How to groom a golden retreiver

how to groom a golden retreiver

Everything to know about how to groom a Golden Retriever

Aug 18,  · Learning how to groom a Golden Retriever doesn’t just include brushing them. Your grooming kit should also contain a pair of scissors and a pair of thinning shears. Scissors are good for detail work around small areas like the ears and feet. Oct 29,  · Watch this clip, then see Golden Retriever being bathed, dried and groomed in the full grooming video here: Jodi will share wit.

Golden retrievers also need some grooming tips that are unique to them. The first stage is when your golden retriever puppy is approximately three months old. Their fur is short and fluffy at this point. The new, long fur — the outer coat — is what grows and takes over the other coat. The process for this to happen usually takes about 18 months. Many golden retrievers will also have long what date is a year from today hairs.

You should start grooming your golden retriever when he or she is in the puppy stage. This is because these dogs shed a lot of hair! This happens because during spring your golden retriever will be shedding his heavy winter coat to get ready for the hot months.

Then, this light coat will be shed in fall just before winter arrives so that the thicker coat can keep him warm. You will need to allow the puppy a chance to get used to the grooming process, so take it slow.

You should brush your golden retriever once a week. One of the best brushes to use for your golden retriever is a slicker brush. This removes tangles and knots from his fur. Go one step further and choose a self-cleaning brush that will make it easier to clean the brush. You will need an undercoat rake. This also removes matted, tangled hair. A good spray to use is the TropiClean Tangle Remover. Here are other tips to keep your dog calm. Let your pet explore the room. Let your pet walk around the room that has all your tools and products so that they can become familiar with the environment.

Since professionals have what is the percentage of the brain we use experience with this, they will be able to help an overly-anxious or aggressive dog feel calmer. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All rights reserved. Skip to content. Grooming your golden retriever is important to keep his or her fur and skin healthy.

But, it also gives your pet lots of other benefits. Why should you groom your golden retriever? About The Author. Will Clement Will Clement owns two golden retrievers, and before hit, he operated a small indie coffee shop.

At home and working from his desk, he spends time with Yeager and Huxley, his two golden retrievers. Raised with dogs throughout his entire childhood, Will continues to educate himself about the life of golden retrievers, their medical hurdles, their habits, and everything in between.

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First Steps

Home » Breeds » Everything to know about how to groom a Golden Retriever. Golden Retrievers have undeniably beautiful coats. Those long, glossy, golden locks make them stand out amongst other breeds.

But how do you keep that coat looking good? Grooming a Golden is a pretty straightforward process. It comes in a light, medium, or dark golden color and has an undercoat. Their hair can be wavy or straight , and the feathering is often lighter than the rest of their fur. As a general rule, brushing should be done once a week. It will make the whole process easier, and the final result looks better.

Proper grooming begins before you ever pull out the brush, however. Lay down the foundation by teaching your dog to be patient while you work on them.

Praise them and give them treats when they behave well. As always, calm and consistent training is vital. When bathing your doggo, soak his coat thoroughly before working in an excellent dog-specific shampoo. It can be a challenge to get that water-repellent fur wet and sudsy, but just lift the hair and work in the water and shampoo. Then, give your Golden Retriever a second rinse , paying attention behind his ears, and where his legs meet his body. Rinse under the tail, as well.

Then, squeeze the excess water out of the hair and towel dry your dog. You can let your dog air dry, but if you plan on trimming them, a good blow dry will make the coat lie flat, which makes trimming easier. Before you start, give your dog a spritz of coat conditioner , then brush your fur baby with a slicker brush. Move through the hair in sections, starting at the top and moving your way down and back. Push the brush into the coat at the base near the skin and pull out from their body.

Use an undercoat rake to remove excess hair. Lift the coat one section at a time and move the rake from the base to the end. As you work, you can add another spray of coat conditioner as needed.

If you encounter any mats, use a dematting rake to work through them. One of the best grooming tools for Golden Retrievers is the Hertzko self-cleaning brush.

Some people also swear by the Furminator for removing loose undercoat hair. Then, clean the ears with an ear-cleaning solution. Put in a few drops, work it in gently, and wipe away any excess. Trim the nails with a clipper or grinder. Watch out for the quick, which is the red center of the nail where the blood supply is. If you nick it and you see a little blood, dip the nail in styptic powder.

Finally, brush their teeth twice a week or so. You can use a toothbrush made just for dogs or a piece of cotton wrapped around your finger. Apply some doggie toothpaste and scrub each tooth. After the bath, grab your scissors and thinning shears. Invest in a good pair of scissors because it will pay off in making the job go more smoothly.

Their hair protects them from the sun, wind, and from getting too cold or hot. There are many different styles of trims you can give your dog. These include summer trim , swimmers trim , a show trim , field trim , or teddy cut. You can also give them a sanitary trim , which is when you tidy up their rear to keep them clean.

The teddy cut is a favorite for pets because it gives your dog an adorable teddy bear appearance. First, brush your dog out one more time to make sure all the hair is lying flat and smooth. For standard maintenance, trim any feathery bits with the scissors , including ears, legs aka pants , and tail. You can do this using scissors or an electric trimmer. Then, trim away any hair that sticks out on top of the foot using the scissors. Then, shorten up the hair under the tail to keep things nice and sanitary.

You can also shorten and tidy up the hair on the bloomers if needed. Trim the hair on the hocks into a half-moon shape. What you can do is thin the hair on the ears using thinning shears. Then, trim the edges of the hair on their ears to make it look nice and even. Also, lift the ear and scissor or trim away the hair that grows there. If necessary, carefully remove or shorten any hair growing in the ear canal. Tidy up the tail using scissors.

You want the hairs to look even and uniform. You should also leave belly, elbows, and rear long. If your dog has exceptionally long belly hair, you can use curved shears to tidy up long hairs there.

Using thinning shears, you can thin down the mane, neck, and chest of your dog if the hair there is long. Now, give your dog a once over and make sure they look clean and neat. Start brushing your new Golden Retriever pup right away and introduce them to the grooming tools you have and the sensation of being groomed. Just gently run the comb or rake through their hair and praise them constantly as you go. Give them lots of treats, too.

Then, open and close the scissors near their body without cutting the hair, just to get them familiar with it. Clean their ears and trim their nails as usual, but you may want to introduce them to the idea slowly.

For instance, lift and rub the ears now and then. After your dog is ok with that, work in the drops. For their feet, let them see and sniff the trimmers. Then snip off one nail and give them lots of praise and treats.

Do another nail the next day and repeat until your puppy seems to accept the idea. The costs vary widely based on the region, the service requested, and the time it will take to completely groom your doggo. Homeguide also offers an option where you can type in your zip code to find dog groomers near you!

A Golden is mostly a wash-and-wear kind of breed. If your dog is being difficult, grooming will take twice as long. But if you teach them to enjoy the process, and wait calmly, it will go smoothly and be less stressful for you both. With a little work, you may find that both of you enjoy the process and it can even be bonding time together.

Do you have grooming tips for fellow Golden Retriever parents? Share it with us by leaving a comment below. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Table of Contents.

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