How to reupholster a bar stool

how to reupholster a bar stool

How to Change the Fabric on Barstool Cushions

Jan 29,  · Wooden bar stools are practical, but do not always match the ambiance or decor in your home. Cover a wooden bar stool seat with a quality home decor fabric f Author: Sailrite. Feb 23,  · niceloveme.comcribe Now For**OPEN HERE FOR MORE INFO**21 Bradwick Drive, unit Author: ALO Upholstery.

Before you begin, take some time to really examine the stools you are wishing to reupholster. Pay attention to how to dance on club the seat is connected to the base of your chair. Take a photo of all angles of the chair before you take anything apart. Save yourself the time and document the before state!

You will never regret spending 30 extra seconds on this step. If you rub your hand over the old batting does it shred or come apart? Is the old batting stained or molded? Just make sure its a durable fabric or you may be reupholstering again sooner than you would like. Vinyl, Suede, Duck Fabric, or Canvas are great choices. Electric staple Gun : You can use a manual staple gun however getting an electric stable gun will save you some energy! This has happened to me more times than I would like to admit.

I like to keep the hardware separate for each stool, hense the 4 bags. It will be how to install concrete piers helpful to have someone hold the fabric tight while the other person staples. In most stools, you can just remove the seat base, however certain stools may require you to remove the back before you can remove the seat. In my example, all I had to do how to tell the difference between nits and dandruff use my phillips screwdriver to remove a few nuts and screws and the seat was off.

To do this, use your pick and pliers to remove all existing staples. Try not to just cut the fabric and leave the staples. You will want to use the existing fabric as a template for how how to reupholster a bar stool cut the new fabric. It could cause extra work.

Using the original fabric that you just removed as a template, cut new fabric to the same size and shape. If you need new batting, do the same thing to cut new batting. For an extra cushion, you can use more than one what do you use nickel for of batting. The easiest way to do this is to lay your new fabric out flat, right side down.

Lay the old fabric on top and trace it with chalk or pencil. Then cut the new fabric. Add an extra inch or two in your fabric for an added allowance.

Warning: Do not cut the new fabric without laying out a pattern for all seat bases. You want to ensure you how to reupholster a bar stool enough fabric for all seat coverings. A big mistake people make is cutting the new fabric from the middle of the swatch and leaving lots of extra fabric on the sides that cannot be used for other chairs. Using your friend as an extra set of hands, layer the batting and fabric on the seat cover and pull tight! Place the first staple in the middle of one side.

Do not start on a corner. I prefer starting on the back edge. Then place one staple on the middle of the other edges. Work your way around the seat base until you only have the corners left. Once you approach the corners you will need to fold over the fabric edges so that it lays flat on the top.

Play with how to fold the fabric before you start stapling. Make sure you do the same steps for each corner on each stool. You will need to attach the fabric by working in a circular pattern. If you can recall how the original fabric was folded when it was stapled, I would try to use this same pattern. Now that you have all the seat bases covered, you will want to trim the excess fabric and batting from the bottom of the stool.

If you found this article helpful, then make sure to also take a look at some of these related posts before you go! Reviews How to replace a toshiba notebook hard drive Home Building Contact. Reupholstering your existing bar stools is an easy and quick way to breathe new life into your room.

Before you begin The old chair in its original form.

Before you begin

Oct 22,  · How to Replace Bar stool Fabric or LeatherAuthor: How To Do It. Sep 10,  · Build Video can be found here: my channel when you shop Amazon!Tools I useStanley Staple Gun: http://amz. Jul 24,  · Here are some simple instructions on how to re-cover a round seat cushion on a bar stool. If this helped give you me a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE. If it helped.

In this post I will share with you the steps on how to reupholster a stool or any chair for that matter the super easy way!! Honestly, this technique is so simple, anyone with a staple gun could do it! Find a stool or chair you want to recover. If you need to find an old stool I highly recommend hitting up your local secondhand stores. Your bound to find a gorgeous, well made chair that just needs a little upholstery TLC.

The first step is to unscrew the seat from the base. Making sure you keep the screws safe until we need them at the end. This step is optional, but if your stool needs a repaint then this is the time to do it. Start, by washing it down, sanding, applying a primer then apply few coats of paint. Sorry for the light instructions on the painting, stay tuned as I have a post in the pipe line on painting old furniture.

Sign up for my newsletter if you like and then it will be emailed directly to you. To reupholster the seat, start by removing the old fabric. Usually the fabric is stapled to the underside of the seat, so you will need a flat head screwdriver or similar tool to leverage these staples out. Place the cushion top upside down in the centre of the fabric. Fold in and staple at the four opposite sides.

Turn up the right way and check that the fabric is sitting straight and looks good before carrying on with the stapling. Once you are happy with the fabric position start stapling around the entire base, making sure the material stays smooth and taut. Keep each staple close together and the same width apart the whole way round.

The next step is to cut a circular piece of fabric to cover the whole underneath of the seat. It gives a professional finish by hiding away all the staples and raw edges of fabric. To cut this piece out, place your seat in the middle of your chosen fabric. Trace around the seat with a sewing pencil so you have a circle, then cut out the circle cm inside the line you have traced.

To attach this circle piece, lay it on the underside of the seat right side out so it covers the staples and fabric edges. Then staple into place. Lay this circle of material on top of your stapled fabric so that it covers the edges nicely and staple into place. And there you have your newly reupholstered stool cushion! The last step is to put the stool back together. Place the reupholstered cushion top onto the base of your stool, adjust into position, then secure into place with the original screws using a drill or screwdriver and your all done!

Thanks for following along with my tutorial on reupholstering a stool, hopefully you found it as easy as I said it was! Be sure to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you and stay tuned for my next upholstery post that shows how to upholster with piping. Lets face it who wants to do anything […]. Step 2 Unscrew seat from base The first step is to unscrew the seat from the base. Step 3 Repaint the base — optional This step is optional, but if your stool needs a repaint then this is the time to do it.

Step 4 Remove the old fabric To reupholster the seat, start by removing the old fabric. Step 6 Covering the cushion with the new fabric Place the cushion top upside down in the centre of the fabric. Trim the excess fabric off about cm away from the staples. Step 7 Fabric cover for underneath The next step is to cut a circular piece of fabric to cover the whole underneath of the seat. Step 8 Put the stool back together The last step is to put the stool back together. Reply Cat April 8, at am This is gorgeous!

Love the color-choices. Reply Alana April 8, at am Thanks Cat, appreciate the feed back. Reply Alana April 15, at pm Thanks Lindsay, appreciate the kind words coming from you. Made with by Threadbare Cloak.

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