How to fold a six sided snowflake

how to fold a six sided snowflake

How to Make 6-Pointed Paper Snowflakes

Dec 22,  · This simple tutorial will show you step by step how to cut and fold a 6 sided snowflake. The only supplies you need are paper, scissors and your imagination. Starting with a standard /2 x inch sheet of paper, fold two adjacent edges together and make a crease. If your paper is already perfectly square, you can go ahead and skip to step 4.

Photo: Margus Kulden. In the skies high above, a solitary snowflake is forming. Seeded by a speck of debris —dust, salt, a bacterium carried aloft—the tiny, delicate crystal grows and growswith ever-more water depositing on to its surface as the flake is buffeted about within the cloud. When the snowflake gets big and heavy enough it fallschanging its form as it encounters the steadily-warming temperatures near the surface. According to the Bytesize Science podcast of the American Chemical Society, these temperature shifts lend the snowflakes their intricate patterns:.

The reason why, says science blogger Megan Nantelis because snowflakes are made of water, and water molecules bonded together take on particular shapes. Linda Gaines for Double X Science :. In the case of water molecules bonding to other water molecules, the two slightly negative areas of the oxygen can each bond with a slightly positive hydrogen from snowflkae water molecule. When all four slightly charged areas have each bonded with another water molecule via hydrogen bonding, the result is a tetrahedral four-sided pyramid shape.

The hexagonal shape of water molecules bonded together persists as the snowflake grows and grows, meaning that the tiny form of a beautiful snowflake is also a window into the even tinier, but no less beautiful realm of the individual chemical bonds at its core.

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The chemistry of water gives rise to the intricate beauty of snowflakes

Sep 12,  · Fold it in half again so you have sixths. Make sure the short part is on the outside, as shown. If it is on the inside it makes it easy to make cuts which will not show on all layers. Nov 10,  · Fold the left third over. Try to get all of the folds to line up as close as possible for the most symmetrical snowflake. How to Cut a Six-sided Snowflake Draw an equilateral triangle on a sheet of sti? paper and cut it out. Recall that an equilateral triangle is a triangle with three sides all the exact same length. Fold a sheet of paper in half. It doesn’t matter if you fold it hot-dog or hamburger style. Either will work well. Find the center of the fold.

It is nearly time for snow in the northeast. Let's celebrate by making our own! Also, when the 'holidays' get here paper snowflakes make nice non-denominational decorations, not to mention powerful ammunition for the "war on Christmas". Happy holidays. You can use what ever paper you would like. It's a free and polluted country; your snowflakes can be any color you like.

Fold the paper in half again and just crease it at the bottom. I find this helps me with the next folds. First fold one side over and then the other.

Then you have to finagle with it to make the thirds even. When they are even crease them very well. Fold it in half again so you have sixths.

Make sure the short part is on the outside, as shown. If it is on the inside it makes it easy to make cuts which will not show on all layers. Cut out your snowflake. I always make my points on the fold, though I suppose there is no reason you have to.

The lines on the first picture show about how I cut to make the snowflake shown. You can cut how ever you would like. I used kitchen shears to make these snowflakes.

You should use better scissors if you have them, or an exacto knife if you want to be really fancy. I could only find kitchen shears and fabric scissors, so kitchen shears it was. Unfold your snowflake and marvel at your skills. The second picture becomes the third when unfolded. Reply 4 years ago. What is that nonsense above about "war on Christmas"?

There is no war on Christmas. Just stick to the snowflake instructions, please. If you can find a protractor, you can get the folds just right by lining up the center of the protractor with the little fold mark in the middle, and then marking 60 and degrees out on the edge of the protractor. I use a plastic triangle to make these "even thirds" folds.

You can get them in the art, school, or office section of any store. Still have to "finagle" a bit, but quick and easy. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. Reply 12 years ago on Introduction. It means fiddle with it a little bit. It can be hard to make them line up properly on your first try, so just keep adjusting it until they are even. Introduction: Make a 6 Sided Snowflake.

By Papersatan Follow. More by the author:. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Light Up Plaque by kaitlyn. Reply Upvote. Emma folds Christmas 5 years ago. I got confused on the 4th step. Not a good thing.

More explaining needed. Realist2 8 years ago on Introduction. TIP: For awesome realistic looking 'flakes, try to make all cuts at 60 degree angles. Don't get what? We can help you if we know where you are having trouble. Papersatan coolboy45 Reply 12 years ago on Introduction. Papersatan kibbler Reply 12 years ago on Introduction.

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