How to check child support payments

how to check child support payments

Child Support Payment Information

For in-person payment options or specific questions, please contact your local Clerk's office. You may also make payments on your smart phone or call () during business hours (Mon - Fri, 8 AM to 8 PM EST). Receive instant verification that your payment was successfully submitted. To review your child support payment history online, you'll need your PIN from Child Support Enforcement (CSE). Your PIN can be found on documents that DOR sends to you. If you can't find yours, see " How to get your Personal Identification Number (PIN) for child support services.".

The Family Support Services Division of the Clerk's Office is committed to timely processing of support payments and quality customer service.

IV-D cases are state run child support enforcement programs, which help parents establish paternity, initiate new child support orders and collect unpaid child support, among other services. Non-IV-D are child support cases where child what do actors get paid for reruns is established and maintained privately, payents these cases are NOT enforced by the state. Pay online via the CashPro Payment Gateway.

However, please check with your financial institution if you have any questions regarding fees associated with any of these payment options. Note: Please make the check payable to: Clearinghouse. You can pay using the TouchPay kiosks at several local offices. Retail Pay is a cash only option for paying child support.

View a map of nearby retail pay locations. To pay at a retailer:. Examples of payment-related inquiries include: lost payments, payments posted in error, or tk payments.

Please contact the Clerk's Office with any questions or concerns. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience.

Home I Want To Payment Options. Online Payments. Pay by Phone. Mailing Payments. Walk-In Payments. Reuse the barcode for future payments or get a new one, as needed.

Receiving Child Support

The Child Support Program works with both the custodial parent and non-custodial parent to see that the financial needs of the child (ren) are met. Services are provided for the collection and distribution of payments. It is very important that both the custodial parent and non-custodial parent keep their contact information updated. The Child Support program responsibilities include locating parents, establishing paternity, establishing child and medical support orders, monitoring and enforcing compliance with child and medical support orders, reviewing and initiating modification of support orders and distributing support collections. The Child Support Website has a new login system. All users must update their login credentials before they can log in to their account. If you have an account for your child support case, click here to complete this one-time update. Attorneys and employers can update their accounts by .

Want to pay another way? Click here for options. You will need your court-ordered case number and a valid form of payment. Have questions? Creating an account provides greater convenience and payment history, but it is not required. Yes, MyFloridaCounty.

You can click here to view a list of frequently asked questions. You can also send us a message on the contact page. Don't want to create an account and store your payment information for faster payment? You can make a payment without having an account. Your case and payment information will not be saved for easy access next time you pay. Want to know if your payment has been processed? Click here to track the payment, delivery, and confirmation of a payment to or from your account.

You will need your case number and social security number. Want to receive funds directly into your bank account? Sign-up here to create and download your direct deposit form. Receive instant verification that your payment was successfully submitted. Pay by credit card or debit card, or by electronic check.

Track your payment over time. Create an account to easily view previous payments. Avoid the hassle of sending checks each month and pay online. What forms of payment can I use? What information do I need? Do I need to create an account? Is paying online safe? How can I verify my payment? What do I do if I have more questions?

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