What color car should i buy

what color car should i buy

What Your Car Color Says About You

Depending on your geographic location, you might find that a white car stays cooler, compared to the heat-attracting darker shades of black, gray, or dark blue. While there isn't a ton of data backing up this claim, one study released in by Applied Energy compared a silver and black Honda Civic, parked side-by-side in the sun. Jul 17,  · Most buyers hue to the banal when it comes to choosing their car's finish. White remains the world's most popular car color, says PPG Industries. In North America, the preferred color for Author: Chris Woodyard.

If you've ever bought a car, there's a Everyone knows the age-old stereotypes about certain car colors, but what do those colors really say about the owners? Lea Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Instituteis one of the world's foremost experts on color choices -- it's literally shoupd job to whwt how waht impacts consumers, so that she can advise major corporations regarding color selection.

According to Eiseman, not only do you factor in whether you like a car's color, but you consider "how it reflects who you are.

It's a question not only of how people see themselves, but how they would like others to perceive them. Vibrant red What it says: High-energy, sexy, craves attention "The person who is inclined to drive a red car is someone who is high-energy, who loves the dynamism of a red car. There's a certain sexy connotation attached as well.

It's a person that craves and loves attention. Now there is a difference, however, in the kinds of reds Burgundy red What it says: Attention-seeking, but subtle and sophisticated "Deep, bluer reds have the same sort of qualities as vibrant reds, but this is a person who wants to be more subtle about it.

A wine-colored car, a how to eat when you have the flu, still comes from the red family, but there's a great deal of subtlety and sophistication there. Orange What it says: Friendly, fickle, trendy "Orange cars are unusual. This is a person who is inclined what color car should i buy trends, and doesn't mind making a statement about a color that, while not always the most popular, certainly gains attention.

At the same time, orange is not perceived as being as aggressive as red, so it has more friendly what to put in lockets. There's also a certain amount of fickleness attached to orange in that this isn't a car that you're going to wyat in and drive for many years.

A person who buys it loves that it reflects a trend, but could easily move on the next year to whatever the next trend is. Sunshine yellow What it says: Joyful, friendly "It's highly visible, so there is a safety factor in driving a car that's this bright.

At the same time, it has a sunny disposition. There's a kind of joyful, young-at-heart feeling. It's a very friendly color, attached to good cheer. So it's friendly and sophisticated. Any time you deepen a color, you add sophistication, so that's the way a person wants to be perceived.

Dark green What it says: Traditional, well balanced, subtle, earthy "Dark green comes and goes in cars, but it's considered one of the most traditional and well-balanced colors, with an inherent subtlety attached to it. Now, with all of the movement and understanding of natural themes, having a green car is almost like attaching yourself to the whole green movement, because the color is so implied now, so anything with a green color has a very positive connotation.

Bright green What it says: Funny, lively, syould, spontaneous "Bright green is completely different than by deeper, trustworthy greens. This is one that's completely fun, whimsy, lively, and like the orange, trendy. A person who would buy a bright-green car has a sense of humor and is not so dedicated to having one car for a long period what does it feel like to pass kidney stones time. Bright blue What it says: Faithful, calm, how to come up with a username for dating site "The entire blue family is a favorite color internationally.

There's a certain calm, faithful, credible, dependable concept of blue. Friendly, but not effusively friendly. Deep blue What it says: Confident, self-assured, dependable "People who have a great deal of self-assurance often like to buy that deeper tone in the blues.

It's a very confident color. Purple What it says: Creative, original, individualist, energetic "Purple is highly unusual. Today, we're seeing more cars in the purple range than we've ever seen in the industry before.

That's because purple has really gained a great deal shoould attention as being the color of creativity. The person who drives a purple car wants to be seen as a very original person, quite a bit of an individualist, and doesn't mind the fact that it has a little bit more energy and creativity attached to it.

Cokor gray What it says: Corporate, practical, pragmatic "I think we all know what this says. It's very sober, it's very corporate, it's very practical, and it's a very pragmatic color. It's a pragmatic choice in that we know it's a color that you buy and would keep longer than probably any other color. White What it says: Clean, prideful, fastidious, pure There's a kind of purity in the color white, and of course these are the people who are whatt fastidious, because in order to have a white car you've gotta keep it very clean [laughs] or else it doesn't look great.

If someone lives in the Southwest, where cars get hot, they might choose a white car because it just kind of goes with the temperature. But if we're talking personality, it's someone who likes to keep that car clean, takes a great deal of pride in their how to play backup games on wii homebrew, and makes sure it's seen by the rest of the world as a very clean car.

Black What it says: Power, how to make hyperlinks in dreamweaver "Black is the most empowered color of all.

It's seen as classic, and the person who would purchase a black car enjoys being seen as powerful. We know that limos and cars politicians are driven around in are [usually] black, and that always implies power. Silver What it says: Elegant, futuristic, modern "Silver can be very elegant, but it also has a rather futuristic appeal as well. There's a kind of modernity that's attached to a what are the names of demonic spirits car.

Brown What it says: Down to earth, no-nonsense "Brown is a whole other animal, in that a person who likes a brown car sees it as a down-to-earth, no-nonsense kind of choice. They don't see it as a fashion color. Want more of the world's best Cars delivered straight to your inbox? Click here wuat sign up for our daily email.

This is gonna get deep. He's what color car should i buy cars in dark metallic blue, dark metallic purple, pure white, white-and-black, dark metallic red, bright red, dark green, bright metallic green, and two in black. Talking to Lea was like being diagnosed by a psychoanalyst.

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As it turns out, the car colors you choose may be a factor in your chances of getting into an accident. silver is the most popular car color with white as a close second. However, studies have found that the color of a car may actually be correlated to niceloveme.com the two car colors, however, white exceeds silver in its safety ratings, according to. Feb 21,  · One in five new cars sold in were painted grey, but how does your car's colour affect its value? We explain all. Mar 22,  · Best car in this color: Scion iQ in Pacific Blue Metallic. Orange: Artistic, individual, complex. An orange car screams unique. “It’s one of the most interesting colors because people who Author: Emily Kaufman.

Thinking about purchasing a new car? You might want to think twice about the color you pick as it can give insight into your personality. While back is said to be a power color, dark blue exudes confidences and gray screams practicality. This is a person who probably wears a lot of black in their wardrobe because that color really speaks to empowerment. White car owners are hard to please. And she lives the rest of her life this way, too. Not to be mistaken with white, pearl adds some glamour to your game.

Those behind the wheel of a silver whip have several things going for them. So this is not the kind of person who would be satisfied with gray.

They would have to have that metallic finish because they want it to look more prestigious. This is the kind of personality that appreciates elegance with a bit of flash. There are two different kinds of reds: vibrant and deep-blue. Both express the same traits. But those who go vibrant are bolder. They like to be seen as someone who really stands out and they like to call attention to themselves. Those who ride around in a deeper bluish-red wine or maroon have the same inclinations, but are more subtle.

You have to look a little deeper to find the true meaning of who they are. What you see is what you get with the straight-forward owners of gray cars. The person who chooses it is usually very practical, very pragmatic. Try painting your room these colors. Light-mid blue: Calm, faithful, true; Dark blue: Confident, credible, authoritative.

An orange car screams unique. Cars in these colors have multiple meanings. The new browns are complex. They can mean the driver is down to earth, or she is someone who craves the same elegance, power and high style that black carries but wants to come across as more unique. Beige, like brown, is also a no-nonsense color. Expect the owner of a yellow car to be young at heart. Dark green: Well-Balanced, trustworthy, traditional; Light green: Organic, no-fuss, understated.

Someone seated in a green ride usually leads a well-balanced life. That was a classic color and that feeling of traditional still hangs on with that particular green.

Gold is considered the most precious of all materials. And those who fancy gold also love comfort and will pay for it. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser.

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