How to cut your own hair in a v shape

how to cut your own hair in a v shape

40 V-Cut and U-Cut Hairstyles to Angle Your Strands to Perfection

Cut the bunch of hair in the direction that you want for the v-shape. Do not move your body. Hold as still as possible so that the hair comes out evenly. Start by cutting the hairs closest to you and working outward toward the back. Apr 30,  · Save money and avoid spending long hours in my simple,easy and best way to shape your hair at home alone Thank you for watching and don't forget.

You don't always have to wait for your hairstylist to be available to cut your hair. When you know how to cut your hair yourself, you can do so in the comfort of your own home and without delay. A V-shaped layer haircut is ideal for the person who wants a layered look, and a style that adds volume and dimension to the hair. The key to accomplishing a V-shaped layered cut is to make the very back of the hair end in a point, and the hair on the sides gradually descending into the point.

Brush your hair thoroughly with a brush. Detangle the strands. If you have knots in your hair when attempting to cut a layered V-shape, you can end up with layers that are not balanced. Bend your torso what does kill you makes you stronger to let your head and your hair dangle down. Brush the hair forward so that you are brushing the underside of the hair from the nape of the neck to the ends. Set the brush down.

Keep your face looking down to the floor so that your eyes are over your feet. Gather your hair with your hands, pulling the hair forward and down. The front of your hair will be closest to you in the bunch that you create, and the back of your hair will be farther away from you.

Slide your hand down the bunch of hair toward the end, until you reach the point that you want to cut. Hold one hand securely around the bunch of hair.

Decide how wide or narrow to make the V-shape. If you make a blunt cut with the shears that is straight across, you will have a wider V-shape. If you angle the shears from the top front of the hair down facing your hair, you will have a pointier V-shape with shorter layers in the front and longer layers in the back. Cut the bunch of hair in the direction that you want for the v-shape.

Do not move your body. Hold as still as possible so that the hair comes out evenly. Start by cutting the hairs closest to you and working outward toward the back. Flip your hair and your torso back up. Let your hair fall flat against your back and examine the layers and V-shape. Trim any uneven strands that stand out. Kyra Sheahan has been a writer for various publications since Sheahan holds an M. How to Cut Layers in Short Hair.

How to Cut Wispy Sideburns for Women. How to Cut Choppy Bangs. Hair Thinning With Scissors Technique.

Who Should Try A ‘V’ Shape Haircut?

Aug 19,  · Pull a comb through the hairline, pulling it up. Placing your fingers just behind the comb, make a V-shape with your fore and middle fingers, closing them against the hair at the nape. Then, cut the hair just below them. Repeat the process along the hairline, holding your fingers at a slight angle%(39).

There is something to be said for a winning haircut, and not only how great it looks, but also how it makes you feel. There are literally dozens of ways to cut hair in varying lengths, however, there are two ways that seem to flatter the majority of hair types. The V-Haircut and the U-Cut are pretty self-explanatory terms based on their names and the shape they create to your hair. The great thing about these particular haircuts is that they both flatter long, medium and short hair equally, by creating depth, dimension and movement within your strands.

Deciding on which cut works best for you and your hair largely depends on the look you are trying to achieve. Ready, set, CUT! If your natural hair is very thick, it may be difficult to create the desired shape because of the bulk of your locks. However, the best way to combat extreme thickness is to try V-shaped layers, seen here on this long style. Long, blonde and wavy are always the characteristics that promise a beautiful hairstyle, especially when they are derived from a V-shaped haircut like this one.

These long blonde strands are given life and movement thanks to the soft waves, middle part and expert V cutting technique. Short hair is something that commands attention, especially if the haircut is shaped so professionally that you have to do a double take.

That is the case with this edgy yet sexy U-shaped cut that features a deep chestnut hair color with caramel highlights, a sleek side part, subtle layers and a soft bang.

This long, red hair is given an update courtesy of the V-shape to keep it from being all one length. If you were ever unsure of what exactly a perfect short V-shape haircut looks like, this is it. This V cut with its short length and jet black hair color is fierce and edgy, perfect for girls who are daring with their hair choices. The finishing touch of the shaved sides brings this style together flawlessly. One of the most important things for long hair is to give your locks life with a feel of movement.

Incorporating movement is easy once you decide on a cut with layers and the right silhouette, like the V-line version seen here. V-cut hair has never looked better than it does in this photo. Here, you have bright red hair color, a deep side part with a swoop bang and long hair that is layered to perfection. The V-shape is so prominent in this cut that you can see the details from both the front and the back. You might not notice that this blonde hairstyle is a product of the V cutting technique until you get a look at the back view.

Although the curls are the focus, this V-cut hair still benefits from the V cutting technique that gives it depth and dimension. Unlike most V-cuts, this one features most of its layering in the front, while the back retains the most length. If you are one of the many women who like to wear their hair as long as possible without much fuss, then this lengthy style with a U silhouette is perfect for you. The sleek, dark strands are given just a hint of depth thanks to the finely chopped layers.

Your hair is one of the forms of your self expression to let the outside world know a bit about who you are. Cute and sassy are a few words that best describe this hot red haircut that gets a boost thanks to its V-cut technique.

Sometimes V haircuts with layers take on a bit of a different style and shape, as seen in this intricate snipped look. The back of this haircut features four shaved V lines, while the rest of the hair is curled and layered.

When wearing your hair curled, it may be a little harder to tell the exact intricacies of your haircut, like the V style seen here. However, the cut allows the curls to flow and fall better, just like this lovely dark brown style with caramel highlights demonstrates.

A V-haircut would look good with this hairstyle, but this medium brown hair is given a shot of personality thanks to the soft curls and U-shaped cutting technique. What keeps this hairstyle from looking juvenile, is the curls that start mid shaft and flow to the ends for a super soft feminine look. Thanks to the soft curl pattern and cool blonde hair color, this V-cut is a hair dream that has come true. Even if you want to wear this hairstyle straight, it will still look amazing because of the cute V-cut silhouette.

Yes, a V-layered haircut can look just as fabulous on curled hair as it does on straight hair and this photo is a good proof. Looking for a new and incredibly sexy way to wear curls? The V-shape with the vibrant auburn color is accentuated by some chunky, smooth curls that are left slightly undone at the ends.

Sure a V-line haircut is nice, but a U-cut is just as interesting and flattering, as evidenced by this funky style. The hair is cut into a precise U formation with well-distributed layers on top. A V-shaped cut is useful for women with long thick hair because it allows you to maintain the length without the feel and look of overpowering heaviness.

An ombre with light caramel highlights also provides a weightless and airy feeling to dark, dense strands. A V-haircut does not always have to come to a dramatic point at the ends; it can also be soft and subtle as shown here. You can play this game further and blur the contours of the cut with a cute ombre featuring all the sweetest tones — chocolate, caramel and honey.

Texture is important in any hairstyle, and the key is to make sure that it complements your haircut. Bold bouncy curls may seem overdone, too heavy and shapeless without layers and the proper contouring that comes from a quality V-haircut.

If you are a woman who shuns convention, this non-traditional V —shaped haircut is for you. This type of haircut and ombre is a famous couple, but you can always make your look less predictable with a new hair color idea. Dark blue highlights in high-shine black layers seem mysterious and absolutely unhackneyed. Loose waves are the most universally appealing style because they work well with any hair color and almost any length. This medium-length v-cut hair style is perfect for women who need to look pulled together every day… and it can easily take you to any event if you have a super packed schedule.

Long and soft loose curls are a no-brainer. Plus, with the length that falls far below the shoulders, this haircut is long enough to pull your locks into a comfortable ponytail or any sophisticated updo you see in a new hair trend report. Sometimes the best hair colors are inspired by decadent desserts. This chocolate v-shape hair style is delicious and sensual, being a perfect fit for a brunette who loves to embrace her inner vixen. If you have thick hair, have some fun with a double-layered V-haircut that provides a terrific volume.

It will look best on women with mid-length straight or slightly wavy thick hair. Regular trims of long layers are all you need to maintain the structure and shape of your hairstyle, which will inevitably lead to the overall stunning appearance.

Plum red and burgundy curls are a fiery treat for women who demand attention and know how to get it. A v-cut hair style allows you to rock heavy curls which still look compact and well-organized. While the color is deep, it is also vibrant, so if you have a conservative work environment this may not be the color for you.

When you want to give straight hair some body without heavy curls, bumping the ends provides a quick dose of volume. Drawing attention to your ends is especially useful with a v-style because it showcases the special design of the cut. Sometimes simple is best when it comes to your v-shaped haircut.

Loose soft curls and sun-kissed highlights are timeless, because they are a good option for many different hair types. An ash-toned light brown hue is perfect for women with a rosy complexion. Jet black hair is alluring for many reasons; it is mysterious, it reflects light and it may hide breakage better than lighter hues. The v-cut hairstyle on this photo combines all three for a perfectly lovely look. If you need a hairdo that will look good in any environment, this is your best bet.

The best part of this pointed v-cut is that no matter how long you take between trims, the style will still retain its shape. To achieve easy beach waves, tie your hair in a high bun and let it air dry and set overnight. Ombre hair is one of the top color trends of the season. Have some fun with shades of purple and a hint of gray for a unique, head-turning hairdo. Blonde ends instantly brighten dark hair and bring life to long, limp locks.

The key to having healthy straight hair is regular trims—nothing ruins a good haircut like split ends. If you dye your hair, it is even more crucial to pay attention to the ends, because they can break more easily. A layered cut will structurize thin strands and provide body. The V-haircut and U-haircut have been around for quite awhile, but the key to keeping them modern is to incorporate new ways to wear them.

Whichever cutting style you choose, always remember that the actual cut is the key thing and the style is secondary, but important nonetheless. So have fun with your V- and U-shaped formations…just remember to always look fabulous! Get hair style inspiration. No matter what your hair type is, we can help you to find the right hairstyles. Home Hair Cuts Layered. Prev 1 of 40 Next. V-Cut or U-Cut Hairstyle?

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