How to paint wood window sills

how to paint wood window sills

So, You Want to Paint Your Window Trim

Apply a stain-blocking primer to the wood window sill using a paintbrush. Natural wood oils and artificial wood stains can seep through normal primer, and this will be especially noticeable with a white finish. Stain-blocking primer is ideal for long-lasting results. Jun 10, Using a plastic paint scraper, tuck the painters tape down beside the carpet all along the trim. Dont forget to tape above the trim also. I used an acrylic undercoat first, then applied a water based enamel for the top coat in the colour Antique White USA (Dulux). It .

As you can see in this pic, we had painted feature walls in wnidow house about 10 years ago, and clearly it is time for them to go.

On the far side of this area, you can see a big space against the wall where our orange pine bookcase was. I had removed it to be sanded in our back yard, so all our books are in those boxes and stacked on the coffee table. Just those two walls are this red colour in this room, below is the other side of the wall where the couch is and this wills colour is the same throughout the main areas of the house, and for those interested, the colour is Dusted Fields, by British Paints.

In deciding on colours for the bookshelf, I wanted a dark blue inside and white outside, and I was aiming how to use video browser for samsung smart tv get something close to the blue in my curtains and cushions here. Taken at night. Our house windoa wood trims and window sills throughout, so to change these in just one room, is not likely to be a wise decorating idea. So once I decided to tackle the woodd in this room, I knew I was up for the whole house-full of trims!

Some areas that had sun exposure were looking quite weathered. And these trims !! For a more effective finish, I reccomend that you try replacing the windows themselves. A nice new window and frame can make your new window sill look how to validate html form using php better!

The main problem too painting your window sill is that normally your window frame looks less bright and more dated, this means that although your painted sill looks great, the two combined look rather odd and sometimes how to invest in sp500 make the project look worse than it what was the goal of the double v campaign to start off with.

I used a wide painters tape for this job. Start by laying the tape down on the carpet, but allowing it to sit up against the trim slightly. I used an acrylic undercoat first, then applied a water based enamel wndow the top coat in the colour Antique White USA Dulux.

It has certainly brightened up this little space. In the pic below, I purposely only completed half of the room to show a comparison of the sill and trim side by side. What areas of your home do you want to give an update to? Have you subscribed to receive our newsletter and blog posts to your email inbox? Sign up HERE. Great how to paint wood window sills for the room Sharon.

Looks so much fresher!! Thanks too for the taping tip when painting skirting near carpet. Looks great! Love the changes to the bookcase too. I am actually painting my jarrah skirting and window sills the same colour as you are- Antique Slls. I went with water based enamel wold but found it chipped too easily with younger kids in the house, Now re-doing it all in the same colour but with an oil based paint.

Still have a bit to go! Did windkw prep really well? Sand back and clean it? I am satisfied windwo you shared this go info with us.

Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing. Your email address will not be published. Save my sikls, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Start Here Learning to Paint?

Start Here! The Home Design Doodle Book page 27 wlndow Room Reset Lounge Room Before: As you can see in this wokd, we had painted feature walls in our house about 10 years ago, and clearly it is time for them to go.

Taping paknt I learned a great trick when it comes to taping up carpeted floor beside the trim. Before and After side by side In the pic below, I purposely only completed half of the room to show a comparison of the sill and trim side by side. Sometimes just changing the colour of a wall or painting the trims can really lift a space! Stay tuned for the fully finished room reset in the coming weeks.

Comments Great update for the room Sharon. Great post Sharon! Love a good room reset and this one is a winner!!! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Midnight Blue by Fusion Mineral Paint. Find this. How to apply Antique Glaze. Using Artisan Antique. Who would have thought this old scratched up antiq.

Unboxing my latest Stencils. Happy mail arrived th. Load More Looking for something?

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Jun 27, Wood is the most common material used to trim both interior and exterior windows, and you wont have any problem finding a good-quality paint. For exterior wood . The Window Sash. Step 1. Raise the lower sash and drop the upper sash. Step 2. With your brush, paint the upper sash beginning with the crossbar. Step 3. Continue to the lower sash beginning with the crossbar. Repeat the process with the obstructed sash areas.

By Glenda Taylor and Bob Vila. This content has been brought to you by Hyde Tools. Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila. After all, how better to accentuate the new look than with crisp lines and fresh color?

As with most paint jobs, getting a professional lookwithout making a messstarts with the right tools and techniques. With a little help from the pros and high-quality products from Hyde Tools and Richard Tools , you can have great-looking window trim in no time. If you start with just any old can of paint, you could risk seeing the results of all your hard work flake off within the year.

Check the weather forecast and choose a day when the temperatures will stay between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Hotter than that, and the paint can dry too quickly, which can affect the quality of the finish.

While many a do-it-yourselfer would like to get straight to the main eventthe paintingthe finished project will be only as good as your prep job. Be sure to take time to prepare the surface to accept the new paint.

For previously painted trim, you can start with your first coat of paint. Apply one to two coats for a durable finish, making sure you wait the proper amount of time before applying the next coat. You can find the recommended drying times on the paint can. After the final coat of paint dries completely, assess your work. Luckily, even if dried, paint can easily be scraped from the glass with the right tools.

Position the stainless steel blade of the Mini Guide Paint Shield along the edge of the window pane, where the glass meets the painted trim. Choosing a utility knife with snap-off blades ensures that you will always have a super-sharp blade to make the cleanest cut. The cut line you make now will provide a clear, crisp, and straight line toward which you can scrape away the excess paint.

Position the blade parallel to the edge of the trim and, using a straight motion, scrape the stuck-on paint right off the glass. The scraper features an ergonomic design to reduce hand fatigue when scraping and, as the name suggests, a ready supply of replacement blades in the handle in case you need to change one out on the job. Disclosure: BobVila. You agree that BobVila. All rights reserved. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY.

Painting So, You Want to Paint Your Window Trim In any painting project, investing in the right paint and tools will get you the most professional results, and painting window trim is no exception. The payoff will be well worth the extra care and usually slight expense. After all, clean, crisp window trim can really make or break the look of a roomor of your home's whole exterior. More From Bob Vila.

So, You Want to Paint Your Home's Exterior. Newsletter signup: You agree that BobVila.

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