What are hamsters related to

what are hamsters related to

Syrian hamster variations

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At approximately a. The home was occupied at the time, according to the release. Everyone was able to evacuate safely and no firefighters were injured, however the homeowners' two family dogs did not make it out and died in the fire.

The family also lost two hamsters and a pet snake in the flames. Emergency units were told the entire home was fully involved in the fire before they arrived on scene, according to the release. The department was able to bring the fire under control around a.

No other homes were directly involved in the fire, but the home adjacent at NW 21st St. Destroyed: Fire destroyed Shallotte businesses, owners remain 'hopeful' for reopening. Rescued: Woman's dog saves her from downtown Wilmington fire. Related: After all, 'pets are family,' Wilmington firefighters risk their lives to try and save any life. The St. The American Red Cross how to make cedar planks for grilling immediate assistance to the residents of the home, and the Oak Island Fire Department has been working with local organizations to coordinate additional assistance, according to the release.

The source of the fire is currently under investigation, but not listed as suspicious at this time. Facebook Twitter Email. Two dogs, two hamsters, pet snake die in Oak Island home fire. Krys Merryman Wilmington StarNews.

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Female hamsters, like all female mammals, have two X chromosomes, while males have an X and a Y chromosome. Yellow is an incomplete dominant gene; a hamster needs to have at least one Yellow gene in order to be Yellow, but if another gene is expressed at the same time this causes both Yellow and the other colour to be expressed. Hamsters. One of the classic behavioral characteristics of hamsters (subfamily Cricetinae) is food hoarding, the word hamster is derived from the German word "hamstern" which translates to hoard. Hamsters carry food to their underground storage chambers using their spacious cheek pouches. A hamster "can literally fill its face with food.". Mar 24,  · The family also lost two hamsters and a pet snake in the flames. Related:After all, 'pets are family,' Wilmington firefighters risk their lives to try and save any life.

Cheek pouches are pockets on both sides of the head of some mammals between the jaw and the cheek. They can be found on mammals including the platypus , some rodents , and most monkeys , [1] [2] as well as the marsupial koala. Cheek pouches are located in the thickness of the flange on both sides of the head of some mammals. Monkeys have open cheek pouches within the oral cavity, but they open out in some rodents of America.

Hence the name "diplostomes" is associated with them, which means "two mouths. Cheek pouches have several roles; they allow the rapid collection of food, but also serve as temporary storage and transport. In monkeys of the subfamily of Cercopithecinae , they allow for more predigested food.

The cheek pouches can become infected as a result of an injury caused by a sharp object inserted into them or a fight. An abscess can form, which can be confused with protuberance with stored food. If the abscess bursts and the pus contained therein is absorbed by the animal, it can be a victim of sepsis and die of the poisonous toxins. The cheek pouches of hamsters have been studied in laboratories to understand vascular membranes and healing better.

Chipmunks Tamias have large cheek pouches that allow them to transport food. Below is the introduction of the legume pod of peanut in the cheek pouch of a chipmunk:. One of the classic behavioral characteristics of hamsters subfamily Cricetinae is food hoarding, the word hamster is derived from the German word "hamstern" which translates to hoard.

The platypus feeds on annelid worms, insect larvae , freshwater shrimps , and yabbies freshwater crayfish that it digs out of the riverbed with its snout or catches while swimming. It uses its cheek-pouches to carry prey to the surface for eating. The cheek pouch is a specific morphological feature that is evident in particular subgroups of rodents i.

Heteromyidae and Geomyidae or Gopher , yet a common misconception is that certain families, like Muridae including the common black and brown rats , contain this structure when, in actuality, their cheeks are merely elastic due to a high degree of musculature and innervation in the region.

The true cheek pouch, however, is evident in the former Heteromyidae and Geomyidae groups. Cheek pouches are more pronounced in certain rodents, such as hamsters, yet this structure is also distinguishable on certain species of rat, like the Gambian pouched rat , of which extensive morphological investigations have been conducted.

The widely distributed Rattus rattus is an example of the rodent family Muridae that lacks a true cheek pouch, rather, they exhibit more elastic cheeks not true pouches due to the organization of their cheek musculature.

Concerning the musculature, the cheek pouch is composed primarily of a developed masseter cheek muscle that exhibits a high tensile ability. The masseter muscle has been shown to insert into the pectoralis muscles, allowing for a higher degree of food retention.

The pouch is clearly divided between a buccal cheek and sublingual below the tongue portion. Volumetric analyses within this study attributed the differences in net cheek volume between male and female rats to the average size of the respective sexes. Due to muscle's high nutritional demand, this muscle exhibits vascularization that has been highly studied. Dissections at Boston University by Frank Brodie describe the various bifurcations or splittings of the common carotid.

This artery splits into an internal and external branch, of which the latter extends dorsally and divides into five branches that supply the general cheek region. The branch that extends dorsally to the ear is known as the auricular branch.

As for innervation of this structure, the associated nerve branches were all found to originate from the facial CN VII of XII nerve which initiates at the medulla and passes into the facial canal via the stylomastoid foramen.

The primary aforementioned muscle, the masseter, is supplied by two large neural branches known as the temporalis and zygomatic nerves. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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