How to do data driven testing in selenium

how to do data driven testing in selenium

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Dec 04,  · Data Driven testing helps here and save a lot of time of us. How To Create Data Driven Framework in Selenium Using Apache POI. Here I will take Facebook Application to showcase implementation of Data Driven Framework in Selenium with Java using Apache POI. Scenario: Open facebook page and do log in and log out. Mar 26,  · Data Driven Framework is an automation testing framework in which input values are read from data files and stored into variables in test scripts. It enables testers to build both positive and negative test cases into a single test. Input data in data driven framework can be stored in single or multiple data sources,.xml,.csv and databases.

Selenium WebDriver is the most used automation tool for the automation of web applications. Now, we know that these web applications are used by multiple users, and each one of those uses the applications as selwnium their own data. So, considering tesitng usage, it becomes the primary responsibility of the QAs also to test the web applications with varying tp sets.

Now the user journeys co be the same, but the data set will be different. Therefore, it makes more sense to execute the same test case with different data, instead of writing a separate test case for each user journey with each data set.

This is where Microsoft Excel comes in handy, which is one of the favorite tools for storing test data. Excel in Selenium is one of the most used combinations for storing test data and then running the same test case against various data sets.

Before we start, the first step is to download the jar files required to use the library. The tessting image clearly depicts the structure and how the classes and interfaces are aligned in Apache POI.

Apache POI provides various interfaces and classes that help us to work with Excel. There are how to delete all your files classes that implement this interface and we use these classes to create, modify, read, and write how to do data driven testing in selenium in Excel files. The two mainly used classes for selenim Excel Workbooks are:. There are two classes that used to work with sheetssame as we have for Workbook Interface:.

The Row interface provides us with the ability to work with rows in the Excel sheet. Below two classes implement this interface:. The Cell interface helps us in accessing the cells of a particular row. Suppose, for a Selenium test case, we need to read the student data from the Excel Sheet, having a sample data as shown below:. We will understand both the ways of reading the excel in Seleniumbut before that, there are some common steps to follow:.

The first step is to obtain the Excel Workbook based upon its location on the computer. You can create an object of the workbook how to buy a faucet referring to the FileInputStream object that uow to the excel file. Once we create the Workbook, the next step is to create a Sheet in the Workbook.

Additionally, we can do it as below using the name of the sheet in the getSheet String what currency is used in egypt sharm el sheikh method.

You can also create a sheet based upon the index what is the cost of insurance for usps the getSheetAt int gow method as shown below —. After the sheet creation, we have to obtain the row of the sheet, which we can retrieve using the g etRow int rowIndex method of the sheet object:. After hoe obtain the cell that contains the data, you can read the data in different formats like String, Date, Number using the different methods which are based selehium the format of the cell you specify in the excel sheet.

For an easier approach, you can specify all values as Text even numbers and read them in the String variable. The Address is present in cell number 5 of the row. Note : Index starts from zero for both the row and cell. You can use the below code snippet to print the address as highlighted in the above image using the methods explained above —.

Now that we have understood how to read a particular cell value, we how to do data driven testing in selenium now take a look at how to read the complete data from the Excel File.

To read the complete data from Excelyou can iterate over each cell of the how to rehab a separated shoulder, present in the sheet. For iterating, you need the total number of rows and cells present in the sheet. Additionally, we can obtain the number of rows from the sheet, which is basically the total number of rows that have data present in the sheet by using the calculation —.

To get the last and first-row number, there are two methods in the sheet class:. Once you get the row, you can iterate over the cells present in the row by using the total number of cells, driiven we can calculate using getLastCellNum method:. In the above image, you can see that the data present in the excel prints and also notice that Row 0 prints the Title.

Similar to reading, writing data in Excel files can be as important, as it can serve to save the test results back in the Excel sheets. Apache POI provides various set methods, which we can use to write the data in an Excel in Selenium tests itself. Suppose, we want to write the result of the test run using the given test data in the same driveen, in which we have the input data. Subsequently, we can achieve the same with the help of using data dat Excel in Selenium using Apache POI rrivenas shown below:.

As seen in the image above, PASS is written into Excel File after ddiven test execution against the student dp which was registering at the given time. Now suppose, if we need to write the data in a new row altogether, we can also achieve the same by using Apache POI. The Apache Selemium sheet class provides methods to create new rows and then cells in these rows. Moreover, you can create a new row in an Excel sheet as follows:.

After the row creates, we can create the cells and input the data in the excel sheet, as shown below. Consequently, the output of the above code will appear in the Excel sheet which looks like —. As seen in the above image, we add an additional row to the Excel Sheet having the same dafa as what is obstructing an officer the code.

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How to manage Excel workbooks? How to manage Excel sheets? Also, how to manage Excel rows? How selenikm manage Excel cells? Additionally, how to read a specific cell value? How to read the entire Excel sheet? Moreover, how to write to a new cell in an existing row? And, how to write to a new cell in a new row?

What is Apache POI? It can be used for creating and maintaining the spreadsheet. A workbook may contain many sheets. Sheet A sheet refers to a page in a Microsoft Excel file that contains the number of rows and columns. Row A row represents a collection of cellswhich is used to represent a row in the spreadsheet. Cell A cell is indicated by a row and column combination.

Data entered by a user is stored in a cell. Data can be of rata type such as string, numeric value, or formula. How to manage Excel workbooks pragmatically? It is compatible with MS-Office versions 97— It is compatible with MS-Office testng or later.

How to manage Excel sheets programmatically? Suppose, for a Selenium test testihg, we need to read the student data from the Excel Sheet, having a sample data as shown below: While reading the Excel file, Apache POI can read data in two ways: You want to read the value of a particular cellfor instance, you want to get the address of the student present in testign second row.

You can read the entire excel in one go. It is based upon the need for your test script and the data needed for test execution.

We dta understand both the ways of reading the excel in Seleniumbut before that, there are some common steps to follow: 1. Create Excel Workbook object. Inline code for getting sheet seleniium index 1. Code to print particular cell value.

HSSFCell; import org. HSSFRow; import org. Drivrn import org. HSSFWorkbook; import java. File; import java. FileInputStream; import java. HSSFCell. HSSFRow. HSSFSheet. HSSFWorkbook.

File. FileInputStream. IOException. Writing output to Excel Sheet after execution. HSSFWorkbook; import org. By; import vriven. JavascriptExecutor; import org. WebDriver; import org. WebElement; import org.

Data Driven Testing Framework in Selenium WebDriver

#4) Keyword Driven Testing Framework. The Keyword driven testing framework is an extension to Data driven Testing Framework in a sense that it not only segregates the test data from the scripts, it also keeps the certain set of code belonging to the test script into an external data file. Mar 16,  · Hybrid Framework in Selenium is a concept where we are using the advantage of both Keyword driven framework as well as Data driven framework. It is an easy to use framework which allows manual testers to create test cases by just looking at the keywords, test data and object repository without coding in the framework. Nov 25,  · By testing the code before deployment right? So, that is the need for software testing. But, what is Selenium? Is it a software testing tool? Well, Selenium is an automation testing tool! Before I go any further, let me clear out that, Software testing is of two types: Manual Testing & Automation Testing.

Each type of framework has its own features. Data Driven framework is focused on separating the test scripts logic and the test data from each other. Allows us to create test automation scripts by passing different sets of test data. By using this framework we could easily make the test scripts work properly for different sets of test data.

This framework significantly reduces the number of test scripts compared to a modular based framework. Usually, we place all our test data in excel sheets which we use in our test runs. Assume, we need to run a test script Say, login test with multiple test data. If we run the same test with multiple test data sets manually is time-consuming, and error-prone. In the next section, we see a practical example.

In simple words, we adopt Data Driven Framework when we have to execute the same script with multiple sets of test data. In short, you can read and write MS Excel files using Java. It has many predefined methods, classes, and interfaces. Learn more on Apache POI. Selenium automates browsers. One of the reasons we take automation is to overcome the time consumption issue.

First, we see how to read test data from excel sheet and then we see how to write the result in the excel sheet. The structure of my project Data Driven Project with Maven is as follows:.

Must Read: How to create Maven Project. Step 2: Open Excel Sheet and create some test data. Here I have saved my excel sheet on my D Drive. Step 4: Here is a sample code to login to facebook. Copy the below code and paste it in your Java Class.

Step 3: Here is a sample code to login to facebook. We only send really good stuff occasionally, promise. Hi Ramnaidu, refer this link. Can you please help. I have added latest apache poi 3.

Hello I saw your code for data driven testing using excel file in TestNG. You created object array. So could please pass the code using excel file in testNG? I have not found the code in web. I hope you will provide the code Thanks. Can please tell me how to grab the details from the external source Excel using dataprovider annotation.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Skip to content. Rajkumar December 4, What is Data Driven Framework 2. Why Data Driven Framework 3. Advantages of using Data Driven Test Framework 4. What is Apache POI 5. Why Data Driven Framework Usually, we place all our test data in excel sheets which we use in our test runs. File; import java. FileInputStream; import java. IOException; import java.

TimeUnit; import org. Cell; import org. XSSFCell; import org. XSSFSheet; import org. XSSFWorkbook; import org. By; import org. WebDriver; import org. ChromeDriver; import org. BeforeTest; import org. File ;. FileInputStream ;. IOException ;. TimeUnit ;. Cell ;. XSSFCell ;. XSSFSheet ;. XSSFWorkbook ;. WebDriver ;. ChromeDriver ;. BeforeTest ;. Test ;. WebDriver driver ;. XSSFWorkbook workbook ;.

XSSFSheet sheet ;. XSSFCell cell ;. It reads first row as 0, second row as 1 and so on. FileOutputStream; import java. FileOutputStream ;. DataProvider; import org. Here I took 2 dimension array. DataProvider ;. Sharing is caring. Share on facebook Facebook. Share on twitter Twitter. Share on linkedin LinkedIn. Like This Post?

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