How to peek at presents

how to peek at presents

Nov 30, ?Reserve your spot to chat with me one on one in my Face To Face Event, Click Here- niceloveme.comm/nextraker ? Nintendo Swtich Giveaway starts. Dec 15, Watch Part 2 Here- Ways you can peek at your gifts before christmas, These are some fun christmas tips that will come in hand.

To create this article, 48 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 74, times. It's AM on Christmas morning. Your parents and siblings are fast asleep, yet you are awake and are too excited for gifts to fall back asleep. Want to look at your Christmas presents ahead of time to see if you got what you wanted? If you do than follow these steps to open them and put them back before your parents wake up.

Random Article. Home Random Terms of Use. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Explore this Article Steps. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Author Info Last Updated: February 2, Make sure you choose to do this when no one is around.

Such as when they are at work, at school, sleeping, or gone out. If not possible, simply go into a room with a lock and hide under a blanket. Go to where the presents are and choose a present you want to see.

Make sure it is yours how to peek at presents you don't want to mess up someone else's present by accident. Observe how the gift is wrapped. This will help when you what is the formula for a triangular prism volume it back together.

If possible, take a photo of the present pre-unwrapping. If you don't want to mess up the gift wrapping, take a peek where there is a hole. Most wraps are translucent, so you have a hint of what you got for Christmas. Also, if you already have a prediction of what you might be getting, feel around the package for any textures that might give it away. Take care not to feel around too hard or you might rip the wrapping paper.

Get a knife or scissors and cut through the tape on the edge of the gift wrap. Don't completely sever the tape; use the knife or scissors to lift the edge of the tape away from the paper. Only do this on one side. Or simply use your fingers to carefully remove the tape.

Replace the tape after you have seen the present. If you cut the tape, put another piece over the cut to make it less obvious. Slide out the gift. If you are lucky, you can see the present from one side. If not, carefully slide it out, don't rip the gift wrap. If you are having trouble don't unwrap it.

Only because it may be obvious that you opened it. Clean up the dirty work. After you have seen the gift, put it back exactly how it was. Wrap the gift and tape it back up. Try not to leave any signs of tampering, and make sure to be very quiet.

When you're done, put it back where it was before and make sure it looks like no one has even touched it. You probably won't be able to play with them before Christmas because you can't open the packaging without your parents knowing. Be patient! Yes No. Not Helpful 15 Helpful You can snoop around places where you think your parents might hide presents, like in closets, under their bed, in the attic, etc.

If you snoop, make sure you don't get caught, or your parents might get mad and return the present. Not Helpful 13 Helpful Then you look like a jerk and risk getting your presents taken away. Not Helpful 68 Helpful Just make conversation! Start taking about Christmas, which shouldn't be odd if it's around holiday time. Talk about your favorite things to do and what's on your Christmas list; the other person should follow suit. Not Helpful 12 Helpful Get a step stool or something else sturdy you can stand on safely.

Not Helpful 7 Helpful A Wikihowian. Line up the tape and paper the best you can, and use more tape if necessary. Not Helpful 6 Helpful They might even take the gift back.

I recommend not doing that, you're parents might notice there's an extra one. Not Helpful 9 Helpful You don't need to act super surprised to fool them. You can just act like you are super excited and happy!

Which you probably are. So all you have to do when you open it is act very excited and tell whoever got it for you thanks. The excitement will make it look like you were genuinely not expecting to get the phone, and the person who got it for you won't know that you already knew.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful how to peek at presents Demi Lavapies. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. If the rip is too obvious to tape, try putting it towards the wall or the tree where it is unnoticeable; make sure you get to this first on Christmas and quickly rip it open so no one else notices the rip.

Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Also do not tell anyone such as a brother, sister or friend because they may rat you out. When it's time to unwrap them, Act surprised and thankful even though you already saw it. If the ripping is far too obvious for either of the above methods and you have the same or nearly the same wrapping paper, try re-wrapping the gift as close to the original as possible.

Try using small amounts of tape to fix the rip without making it obvious. If you get caught, make up an excuse, like "I forgot which present was yours, so I had to look around for it. If it's an unwrapped box from Amazon or something with the tape on it, get some clear duct tape and scissors.

Wait until your family is asleep, find your present, and carefully cut the tape on the edges of the box. To close the box, use the clear tape and put a small piece on the insides of the cut tape. If anything is in a bag, open it. There will be less evidence that you were there!

If you come across a clothing box, open it by cutting the tape on the bottom, peek at your item, and put tape on top of the tape EXACTLY where the tape was when you cut it.

Don't leave any signs of tampering or unwrapping. Helpful Not Helpful Doing this may make Christmas a bit boring, because you wouldn't have any surprises. If you plan on using the gift before Christmas; be careful.

If a gift is broken when you unwrap it, it will take some good lying to work your way out of it. If your parents use newspaper to wrap your gifts, if they notice one day it was wrapped with the comics and the next it was wrapped with the how to make the perfect toastie page of the paper they may be on to you.

Carefully rewrap it with another day's comics, it's less noticeable. If the above occurs, try acting surprised and let down when you unwrap it on Christmas morning, not dismissing it and making sure not to make a bigger deal out of it what is the best breakfast shake for weight loss necessary.

You may feel guilty if your parents find out that you ruined your surprises. If you are opening an unwrapped cardboard box, make sure you put it back using packing tape, and not Scotch tape, otherwise it will look suspicious.

If you are using scissors instead of a knife to open cardboard boxes, make sure you make clean cuts into the box or tape. You don't want it to look like it was tampered with. Related wikiHows How to.

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Dec 24, this video is meant for fun. it is not meant to upset anyone in anyway.#howtopickatyourchristmaspresents. Dec 24, In this video I make an invention for my 7 year old self. Also Mom sorry you had to find out this way that I was a present peeker I have no regrets. Join. Dec 14, Theyll shake their presents and press the paper against the box to see if they can see through it, but they knowwhat could happen if they go so far as to peek although, sometimes, we still need to remind them.

Someone had obviously unwrapped it and done a bad job of wrapping it back. Dad suspected Joe, so he decided to teach Joe a lesson. Dad returned the watch, bought Joe some socks and underwear, put them in the watch box, wrapped it with the same paper and put it back under the tree. So there you go. Love the family photo, Toddreminds me of one I have of my dad and his familywould have been taken around the same time period, I think.

I never wanted to know what people got meI preferred to be surprised! Poor JoeI wonder what he tells his kids? Thanks, Wendy. Lovely story, Todd a true family legend. Hi, Sunshine! Woo hoo, Todd Pack has been Freshly Pressed! Enjoy the ride. You so deserve this. I love your story about Uncle Joe. I never label the gift on the outside with a name for our kids.

I always write a number on the bottom and I have a list that I keep with who the gift goes to that way the kids never knew who got what present until Christmas morning. Kept them guessing. I knowCruel and unusual punishmentGuilty as charged. That is a brilliant idea! Also, great post, Todd, and congrats on being Freshly Pressed! Hope you have a great holiday season! My daughter recently found out who her Secret Santa was at school before the final reveal , and well, crushed beyond belief about sums it up.

We have a few nosy fellas lurking around the house this year. I may have to borrow this legend from your family. My daughter is VERY good. My son is only one, but I can tell right now, personalitywise, he is probably going to need to hear this story at least once in his life! Your dad never gave it to him?

Awesome story. I love this, especially because it was the truth Joe really did get socks instead of a watch! My kids are now 18 and 16 I asked them last week if they have ever peeked at their presents or looked in closets for hidden gifts. They each said they knew better that to do something like that and feared the repercussions if they were caught. Great story!!

I think it was a great way to teach him a lesson. I remember peeling the tape off the end of packages and re-taping them hoping no one would notice. Luckily, they were none the wiser. Great post. Welcome, Diane. All those on my gift receiving list know that the gift is 10x better if left alone once taken out of the super secret santa closet SSSC which house the presents safely behind a deadbolt lock until the week before Christmas!

Thanks for sharing your story. Thanks for coming by, pltprincess! I have always liked surprises, and never even went looking for the presents in our house. But I had a friend who found the presents one year, and opened and then re-wrapped all of hers. She said it was the worst Christmas ever, since there were no surprises. It was so bad, she refused to learn the gender of her children before they were born, for that very reason!

Hi, archiegrrl! Sometimes, you have to learn things the hard way! That and the stress of exams birthday-time means I never peek. Great story Todd I myself have been more of a shaker of presents. Love the photo as well. Thanks for coming by, lifeinthemind! I know. My husband now does the same thing. First gift I ever got from him he tricked me by putting a package of tic-tacs on top.

As far as I know, my kids have never tried to peek. Maybe I just have too much junk in my house and it just all blends in together! Hi, rtcrita! She was incredibly sweet. My story of when I was 9 and I opened every one of my gifts when no one was home and carefully wrapped them back up. Peace, Linda. I remember peeking once. But it spoils the surprise and takes the fun out of it, so I never did it again.

And what a great post to be pressed, too. That is an awesome story and a great lesson for your kids. I did peek once and it spoiled the surprise so much that I never did it again. I love surprises. I was one of those kids that, you know, shook their gift, un-wrapped it, or peeked through the cracks to see what it was. Reading this post makes me grateful that my parents never returned my gift after finding out that I was a sneeky pete and I never use the phrase sneaky pete; it just sounded right.

Great story! My sister and I actually found our presents one year not all of them but about half of them before they were wrapped and under the tree. And as we spied our bounty we started dividing them up. On Christmas day I got the presents my sister wanted and vice versa. Sadly, both of us were too stubborn or felt too guilty to swap so she wound up with She-Ra and I got the sidekick. And I got the purple toys and she got the pink ones even though we always told mom and dad that my favorite color was pink and her favorite color was purple.

A fine family story. I am a believer in family stories and that our children need to hear them. Thank you. Nothing like a good story from the past to teach your children well. Thanks for sharing! Now where was that cookie recipe I saw on another post.

Wonderful story and one that brings back memories of my own peeking! One year I wanted a curling iron and finding a box under the tree with the right shape and size, I too opened it to take a look. I never got the curling iron, my mom kept it for herself and I had to see it every time I went into her room! On Christmas morning, miracle of miracles, my voice was already immortalized in the iron oxide of the tape.

This sounds like something my DAd would do. Congrats on the Freshly Pressed, Todd your messy desk looks great on the home page! A great story, well told, and will be remembered by me. The story reminded me of a recent poem I have just finished posting to my Blog site regarding a Christmas from my own youth. I used to unwrap the ends of my presents that my mom hid way back in her closet.

It was a challenge not to get caught and I never did! I guess everybody has their own story about going too far in guessing what is in their gift boxes. I remember one year when my 3 brothers and sister decided to be really bold and sneak into my parents closet and check out what we were getting.

My parents found out and my mother pretended to cry for what seemed like eternity saying that we had broken her heart by being a sneak. I am so sorry that I ruined your Christmas I will be a good boy. None of us ever peaked again and my Mom never had to worry about us peaking again. I always peeked at my presents.

And I was an expert at lifting corners of wrapped packages and retaping never unwrapping the entire thing. I remember my sisters opening up presents and rewrapping. It ruined the surprise on Christmas and sucked so much they never did it again. That was a good story even though he was hard core.

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