Blossa glogg how to drink

blossa glogg how to drink

Before You Drink Glogg, You Should Probably Know What It Is

Dec 04, Swedes swear by all Glogg from Blossa. The red top is 10%, standard and works for all. The orange top is 15% and gives you a even redder nose. The see-through Rum and Cognac Blossas are 21% and you drink these in bigger glasses, in your arm chair front of the log niceloveme.comted Reading Time: 4 mins. There's only one real glogg. The genuine ingredients are key. All of our gloggs, even the non- alcoholic, are based on wines from vineyards from Southern Europe to give Blossa glogg its characteristic flavour of dried fruits and raisins. We also add the finest sugar from sugar beets to ensure the precise sweetness we are famous for, and then there.

Promising good cheer ho a steamy cup, this punch charms with high-octane aromas, super spice, and the warm glow of good wine. Many European countries have their own driink versions of mulled wine. The Swedish take tends to turn things up a notch with a generous splash what are the two types of scientific method bourbon or vodka and the added aromatics of cardamom pods. It also includes raisins and blanched, slivered almonds to the final mug.

It's also perfect for festive winter gatherings or as a quick warmer on snowy days. Combine the wine, bourbon blossq vodka if usingsugar, orange zest, raisins, cardamom pods, ginger root, cinnamon stick, and cloves into a 2- to 3-quart pot. Heat how to run a c program F 77 C and let simmer for 2 minutes.

Remove from the heat and let stand and steep for 1 hour. Strain to remove the fruit and spices and gently reheat the punch. Add a few almonds and raisins to each serving glass and garnish with a slice of orange.

Just gently reheat it in a saucepan on the stove. Recipe Tags:. Actively scan device characteristics for identification. Use precise geolocation data.

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Gather the ingredients. Tips Red wine ddink tend to work best in this recipe. It doesn't have to be a great wine blossaa this drink is filled with so many flavors. Fortunately, many of the blended wines are inexpensive and they're very easy to find. When it's time for the party, warm it up quickly on the stove and serve.

In one recipe variationfor instance, nutmeg and vanilla extract are added, brandy or spiced rum is used along with vodka, and brown sugar gives it a darker glgog. You can also serve it well-chilled, over ice in summer for a Swedish-styled sangria. Ho Tags: red wine mulled wine scandinavian christmas. Rate This Recipe. I don't like this at all. It's not the worst. Sure, this will do. I'm a fanwould recommend. I love it! Thanks for your rating! Show Full Recipe. Your Privacy Rights. To change or withdraw your consent choices for thespruceeats.

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Dec 19, Its a wine-type drink with lots of spices, like cinnamon, that you drink warm, particularly when its cold out. The alcohol and the temperature itself help to warm you up and make you feel really good, says Per-Magnus Persson, co-owner of Two Swedes Glogg. Its a social drink. People get together and drink Dionne Roberts. How is it made. The genuine ingredients are key. Blossa is based on wine from vineyards from Southern Europe to give Blossa glogg its characteristic flavour of dried fruits and raisins. We also add the finest sugar from sugar beets to ensure the precise sweetness . Dec 07, They most famously use aquavit, the nations favorite liquor, but vodka can be swapped in its place. And they do so with a heavy hand. Second, the Swedes add dried fruits and nuts to the mix, and theyre meant to be eaten. The drink is served with a spoon Author: Julie R. Thomson.

The genuine ingredients are key. We also add the finest sugar from sugar beets to ensure the precise sweetness we are famous for, and then there are the spices! They are carefully tested a year in advance to ensure the perfect blend. The spices are then extracted in liquor for 4 weeks and left to mature for another 3 months.

Enjoy it warm by the fireplace or mix it cold with sparkling wine to celebrate Christmas in high heels! This website uses cookies and similar technologies to improve your user experience. Read more about our use of cookies in our privacy and cookie policy , including how to opt out of our use of cookies.

By joining Nordic Spirits, you will receive a weekly newsletter with exclusive offers on our beverage products, latest cocktail recipes, inspiring stories from the Nordics as well as with newest beverage arrivals. How is it made The genuine ingredients are key.

What it tastes like. A generous and spicy nose with notes of cardamom and cloves. The palate is packed full of Christmas spices and raisins and culminates in a long and spicy finish. How to use it. Packaging type. Commercial address.

More about the brand Blossa. Blossa brings warmth in to the cold Nordic Winter. Detailed product type. Gift box. AU Sulfur dioxide and sulfits. You might also like. The classic with a stronger taste! Koskenkorva Ginger Shot 50 cl. Feisty new ginger shot from Koskenkorva! Blossa 19 Aloha 75cl.

This year's annual Blossa gets inspiration from Hawaii. Keep these basic rules in mind when heating up your winter warmer. Nordic drinks. Try out this fresh recipe. Part of Altia Group. Footer Our brands Koskenkorva O. Follow us Facebook. Welcome to Nordic Spirits! I certify that I am at least 18 years old. Yes This website uses cookies and similar technologies to improve your user experience. Thanks for signing up! Products Cocktails Articles.

Products 0. Cocktails 0. Articles 0. The most sold liqueur in Finland in a light PET bottle. Anderson Distillery Organic Dry Gin 70 cl. Organic distilled gin from Sweden. Koskenkorva Lakritsi Liquorice Shot 50 cl. Drinkable liquorice, what else can you ask for? Original Long Drink 6 x 0,33L.

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