How to build a church podium

how to build a church podium

Podium Woodworking Plans

Apr 21,  · - I decided to use my long lost skills to build a podium for the pulpit. Jun 15,  · How to build a podium. Building the sides. The first step of the project is to build the sides for the podium. Mark the cut lines on the. Assembling the podium frame. Continue the project by attaching the back to the podium. Cut the panel from 3/4? plywood and smooth the edges with attention with sandpaper. Drill pocket holes along the.

This is a wood lectern I put together for my sister-in-law. She wanted one for her classroom. I have done a few wood based instructables and am an amateurat best. ButI try to focus on making an idea come to form, from inception to reality with the experience and tools I have available to myself. You can too. TOOLS: Small table saw, miter saw, jig saw, drills, orbital sander, counter sink bits, clamps, speed square, sandpaper, glue, biscuit joiner and all the other usual suspects in the tool box.

Stain, spray clear coat. I looked at factory lecterns to get an idea of how to make it look. I'v never made a lectern before this request. Google image, of course, helped with this. The sites that were selling lecterns pdium the dimensions. It turns out 48 inches is the going height.

Well, hey, I'v got a 48" wide sheet of plywood! SoI was good to go there, no cutting wood off the end, just slice the sheet across. So, it's easy to slice up the sheet for the 3 sides. The base is made of 2x4's that had there front edge routed round. I used a jigsaw to cut the diagonal edge to the sides. The sides are held together with biscuits and glue.

A few drywall screws hold the sides together as well as the bottom shelf and base. The wood was sanded down with , grit paper. Ultimately, the wood was stained with a waterproof exterior stain, BEHR, it is supposed to be redwood colored but I think it is a bit on the pink side.

My staining technique prowess is average at best. I just podiim the stain on, with the grain, then wiped it off 5 minutes later with a shop cloth.

The stain is thicker in some areas. Then lastlythe lectern was sprayed with a clear coat finish. And since this was for a classroom setting, this lectern needed a white board front. The original idea was chalk board paint, which I tested on a piece of scrap and I think would have worked fine. ButWhat is cognitive behavior modification like white board bettermainly because it's easier to clean and rewrite on.

Well a standard piece of white board is 2' x 4' and fit perfectly to the front of the lectern. ButI didn't want to mar the front with a permanent white board because the oak stained front was kinda nice, besides maybe tips on how to be a good tour guide lectern would be used for formal occasions where a white board would look tacky.

So, I wanted a removable white board. What I came up with was a piece of 2x4routed out on the bottomthat fit on the top forward how to manage income and expenses of the lectern xhurch held the top edge of the white too in place with pressure only.

The bottom was resting on the 2x4 base of the lectern. FTW, I think. Well, my SIL liked the lectern. I delivered it to her classroom and she says her fellow teachers will be jealous. How to build a church podium, what more could I want?

These are the basic steps taken to assemble the lectern. Flesh them out as needed to suite your own build. Used a jigsaw to cut off those areas. Screws were countersunk a bit. Fill in screw areas with filler, sand down.

Started with grit, then grit sandpaper. Put both sides on a table and made mirror images of where the cleats should be placed. Attached cleats with glue and brad nails. I placed 5 to a side for the sides to be connected to the front.

Use wood glue in the joints. Use a small brush to spread the glue in the biscuit areas and along the sides where the wood panels meet. Clamp the sides down to secure the sides to the front. The edges were rounded off vuild a router. The studs were attached to the bottom sides of the plywood with 3" exterior PTL screws and wood glue. Pilot holes were drilled before the screws were put in. My SIL was concerned about marking up the classroom floor so I though these foot pads would lift the lectern off the floor.

The lasts steps are to: 1: Iron on the oak veneer trim. Just use an iron heated up and press and guide it along the edges. Sand up to grit. Paint it on with a fine brush, wait about 5 minutes how to get from sydney to melbourne by train wipe the excess off.

Let it dry for a day. White board retainer piece. Took about a month of my spare time to build this. Delivered to SIL classsroom. Next chkrch is a plyobox. Do you know how many inches the angle part of the side is that you first cut out with podiium jigsaw? Question 1 year ago on Step 1. Answer 1 year ago. Question 3 years ago on Step lodium. Is there a vuild to do this without a biscuit joiner?

That is just amazing. Nice info mate. I need this. I work full time from home and needed my computer to stuff close to me. This will be handy. Introduction: Homemade Wood Lectern Podium. By eu4euh Follow. More by the author:. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Ant Decorations Light Up at Night. Jmr02 9 months ago. Reply Upvote. Answer Upvote. MoscaA Question 3 years ago on Step 3.

Introduction: Homemade Wood Lectern Podium

May 29,  · How to Make a Podium: Hey guys, today we will be designing and making a custom podium using couple of 2D and 3D software. We will use a CNC machine and MDF wood to make and build our Projects was made by the team of FABLAB Jubail. Sep 9, - Explore Ernest Lorta's board "Pastors podium" on Pinterest. See more ideas about church design, church pulpit, church furniture pins. Jul 27,  · Jul 27, - podium plans | Lectern Plans | How To build a Amazing DIY Woodworking Projects.

Hey guys, today we will be designing and making a custom podium using couple of 2D and 3D software. MDF or plywood wood 12mm. Wood glue. Round wire nail. Wood varnish. Warnish brush or roller Sandpaper. Quick Grip Clamp. Note: to cut the parts, we imported the. After cutting all the parts, it's time to assemble our podium. In this step, you need to use wood glue then use quick grip to hold all the parts together.

So , here's our final product. We can still make it look better using some other painting techniques , or filling the holes with acrylic cuts , I'll update this instructable when it's done.

Reply 4 years ago. Definition of podium:. Yeah I was surprised too, I didn't think it looked strong enough to hold someone's weight. Now I get it. It's a fine project but I wouldn't say there is a wonderful story..

There isn't even a story here. Introduction: How to Make a Podium. More by the author:. For this project we will need: MDF or plywood wood 12mm. You will also need a CNC to cut the design. Attached with this step the. After you finish gluing all the parts, leave it to dry for about an hour or so. Note: in this step you can use the sanding paper to smooth the MDF wood. We can still make it look better using some other painting techniques , or filling the holes with acrylic cuts , I'll update this instructable when it's done the video here would show the podium after painting it with gesso , still we didn't decide on how to paint it or if we gonna use any varnish.

Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Ant Decorations Light Up at Night. Reply Upvote. This is a lectern. Just sayin ModMischief insmac Reply 4 years ago. You can also call this a podium. Definition of podium: a raised platform for a speaker, performer, or the leader of an orchestra a stand with a slanted surface that holds a book, notes, etc. Annapolis Locksmith 4 years ago. Carpenter Guy 4 years ago.

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