How to break a high fever in children

how to break a high fever in children

How to Break a Fever: The Top 5 Natural Ways (Medically Researched)

Breaking a fever can take time. If your little one is experiencing symptoms, try these home remedies to help reduce your baby's fever. A lukewarm sponge bath (stop if your child starts to shiver). Lots of liquids. Light clothing and lower room temperatures. Rest — in most cases, you shouldn’t wake a sleeping child to give them fever medicine. Place the baby in a room that is not too hot or too cold. Never put your baby in the shower or bath him/her in cold or hot water to break or bring down the fever. This may worsen the condition. Instead, sponge bathing the baby for about 5 to 10 minute with lukewarm water can be cooling.

Fever in Children: A fever is not a reason for huge concern until and unless it is very high. First of all, it is important to understand why your child has a fever. Fever usually results from the body defense mechanism against some sort of infection. When the body temperature is high it produces more white blood cells that defend the body against the infection and stop the growth of the pathogen.

Ginger has powerful antioxidant properties that can effectively kill the bacteria responsible for causing fever in children. With a ginger bath, your child will sweat a lot that will eventually remove the toxins and body heat. Chamomile Tea is the most effective home remedy to get rid of fever in small children. You can make some tea and give it to your child in regular intervals. Here is the recipe to Chamomile tea:.

Raisins are abundant in anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. They can help in getting rid of the fever by fighting the infections. Onion can effectively reduce body temperature and get rid what can you make with 6 egg yolks body aches during the fever.

The method is very simple and is quite popular among Indian mothers. A lukewarm bath with apple cider vinegar can bring down a high temperature almost immediately. This remedy has been popular to cure fever for decades. Apple cider vinegar has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties which can quickly eradicate the harmful pathogen responsible for causing fever in your child. The Results Will Amaze You.

And, honey will give the required nourishment to your child during fever. A combination of these two wonderful foods will help in bringing down the fever effectively. Mustard oil is used in every Indian household because of its many health benefits.

Home remedies to reduce fever in your child are better when compared to using allopathic medicines as they do not have any side effects. How to Reduce Fever in Children within 2 minutes. Post Views: 7, Dr Maria April 2, 4, 4 minutes read. Dr Maria MD. Board Certified physician. Related Articles. Check Also. How to. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp.

1. Giving Ginger Bath:

Put a cool compress on their head and keep their room at a moderate temperature -- not too hot and not too cold. Dress them in one layer of light clothing and offer a light blanket. You can also. Oct 05,  · Dehydration is a possible complication of fever. Offer regular fluids (breast milk or formula) and make sure your baby has tears when crying, Author: Natalie Silver.

Fevers play a very useful role in helping your body to naturally fight infections. Although many people get concerned when they or their children have a fever, it is good to remember that fevers generally work for us, not against us, so not all cases require breaking a fever. In this article I will look at the role of fever in our body, natural ways to break a fever, as well as when to seek a medical advice.

Your body temperature can be measured in many locations on your body. The most commonly used places are the mouth, ear, armpit, and rectum. Temperature can also be measured on your forehead.

According to Dr. Susan C. Kim from WebMD, in most adults, an oral temperature above A child has a fever when his or her rectal temperature is So when you have an infection, your body temperature rises to try and kill off the infection and when the infection has gone, the temperature should resort to normal. Professor John Wherry, Ph. He said that the immune system is actually boosted when our body temperature rises. He added that it is, of course, very important to manage very high body temperatures because they can be dangerous.

However, he encouraged people to rethink how they manage most mild fevers. Actually, taking medications to reduce mild fevers can actually make you ill longer. The University of Maryland carried out research on patients who had the flu and took anti-fever medications. They discovered that although the anti-fever drugs helped a person feel better quicker, the patients were ill longer.

So, if you or your child has a mild fever, it is a good idea to listen to what the body is saying. Fever forces you to take it easy, to rest and allow the body the time to recuperate. You should also drink plenty of fluids. The mild fever will help to kill off the viruses and bacteria that are making you sick. Make sure to keep yourself well hydrated as you will lose fluids through sweating.

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Dr. Neil K. Kaneshiro recommends removing excess clothing and blankets and keeping the room at a reasonable temperature.

If the weather is hot and stuffy, then a fan can help to cool the air down. Taking a bath is an excellent way to break a fever. Fill a bath with lukewarm water and soak in it. The lukewarm water will help you relax and as the water cools, so will your body temperature. For children, pediatrician, Dr. Jennifer Shu recommends giving your child a lukewarm bath or a sponge bath in lukewarm water. This method is a traditional naturopathic approach for reducing a fever and it involves sleeping in a pair of wet socks.

For this, you will need a pair of cotton socks that will cover your ankles. First of all, soak the socks in cold water and then wring out the excess. Put the socks on your feet and then put a pair of wool socks over them for insulation. James Wallace, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, says that the body reacts to the cold socks by increasing blood circulation, which also stimulates the immune system. While this method will not help you to reduce the fever directly, it helps to treat inflammation, infection, soreness of the throat, headaches, migraines, nasal congestion, upper respiratory infections, coughs, bronchitis and sinus infections.

When the body is hungry it releases more cells which help boost the immune system. Of course, to keep your immune system healthy you should continue to eat small amounts of nutritious food. So, eat fruits that are rich in vitamin C, which is one of the natural substances to boost your immune system, and will help to keep you hydrated and help you to break a fever.

Foods rich in vitamin C are citrus fruits, broccoli, guava, kiwi fruit, strawberries, peppers, papaya and berries which are especially high in vitamin C. In the medical journal Chest, Dr. Stephen Rennard published his findings on the effect chicken soup has on flu symptoms. Also, commercial chicken soup seemed to have the same effect.

When it comes to eating, it is important to listen to your body and not eat too much, which will put a strain on your immune system. Herbal teas will keep you hydrated and can help lower fever by promoting sweating, which will help to cool off the body and keep the fever from getting too high. Some of the best herbal teas to break a fever are:. You can also try my ginger lemon tea and also this healing spicy tea that is also great for cleansing the body.

It is important to remember that while a mild fever will usually go away on its own and help the body get rid of the infection, a very high temperature can cause serious complications. You should also see your doctor if your child is drowsy, has a headache, has unexplained rash, vomiting or has diarrhea. Also, seek advice if the fever persists for more than 24 hours in a child younger than 2 years, or when the fever persists for more than 3 days in a child 2 years of age or older.

You should also be prepared to tell the doctor the exact temperature and where you took the temperature, i. Read my other related articles: 1. Top 10 Natural Treatments for Cold and Flu 2. Fever from flu or colds we avoid dairy, meats during that time, seems to cause stomach upset, mucous. Raw fruits, juicing, and green veg. Lots of water too. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Fever plays a vital role in immune response. Anti-fever drugs may prolong flu. Fever-reducing meds may help spread the flu. Fever and antipyretic use in children. Dive feet first into wellness. Feed a cold, starve a fever. Chicken soup to ease cold symptoms.

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