How to connect laptop to internet via blackberry

how to connect laptop to internet via blackberry

BlackBerry How To: Tether Your PC to the Internet via Smartphone

After you've downloaded and installed BlackBerry Desktop Manager--I'm using vand contacted your wireless carrier for the appropriate information you . Jul 11, On the Desktop Manager home screen you'll see a number of options, including one labeled IP Modem. Click the IP Modem box, and on the following screen, under Connection Settings click the Configure.

Sayonara spotty hotel Internet. Au ibternet overloaded coffee-shop wireless. Bye-bye pricey airport Wi-Fi. If you have a BlackBerry with a strong wireless connection, you may never have to deal with such unappealing connectivity options again. As long as you know how to tether that BlackBerry to your PC to share its connection, that is. For example, setting up a BlackBerry tether connection used to require a lot of viw my first tutorial on BlackBerry tethering consisted of pages and pages of in-depth instructions.

I wrote a second, equally-long post on how to wirelessly tether using with a Bluetooth-enabled PC. And you can also purchase third-party apps that make tethering even more simple, while circumventing certain wireless carriers tethering fees. More on that coming in the next section. And don't forget to peruse my BlackBerry Bible for mounds of additional BlackBerry tips and tricks, free apps, device reviews and much more. BlackBerry Desktop Manager is currently available for both Windows and Macintosh computers, however, the two pieces of software have quite different functionalities.

I will be focusing on the Windows version of Desktop Manager in this particular tutorial, since the Mac version makes tethering significantly more complicated. You should also check in with your wireless service provider before attempting to use your BlackBerry to connect a PC to the Internet, because some companies charge pricey tether-fees after the fact and others require you to enable conncet special tethering feature on your account.

Tethering prices and details vary from carrier to carrier. For example, T-Mobile has no tethering limits or requirements at all, beyond an active BlackBerry data plan--at least that I know of; I use my T-Mobile BlackBerry to tether frequently and I've never paid extra or activated any tether-specific features.

Verizon, on the other hand, charges a separate tethering fee. And some carriers require specific logins and passwords to access the blackberr. Next, you should choose the appropriate Connection Profile from the drop-down menu on the Set Up Connection screen.

You can also add a custom profile if your specific wireless carrier isn't listed or the supplied information how to connect laptop to internet via blackberry the profile is inaccurate. Simply click the Custom Profile option and add the appropriate information. Depending on your carrier's settings, you may need to enter some additional information, such as vai user name, password, or access point into the corresponding fields in the Profile Settings section of the Set Up Connection screen.

When you're finished entering in your connection settings, you can fill in the check-box conneft the bottom of the Set Up Connection screen to ensure that your modem connection stays active even if you close the Desktop Manager what are the 4 major rivers in france, if you so choose.

Finally, click the Connect box beneath the Connect to the Internet heading, and assuming you've entered in valid connection settings, you should be good to go. If you get a connection error, return to the connection settings configuration screen, as described above, and make sure you entered in the proper information. If the problem persists, contact your wireless service provider. As mentioned above, yellow of the eyes.

what does that mean applications that circumvent certain carriers' tether settings and restrictions exist, including the popular Tether for BlackBerry app. If you employ a wireless carrier with restrictive tethering policies, you may want to check out Tether.

Read all about Tether and why the company says it's faster and more reliable than tethering via BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Get better use out of your BlackBerry and keep up-to-date on the latest developments. Sign-up . Former CIO.

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What is an Ad Hoc Network?

How to use Internet Tethering with BlackBerry Desktop Software for PC 1. Connect your BlackBerry smartphone to the computer using a USB cable. 2. Launch BlackBerry Desktop Software , select Tools followed by Mobile Internet settings. 3. Locate and choose the profile for your wireless. Connect your BlackBerry. In order to begin surfing using your computer's ad hoc network, you must set up the connection on your BlackBerry. Click "Manage Connections" from the BlackBerry .

It has become a regular occurrence for BlackBerry users to tether their laptops to their phone to receive Internet connectivity through the cellular network. This ensures the user can use the Internet wherever they have a signal. Less common, however, is the need to connect your BlackBerry to the Internet through a computer.

Though this scenario is less common, it does occur. Consider an area of low cellular signal that happens to be near a Wi-Fi hotspot.

If your laptop is connected to the Wi-Fi network, you can create an ad hoc network that will allow your BlackBerry to connect and share the Internet connection. An ad hoc network is made to temporarily provide connectivity to multiple computers or devices. A common use is to share documents at a meeting among members or to share a network connection with other computers or devices that would be otherwise unable to connect.

Setting up an ad hoc network on your computer will allow anyone with Wi-Fi access and your password to connect to your system. You could then share drives, data, printers and your Internet connection until you disband the network.

This type of network can be useful, but it can also be dangerous. Connecting to an unknown and unprotected ad hoc network could potentially grant an outsider access to your personal data.

Setting up the network is not a difficult process. First, ensure your computer is connected to the Internet. Click "Control Panel" from the Windows start menu. Click "Set up a new connection or network. Type a password when asked for a "Security key" and click "Next. Internet connection sharing, or ICS, is a Windows feature that allows any computer connected to yours to utilize your Internet connection. This feature will allow your BlackBerry, once connected, to surf the Internet through your computer.

To set it up click "Turn on Internet Connection Sharing" on the summary screen after setting up the ad hoc network. Windows will automatically share the active Internet connection with your new ad hoc network. Alternatively, you can click "Change Adapter Settings" from the Network and Sharing Center to view all of your network connection.

Right-click the connection you intend to share and click "Properties. You are now ready to connect your BlackBerry. In order to begin surfing using your computer's ad hoc network, you must set up the connection on your BlackBerry. Click "Manage Connections" from the BlackBerry homepage. Click "Manually Add Network. Click "Connect" to initiate the connection. You are now connected to your computer's Internet connection through Wi-Fi. Robert Kingsley has been writing technical copy and procedural documents since He has years of experience with networking and hardware troubleshooting to help guide readers through their information technology-related issues.

Share on Facebook. What is an Ad Hoc Network? Setup the Ad Hoc Network Setting up the network is not a difficult process. Setup Internet Connection Sharing Internet connection sharing, or ICS, is a Windows feature that allows any computer connected to yours to utilize your Internet connection. Connect your BlackBerry In order to begin surfing using your computer's ad hoc network, you must set up the connection on your BlackBerry.

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