How to install an above ground pool liner

how to install an above ground pool liner

How to Install an Above Ground Pool Liner

Jan 20, Installing Your Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner Drain all water and take out the old liner.. Start by making sure ALL the water is drained out of your swimming pool. As Open and unfold the liner. Its finally time to get your new pool liner out and . Aug 13, Install a liner in an above ground pool Work in bare feet inside the pool. Take the new liner into the pool and unroll it. Move the liner into position so it aligns with the skimmer box position.

Installing an above ground pool liner may sound like a abovw job that you have to leave to the pros. It is not as complicated as it sounds though.

With the right instal, tools, and materials, you can prepare and install your above ground pool liner yourself in no time and save a lot of money. The job will also be fun and you can get help from your family while you do it. Prepare the pool for effective installation of the ground pool liner. Drain all the water from the pool using a sump pump. Clear the liner area by removing hung ladders and other equipment from the area.

Also from inside the pool area, remove faceplates and gaskets from the returns, lights, etc. Replace these faceplates if they are cracked or damaged. Find a pool liner on Amazon. Use a razor knife to cut the old liner into small pieces. You can use this technique to easily remove the old pool liner. Before you install the above ground pool liner, seal the through-the-wall skimmer with cardboard.

Use duct tape to attach the cardboard on to the surface. Then seal the water-return and the light holes the same way using duct tape. When done, insert a 2-inch shop vac hose through the skimmer area and seal it well into place using duct tape. First, fold the pool liner in half. Place the liner around the pool area without allowing it to fall into the pool. Using help from family members here can make the job easier and more fun.

Carefully unfold the liner in the pool area with help from family members. Keep attaching the liner to the pool wall using clothespins. Do this effectively by pulling the liner at least 6 inches over the pool wall. When aboev, tap the pool liner towards the walls.

You have to make sure that the bottom seam is even and does not have lumps. Now, connect the shop vac to the vac hose and turn grounnd on. This will suck out air from the liner area and you can then tighten the pool liner by removing and attaching the clothespins. Use help from your family here as this has to be done quickly. Keep the vac hose attached and start what countries are part of australia continent the pool with water.

When you have filled the pool at least 1 inch, turn the shop vac off. Reattach all the equipment you removed from the pool now and remove the clothespins as you do that. When water has reached around a 1-foot level, reinstall aboe the gaskets and faceplates.

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First, fold the pool liner in half. Place the liner around the pool area without allowing it to fall into the pool. Using help from family members here can make the job easier and more fun. Carefully unfold the liner in the pool area with help from family members.

The vinyl liner in your above ground pool has served you well for many years but has been patched up too many times and has developed too many wrinkles. Read our article to learn how to install a liner in an above ground pool. Installing a new vinyl liner is a fairly straight forward exercise for the average home handyman.

The liner itself is inexpensive and you can save money installing it yourself. Ask a friend to help and wait for a warm, summer day when the liner will be more flexible and easier to work into position.

A professionally fitted and installed vinyl liner for an inground pool should last, on average, 10 years when properly maintained and the water chemistry is correctly balanced.

Liners in above ground pools typically last 5 to 10 years depending on usage and maintenance. If you empty your pool every year and store the liner in a container over winter it will last longer. The replacement of an inground vinyl pool liner requires the pool to be drained of water which can take all day depending on the size of the pool. A new liner will require two or more men to install it, remove any wrinkles and securely fasten the top.

The pool is filled which will take another day. If you have it professionally installed expect to pay the same again for labor. Once you have emptied the pool which may take a while, to install a liner in an above ground pool should only take a few hours. Most of the work involves removing faceplates, brackets and other fittings. Removing the old liner is quick. Lastly, refill the pool water and balance your water chemistry. If you have a small above ground pool you can get away with the cheaper, lower gauge liners.

However, we recommend a thicker, heavier gauge vinyl liner with double welded seams for an in-ground pool or an above ground pool with high usage.

The gauge would be 20 or 25 for the best durability. The good news is most pool owners of an above ground pool can replace the vinyl liner themselves. Replacing a liner is easier when the weather is fine and warm. This ensures the liner is more pliable and easy to work with. Most liners come with instructions and the way you fit the liner depends on the type of pool you have as each pool manufacturer provides a different way to connect the liner to the top of the wall.

Drain the water from the pool. You will need a submersible pump to remove all the water into a drain or creek. Some more advanced filtration systems have a valve for backwashing into a drain so you can drain the pool water into the drain with your pump.

You need to connect a hose from the skimmer box to the bottom of the pool. Usually you can use the pool vacuum hose for this purpose. Some pool owners use a hose to siphon the water from the pool into a drain but this will take overnight at least and is only recommended for a small above ground pool.

It will be difficult to get the last few inches of water out of the pool. You must be able direct the water to a stormwater drain, the local street drain or a local creek.

The stormwater system is already flooded with water and you run the risk of overburdening the drains. You cannot direct this water into your sealed sewerage drains as this is illegal and places a huge burden on the sewerage system in your area. Your local city council may have further restrictions and conditions as to when and how you can dispose of swimming pool water. Remover the coping, rails, brackets, clips and other attachments from the top of the sides of the pool.

Make sure you know how to reassemble these fittings before you remove them. With an existing pool there will be a sand base over hardened ground, concrete, compacted road base or some other surface. All we need to do is add some more bedding sand and compact the base ready for the pool. Usually, there is 3 inches 8cm of compacted bedding sand under the floor of the pool to hold the distributed weight of water.

The important thing is to make sure the whole base is level and firm. Raise one side the liner over the pool wall and use the clips to hold it in place. Some pools use a beading system where you slide the liner into a track on top of the wall to hold it in place. This method ensures you evenly stretch out and connect the liner removing all wrinkles in the process.

Otherwise, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner on low suction works well. Add the garden hose to the pool and begin filling it. As the pool is filling work out any wrinkles in the bottom section of the liner from the center to the walls. If wrinkles develop at the base of the walls work them up the walls to the top. A backyard above ground pool can provide your family with a lot of enjoyment for the small cost of the pool. However, to keep the pool looking good it will need maintenance and eventually renovation in the form of a new vinyl liner.

Install a liner in an above ground pool yourself at the beginning of the summer. April 14, April 19, March 20, April 8, March 15, March 15, Skip to content The vinyl liner in your above ground pool has served you well for many years but has been patched up too many times and has developed too many wrinkles. Table of Contents. Related Posts. Automatic Pool Chlorinator March 15, March 15,

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