How to point bell dish dual lnb

how to point bell dish dual lnb

Dish Pointing

How to Connect a Dual LNB Satellite Dish | Techwalla. Dec 05,  · Satellite dish pointing using a multi-LNB dish. A dish and feed array designed to receive two or three spaced apart satellites will have two or three feeds, each with an LNB. The feeds need to be spaced apart to suit the satellite azimuth and elevation pointing angle differences. The dish acts as a mirror and forms an inverted and reversed image of the many satellites in a curved line in .

In this blog post, we will explain how the LNBs should be connected to the receiver. To help you understand this, let's talk a little rish about Bell satellites i. What are LNBs? LNBs are devices used to capture signal from these satellites. One LNB to capture the 91 signal and the other one to capture 82 signal. SW21 is simple to use while SW44 is more complicated. So, we will only talk about SW21 in this article.

The output of the SW21 switch will connect to the receiver and you will be ready to receive signal dissh both satellites using this setup.

And consequently hook up 2 single tuner receivers because each SW21 has only one output. Switch SW44 was used for people who needed to hook up more than 2 receivers as it allows you piint hook-up up to 4 receivers. We will write an article about SW44 in future. Dual tuner receivers are the ones which take 2 cables as input to work. This meant that you needed to rish 2 connections for just one receiver. And with the current setup of dual LNBs and SW switches, you wouldn't be able to connect more than 1 receiver if you were using SW21 switches or more than 2 receivers if you were using SW Just to clarify for the people who may try to correct us, Bell buys their dish equipment from DishNetwork and therefore all this hardware was introduced by DishNetwork and not by Bell.

You can only use one or the other. You may ask why do we need DPP44 switch then. It is needed only if you are looking to hook-up more than 4 receivers. And they can be any kind of receiver single what happened on december 26 1776 or dual tuner. Now you may ask, but the dual tuner receiver takes 2 cables to work properly.

So, to tackle this, we use DPP separator to split the signal to 2 outputs from one cable. We hope that this blog post can help answer some questions some people may have. Cart 0. Hi all! Leave a comment Name Email.

VSAT Azimuth Elevation Calculator

The connection between the LNB and the receiver must be direct (meaning no switches or splitters). On the TV, set the satellite to 91 and the transponder to 1. If you don't know how to get to this screen, press Menu and then numbers 6, 1, 1 on your receiver remote. Now you are ready to point the satellite. The dish collects and focuses the satellite signal onto the LNBF. Note: The dish may have either three or four bolt holes. Flathead bolts with nuts attach the dish to the support arm. LNBF Screws The LNBF screw attaches the LNBF to the support arm. Cable Clip (optional) The cable clip holds the cable to the top of the support arm. Page I-2File Size: 2MB. changing the dish angle and reception quality, and possibly damaging the satellite antenna and the building. The installed satellite antenna could also hasten the deterioration of old mortar. • To mount the satellite antenna on brick, be sure that all of the fasteners are set into the brick, not into the mortar between the bricks.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Nov 26, 4 0. Here's the short version of the problem. Was misinformed as to what I needed to recieve both Nimiq 91 and Nimiq For 1 month until I got the correct hardware from Bell, I turned my dish to give me the feed off of the Nimiq 82 HD channels.

It worked fine, only I did not receive all the regular programming from bell. Yesterday, I finally received the correct hardware. When I try to get a feed on my receiver, it only picks up the Nimiq 91 sat. When I go to the dish signal strength page under the nimiq 82, it says in red wrong sat - The signal strength is the same as the nimiq 91, but is in red. Also when I do a switch test, it comes back saying that only one satellite is connected.

Is this because the dish is not at the right angle, or is the switch not functioning? I called Bell and they said it would be after Christmas before they could get a service person to come see Any ideas? Oct 16, 99 0.

You don't need a "dual" LNB to receive two sats. You need 2 LNBs. A dual LNB has two outputs for feeding one sat to 2 receivers. You want to feed 2 sats to one receiver. How many LNBs do you have now? You must have 2 and they must be connected to the SW21 switch. One cable must be coming out of the switch to your receiver.

Also, in order to receive the 2 sats, you must have a 20'' dish, not 18''. The 20'' dish has skew adjuster on the back, the 18'' hasn't. You need to adjust that too in order to get bot 82 and I did change my 18" dish for a 20" dish as well. I think you might be right on the skew though I think the knowledgeable people at Bell gave me the wrong readings for elevation and skew in my area. Sep 7, 4, 1, Earth. Thanks N0qcu, that sounds like it will work. I'll try it tonight and let you know if it works.

Vice Grips SatelliteGuys Family. Nov 6, 52 0. I bet you are picking up the 91 bird with the the 82 LNB location on your dish thus leaving the 82 LNB 9 degrees too far south where it is picking up nothing.

Do as Kevin mentioned and you will be fine. Worked perfectly!!! Why would the service people at Bell not have the same easy step by step solution that Kevin gave me. It does not explain this in the owners manual of the receiver either from what I read. Thanks guys I have both now. Jan 4, 2 0 Toronto. I do have a couple of questions, given this situation: 1.

Is that correct - or am I going the wrong direction? I was pointed too far to the west. I connected directly to the 91LNB and turned the dish 9 degrees to the south till I found the sat. Sure enough it was there, as it should be, on the 82LNB. Thanks to all for the diagnosis and help. Fgsilva SatelliteGuys Pro. Jul 10, 0 Vallejo, CA. Jan 12, 78 0. I am awaiting my BEV system for install and am wondering a couple of things. How do I find the skew angle?

I will follow the steps provided here to find my signal but I am primarily concerned with HD so I should focus on the bird at 82 I guess. I have been reading info and not heard anything good really. Please someone tell me I did not make a mistake buying this system. Thanks, Mike. Nov 17, 38 Mankato, MN. You didnt make a mistake on buying the system. I PM'd you some info.. Previous Next. Post reply. Insert quotes…. Similar threads D.

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Sep 20, Slartibartfarst. Replies 1 Views 5K. Sep 4, Clancy. Lost my signal to Nimiq 82 - Getting out the chainsaw! DWReimer May 12, Replies 9 Views 10K. May 12, Mr Tony. Latest posts F. Share this page Share this page Share.

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