How to hold up fairy lights

how to hold up fairy lights

Aug 13,  · Options below will help you with your project!My latest recommendation for lights: duty outdoor cafe lights: Author: how2q. Adhesive tapes come in various sizes and styles, but for hanging rope and fairy lights, the transparent double-sided tape works best. Choose the strongest double-sided tape available, such as the high bond acrylic foam tape that still sticks to the surface even if it is a bit damp.

If you buy an item via links on this page, we may earn a commission. Our editorial content is not influenced by commissions. Read the full disclosure. Learn easy and fun ways on how history of 2pac and how he died hang rope lights on a wall without nails. All you need are some easily accessible materials and creative imaginations! The most wonderful and the happiest time of the year is here. But wait, rope lights on the wall need nails to hang them securely, right?

That means holes and potential damages. We want this process as easy and as flawless as possible. So, for this article, we will focus on giving you creative ideas on how to hang rope lights on a wall without nails! Adhesive tapes come in various sizes and styles, how to create listener service in windows for hanging rope and fairy lights, the transparent double-sided tape works best. Choose the strongest double-sided tape available, such as the high bond acrylic foam tape that still sticks to the surface even if it is a bit damp.

In fact, this is one of the most popular tapes used to hold and secure LED lights. Another great adhesive tape to hang rope lights on the wall is the gorilla mounting tape. This see-through tape is strong enough to hold up 15 pounds of rope lights. This is perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses. If you would rather want a hook to hang your rope lights on the wall, then adhesive hooks how to watch pinoy tv online a perfect choice.

These amazing hooks let you hang anything without drilling holes on your wall. However, be careful with the weight limitations though. These hooks are only suitable for certain loads. Looking for ways to hang fairy lights on your outdoor brick walls without nails?

The outdoor brick clips are for you! Thus, the damage-free light clips are the obvious solution. Fortunately, if you have brick walls inside or outside your house, then you can put that brickwork to work. The brick clips are clips designed for hanging rope lights on your walls safely and damage-free. These clips are designed to hold onto the brick. Usually, each clip has two small hooks in front of which you can hang the lights. When using tapes, adhesive hooks, or brick clips, it is important to remind yourself of these friendly reminders for your own safety:.

Armed with knowledge and confidence, you may now decorate your walls with the stunning rope lights. Get your home ready for the festive season with these incredible lights. We offers various kinds of information about LED light bulbs that you would need if you want to install them in your home.

We also use the website to answer various questions that you may have regarding LED lights. See more…. From garden solar LEDs, to security lights. Phone : Email : [email protected]. Hours Mon — Fri: am — pm Saturday — Sunday: am — pm. Home Buying Guides Reviews Information.

Use Transparent Tape 2. Ever Heard Of Brick Clips? Cheap LEDs often lack brightness, emit uneven light, lose power over time or break entirely.

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This article has been viewed , times. Fairy lights can refer to any type of string lights, including Christmas lights, that are used year-round to decorate your house and garden. They can also refer to miniature string lights with tiny LED bulbs and battery packs. Regardless of the type of lights you are using, there are lots of different, creative ways in which to hang them. To hang fairy lights, start by choosing lights that are proportionate to the item you're attaching them to and match the color of the wire to the item's background for the most seamless look.

You can use nails, thumb tacks, or clear wall hooks to hang the lights on a wall, or you can frame a mirror, bookshelf, or other piece of furniture with a strand of lights. Additionally, draping fairy lights around your bed or crisscrossing the strands on your ceiling can create a cool-looking alternative to a traditional night light!

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Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Use lights that are proportionate to the item you are securing them to. Standard-sized fairy lights or Christmas lights may look fine on a tree or large wall, but they will look bulky on smaller items, such as house plants or small mirrors. It would be a good idea to use miniature fairy lights with tiny bulbs for these types of items.

Fairy lights that plug into an outlet are great for large spaces, such as walls and trees. Fairy lights that are battery-operated work best for small items, such as mirrors. Netted fairy lights typically come in standard size, so they'll work best on larger items, such as ceilings and shrubs. Match the color of the wire to the item's background, if possible. Christmas fairy lights typically come with a green wire.

While this may look great on a tree, it won't look nice on a wall or around a mirror. Instead, choose fairy lights whose wire matches the item you are hanging them from. For example, if you are hanging fairy lights from a white wall, choose ones that have a white wire. If you can't find any, try fairy lights with silver or gold wire; avoid the green wire seen on most Christmas lights. Use nails, thumb tacks, or clear wall hooks to hang the lights up.

What you use to hang the lights with depends on what you are doing with the lights. Use clear, self-adhesive wall hooks i. Command hooks on walls, mirrors, shelves, and items you do not want to ruin. Use nails or thumb tacks for all other items, including outdoors.

Drive the nails or thumb tacks between the twisted wires. Never drive them through the wires. Place plug-in lights near an electrical outlet.

If you don't have access to an outlet, use an extension cord that matches the wire color. Alternatively, you can purchase battery-operated fairy lights.

They come in standard bulb-size and mini-bulb size. Get creative when it comes to hiding and securing battery packs. Don't leave a battery pack dangling against a wall, as this can tear the wire. Instead, secure it to the wall with a strip of adhesive Velcro. If you are using the lights to decorate a shelf or mirror, you can hide the battery pack behind an item that's on the shelf or counter.

Choose outdoor lights when decorating your porch or garden. Not all lights are made to withstand the weather. Even if you live in a dry climate where it seldom rains or snows, you still want to use outdoor lights. Many places get humid in the evening and early morning, and the resulting dew can short-circuit standard lights.

Method 2 of Clip photos to strands of lights for a creative display. Hang a long strand of standard-sized lights in a vertical zigzag formation, then secure photos to the wires with mini clothespins. Alternatively, you can hang several parallel rows of lights for larger displays. Leave enough space between the rows for the photos. Spell words out in cursive if you want to decorate your wall. Use a pencil to write the word you want on your wall in cursive.

Use nails or thumb tacks to secure the lights to your wall, following your traced lines. Space the nails closer together in areas with tight curves and loops. Combine fairy lights with a mirror garland if you want glittering wall art. Install a short curtain rod on your wall. Wrap standard-sized fairy lights loosely around the rod so that they drape down like icicles. Next, wrap a mirror garland around the rod in the same fashion.

When you turn the lights on, the mirrors will glitter and reflect. You won't need to wrap them loosely because they already have the right shape. A mirror garland is a long piece of string with tiny mirror circles or squares glued to it. Join several strands of lights together to frame an accent wall. Use nails, thumb tacks, or wall hooks to secure the lights to the perimeter of your desired wall.

Secure the lights to the side and top edges of the entire wall; leave the bottom edge along the floor empty. Crisscross strands of lights across a hallway ceiling to brighten it. Use nails or thumb tacks to pin the lights in a zigzag across the width of your hallway's ceiling.

Start at 1 of the narrow ends, and finish at the other narrow end. Save time by using netted or latticed fairy lights.

Make sure that the width of the net matches the width of your porch or ceiling. You can use this method outside under porch roofs. Make sure that the lights are suitable to go outside. Method 3 of Frame a wall mirror if you want to add glamour and light. Use nails or thumb tacks to secure the lights to the wall around the mirror. You can pull the strands taut for a sleeker look, or you can let them coil into spirals for a fuller look. If you can't find lights with white wires to match your wall, get ones with silver wires to match your mirror instead.

Place netted fairy lights behind shelving units for a lighted display. Remove the backing from your shelving unit first. Get a strand of latticed or netted fairy lights, and slide them behind the shelving unit so that they replace the backing. Secure the lights to the wall behind the unit with nails. Use a hammer to pry the nails out of the shelf backing first, then pull the backing off. Wrap fairy lights around your shelves if you want to light up your room. Use clear hooks or nails to secure standard-sized fairy lights to the edges of your shelves.

If you are working with an entire shelving unit, secure the lights to the top and side edges.

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