How to make jake the dog plush

how to make jake the dog plush

How to make dog plushies

Nov 10,  · How to make a plushie: This weeks plushie tutorial is on Jake the dog from the Adventure Time animated series. The loveable companion of Finn, Jake is made uber cute here in plush . Mar 14,  · [Sorry I wrong spell Jake's name in the video ]Adventure Time plush toy DIY!! How to make Jake the dog plushie (Free Pattern provided below)

Leave a small hole to turn it inside out and stuff it. Reply 4 years ago. Great tutorial! I'll have to brush up on my stitch names but I hope to enlarge your template and make a humongous version of this for my wife on valentine's day. More by the author:. About: I love sewing!!! It is a fun hobby of mine. I began sewing inand have made over 50 items.

Check out my website!!! More About CwatherineC ». I have also provided FREE templates down below. There is a video at the end! Hope you enjoy :. Use a running stitch. Repeat for the second eye.

Sew around using a blanket stitch. Leave a small hole to turn it inside out. Stuff the droopy yellow piece and close it off using a ladder stitch. Eyes: sew using a running stitch up and down stitch Nose: ladder stitch it Mouth: can use how to get your parents to be nice to you glue - I decided to sew on a small piece of black felt. Sew around the edge using a blanket stitch. Leave a small hold to turn it inside out.

Stuff it and sew it up using a ladder stitch. Repeat this step for the arms, ears and tail. Attach the arms, ears and tail using a ladder stitch. Did you make this project?

Share it with us! I Made It! Light Up Plaque by kaitlyn. Reply Upvote. CwatherineC jessyratfink Reply 4 years ago. XaviOrin 4 years ago. CwatherineC XaviOrin Reply 4 years ago.

Step 1: Gather Materials

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It's Adventure Time! It's a reasonably simple pattern, with most of the work going into hand stitching the face and limbs. Cut out your pattern pieces. Take two of your big pointy oval shapes and pin them with the right sides together. Sew along one side. Pin the muzzle area down where you want it, so that it slightly covers the eyes.

Pin the flaps up and stitch down the chin piece, adding some stuffing. Lauren's Follow Message Website. I do not own this character - I'm just a fan.

You Will Need Felt Stuffing. Step 1 Cut out your pattern pieces. Step 2 Repeat with the other two pointy ovals. Step 3 Place the pairs together, and sew down the third side. Step 4 Sew down the last side, leaving a gap for turning ans stuffing. Step 5 Stuff the body. Make sure to make it quite firm. Step 6 Close your stuffing gap. Step 7 Pin the white eye centres onto the black eye pieces and stitch them. Step 8 Stitch the finished eyes onto the body. Step 9 Pin the muzzle area down where you want it, so that it slightly covers the eyes.

Step 10 Pin down your muzzle as it should be and stitch. Step 11 Add stuffing to muzzle area and finish stitching. Step 12 Pin down nose and stitch. Step 13 Cut out your ear shapes. Step 14 Fold the ear in half and stitch the edges together. Step 15 Stitch the ear onto the body. Repeat on the other side. Step 16 Sew around the arm, adding stuffing. Step 17 Attach the arm to the side of the body. Step 18 Sew around the leg, adding stuffing.

Step 19 Attach the legs to the bottom of the body. Step 20 Stitch the two tail pieces together. Step 21 Attach the tail to the body, adding stuffing. Leave your comment. Please, please post when you've finished! I'd love to see your version! Alezita G. It's pretty awesome!! Aw, thank you.

Anna H. It's an absolute pleasure! Jessica M. I love it! Thanks for sharing! Jessica B. It's a pleasure! I'm so glad. Claire M. More Projects.

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