What blades to use to cut yourself

what blades to use to cut yourself

The Best Saw Blade for Cutting Laminate Flooring

Jun 09,  · Sharpened pocket knives and pencil sharpener blades is what I use. I know a few people not including me who cut so I don't really tell people to stop. I . The best blade is a sharp one. Razor blades are the best, it’s cheap and easy to buy lots online, therefore you can throw them out after each use and reduce the risk of infection. As amazing as it is that there’s so much support to stop self harm, random people on .

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I cut too and I use anything from safety pins, to the needles that they use to prick fingers I got them from my mom who works what is the best canned cat food for senior cats the hospital and she doesn't know I have them.

Why do you cut yourself? Is it the common answer, you have a lot of things going on in your life that is making you unhappy and think that cutting yourself is a release from those problems? Think about it, what good does cutting do? Does it solve anything? Make things any better? All he effects from cutting are negative. Not to mention it is dangerous. Everyone goes through qhat stages in their life, and everyone deals with them differently.

There are right ways and wrong ways to deal with emotional upset and pain, and cutting is one of the wrong ways. I can assure you, that eventually, your life will get better, and when it does, you will regret cutting. Scars are permanent. Yes, they eventually fade, but they never disappear completely. On the other hand, problems are temporary and can be solved. Do you want a permanent reminder of your past on your body?

Think about it. I'm not going to tell you to stop but, I used to do this myself. It is very very yse. Self infliction is one of the top ways to relieve yourself. I'm not going to say what razor is best, when I did it I didn't care about the quality as long as it cut. However, you should find another way It's your life, your decision but remember there is someone that cares for you out there.

How would they feel if one day you went too deep? Go to a hardware store and purchase box cutter replacement blades. These are what most cutters use. You can take them out of an exacto knife just as well. I cut too but I don't use razors because it tends to alarm people.

I use bobby pins. I burn the plastic off the end and scrape them across my skin until it bleeds. I know you don't want to hear it but you really should get help. There are better coping skills out there than cutting. I'd suggest using thumb tacks. They don't go to deep cause it's like you srscratch until they bleed and them like clean them afterwards and it's fine. Trending News. USC's Song Girls have youself ugly yet familiar story.

The chaotic moments before police shooting in Columbus. Chauvin verdict brings the police relief, resentment. The Indian tribe clashing with the Hamptons' elite. Elated contestants make 'Price Is Right' history. Ex-Kentucky hoops player, 19, dies what does magister mean in latin car accident. Man charged with killing 3 in Wisconsin tavern shooting. Answer Save. Hannah Lv 4. I wouldn't use that kind if I were you.

I think they sell them in typical stores but from what I understand those cut DEEP and they don't cut the way you are looking for I cut too and I use anything from safety pins, to the fo that they use to prick fingers I got whar from my mom who works at the hospital and she doesn't know I have them I used to do what is called scratching I guess. I even used to use one of those teeth picker things from the dentists that made of metal all of these are in a metal container under my bed with cotton swabs, and alcohol ANYWAY those razorblades make it bleed A LOT and so if that is what you are more into then I guess use those but they scar really really bad they go too deep and get into the muscle and they scar worse than the ones you are using now Find smaller or less sharp blades or anything around the house that works for you and I can't tell you to stop that would be hypocritical because I bladess it too but just know that there are people that are there for you and love you what kind of dressing is on a caesar salad DO want you to succeed life wont always be this way one day you will be on you own, living your life the way you want to and the people wat love you will be there for you and the ones that don't don't deserve to be in your life Just know that everything works out and this point in time will pass and life WILL get better.

Sharpened pocket knives and pencil sharpener blades is what I use. I know a few people not including me who cut so I don't really tell people to stop. I also do "scratching" Pretty much anything sharp works As long as ur ok with scars I like mine Umm yeah and that's about it. This Site Might Help You. RE: i cut myself. If your looking for a self harm friendly community try livejournal they have a few btw.

Not advocating self harm here just answering the question. LucyB Lv nlades. Show more go 2. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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For joinery work: Use a tooth to tooth all-purpose combination blade. For cutting MDF and man-made materials: Use a tooth to tooth blade. tooth and up blades often make better cuts in dense materials. For plastic laminate: Use an tooth cross-cut blade. You may be able to use a tooth composite blade for thinner materials. Aesthetically, there isn't really anything better than a razor for that. Feeling-wise, quick pulls of a serrated blade are better. To be honest, there are probably better . Jun 10,  · Favorite Answer Use a broken disposable shaver blade. Cut on your stomach. Source (s): Try to think about stopping though my dear, I know from experience it's hard, but you can talk to me.

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What's the best thing to cut yourself with? I use regular women's razors. They do ok but they don't cut very deep and recently I'm finding it's not enough. I find that actual knives are hard to actual cut into yourself with, I guess because the blade is thicker?

What would you recommend using for a more satisfying cut? Please don't do it. I used to do it instead of getting therapy.

Started going to my therapist once a week and then gradually once every two weeks then once a month etc and now I do not self harm. But I do have giant scars all over my arms that I am reminded of every single day. Eventually I ran out of room so I was cutting over old scar tissue which led to keloid scars. It's impossible to cover up and for someone to not notice and no tattoo artist will even go near it. No it's not! My therapist is cool as fuck he's young and tattooed and is almost like a friend.

I'm also on Zoloft which has helped a ton! Okay let me rephrase, he actually cares about my well being and checks up on me from time to time and is very easy to conversation with. Plenty of similar actions you could do that don't have a refractory period unless you want to die. I want to die.

But my current method of cutting won't achieve that. But your serrated blade comment is useful thank you. I tried a serrated knife earlier based on another comment, it worked well. But I'll see if I can get hold of a box cutter and give that a go too.

I've had trouble with kitchen knives but maybe that's just because mine are kind of blunt. How is that better than cutting myself? And I don't need to 'deal with anxiety', that's not why I do it. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. I'd rather cut myself. That's like saying a hooker is your girlfriend. He does not actually care about your well being. Because he saw me for free for a six month unemployment period I think I'll stick with it.

Aesthetically, there isn't really anything better than a razor for that. Feeling-wise, quick pulls of a serrated blade are better.

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