's capital. By the American Revolution , most residents lived near the Common and Harvard College, with most of the town comprising farms and estates. Most inhabitants were descendants of the original Puritan colonists, but there was also a small elite of Anglican "worthies" who were not involved in village life, made their livings from estates, investments, and trade, and lived in mansions along "the Road to Watertown" today's Brattle Street , still known as Tory Row.

Coming north from Virginia , George Washington took command of the volunteer American soldiers camped on Cambridge Common on July 3, , [12] now reckoned the birthplace of the U. On January 24, , Henry Knox arrived with artillery captured from Fort Ticonderoga , which enabled Washington to drive the British army out of Boston. Between and , Cambridge grew rapidly, with the construction of the West Boston Bridge in connecting Cambridge directly to Boston, so that it was no longer necessary to travel eight miles 13 km through the Boston Neck , Roxbury , and Brookline to cross the Charles River.

A second bridge, the Canal Bridge, opened in alongside the new Middlesex Canal. The new bridges and roads made what were formerly estates and marshland into prime industrial and residential districts. In the midth century, Cambridge was the center of a literary revolution. It was home to some of the famous Fireside Poetsso called because their poems would often be read aloud by families in front of their evening fires.

Cambridge was incorporated as a city in [12] despite persistent tensions between East Cambridge, Cambridgeport, and Old Cambridge stemming from differences in culture, sources of income, and the national origins of the residents.

Between and , Cambridge took on much of its present character streetcar suburban development along the turnpikes, with working-class and industrial neighborhoods focused on East Cambridge, comfortable middle-class housing on the old Cambridgeport and Mid-Cambridge estates, and upper-class enclaves near Harvard University and on the minor hills.

The coming of the railroad to North Cambridge and Northwest Cambridge led to three major changes: the development of massive brickyards and brickworks between Massachusetts Ave. For many decades, the city's largest employer was the New England Glass Company , founded in By the middle of the 19th century, it was the world's largest and most modern glassworks.

The company's flint glassware with heavy lead content is prized by antique glass collectors. There is none on public display in Cambridge, but the Toledo Museum of Art has a large collection. By , Cambridge was one of New England 's main industrial cities, with nearly , residents. Among the largest businesses in Cambridge during the period of industrialization was Carter's Ink Company , whose neon sign long adorned the Charles River and which was for many years the world's largest ink manufacturer.

Next door was the Athenaeum Press. In , the Cambridge Housing Authority and the Public Works Administration demolished an integrated low-income tenement neighborhood with African Americans and European immigrants, built in its place the whites-only " Newtowne Court " public housing development and the adjoining segregated " Washington Elms " project for Black people in , and the city required segregation in its other public housing projects as well.

It also began to become an intellectual, rather than an industrial, center. Harvard University had always been important as both a landowner and an institution, but it began to play a more dominant role in the city's life and culture.

When Radcliffe College was established in the town became a mecca for some of the nation's most academically talented female students. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's move from Boston in reinforced Cambridge's status as an intellectual center of the United States. After the s, the city's population began to decline slowly as families tended to be replaced by single people and young couples. The s brought a wave of high-technology startups. Those selling advanced minicomputers were overtaken by the microcomputer.

It was overtaken and purchased by Cambridge-based Lotus Development , maker of Lotus This was in turn replaced in the market by Microsoft Excel.

The city continues to be home to many startups. Kendall Square was a major software hub through the dot-com boom and today hosts offices of such technology companies as Google, Microsoft , and Amazon. The Square also now houses the headquarters of Akamai. In , Harvard's plans to start experiments with recombinant DNA led to a three-month moratorium and a citizen review panel. In the end, Cambridge decided to allow such experiments but passed safety regulations in This led to regulatory certainty and acceptance when Biogen opened a lab in , in contrast to the hostility that caused the Genetic Institute a Harvard spinoff to abandon Somerville and Boston for Cambridge.

By the end of the 20th century, Cambridge had one of the most costly housing markets in the Northeastern United States. The end of rent control in prompted many Cambridge renters to move to more affordable housing in Somerville and other cities or towns.

Until recently, Cambridge's mix of amenities and proximity to Boston kept housing prices relatively stable despite the bursting of the United States housing bubble. The border between Cambridge and the neighboring city of Somerville passes through densely populated neighborhoods which are connected by the MBTA Red Line.

Some of the main squares, Inman , Porter, and to a lesser extent, Harvard and Lechmere , are very close to the city line, as are Somerville's Union and Davis Squares. Through the City of Cambridge's exclusive municipal water system, the city further controls two exclave areas, one being Payson Park Reservoir and Gatehouse, a listed American Water Landmark located roughly one mile west of Fresh Pond and surrounded by the town of Belmont. The second area is the larger Hobbs Brook and Stony Brook watersheds, which share borders with neighboring towns and cities including Lexington, Lincoln , Waltham and Weston.

Cambridge has been called the "City of Squares", [39] as most of its commercial districts are major street intersections known as squares. Each square acts as a neighborhood center. These include:. In the Koppen-Geiger classification Cambridge has a warm continental summer climate Dfa that can appear in the southern end of New England's interior. Abundant rain falls on the city; it has no dry season. The average January temperature is There are four well-defined seasons.

As of the census [58] of , there were , people, 44, households, and 17, families residing in the city. The population density was 16, There were 47, housing units at an average density of 7, The racial makeup of the city was Non-Hispanic Whites were In , there were 44, households, out of which The average household size was 2. In the city, the population was spread out, with The median age was For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were About 8.

Cambridge has been ranked as one of the most liberal cities in America. In , Manufacturing was an important part of Cambridge's economy in the late 19th and early 20th century, but educational institutions are its biggest employers today.

Harvard and MIT together employ about 20, In , Polaroid, Arthur D. Little , and Lotus were Cambridge's top employers, with over 1, employees, but they faded out a few years later. Health care and biotechnology firms such as Genzyme , Biogen Idec , bluebird bio , Millennium Pharmaceuticals , Sanofi , Pfizer and Novartis [68] have significant presences in the city. Though headquartered in Switzerland, Novartis continues to expand its operations in Cambridge.

None of the high-technology firms that once dominated the economy was among the 25 largest employers in , but by Akamai and ITA Software were. In late January less than a year after acquiring Billerica -based analytic database management company, Vertica Hewlett-Packard announced it would also be opening its first offices in Cambridge. And LabCentral provides a shared laboratory facility for approximately 25 emerging biotech companies. The Walk recognizes people who have made contributions to innovation in global business.

As of [update] , the city's ten largest employers are: [67]. Cambridge has a large and varied collection of permanent public art, on both city property managed by the Cambridge Arts Council [78] and the Harvard [79] and MIT [80] campuses. Temporary public artworks are displayed as part of the annual Cambridge River Festival on the banks of the Charles River, during winter celebrations in Harvard and Central Squares, and at university campus sites.

Experimental forms of public artistic and cultural expression include the Central Square World's Fair, the annual Somerville-based Honk! Street musicians and other performers entertain tourists and locals in Harvard Square during the warmer months.

The performances are coordinated through a public process that has been developed collaboratively by the performers, [83] city administrators, private organizations and business groups. Despite intensive urbanization during the late 19th century and the 20th century, Cambridge has several historic buildings, including some from the 17th century.

The city also has abundant contemporary architecture, largely built by Harvard and MIT. The city has an active music scene, from classical performances to the latest popular bands.

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